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Josh's Reviews: Colorado

Josh JosephsonEach link includes the first part of the review. Many of the reviews also include pictures of the individual dishes.


Boulder Colorado 2013: Basta, Frasca, Oak on 14th, Lucille's, Tora, The Sink
Wednesday August 7th
Basta is one of my favourite places to eat in Boulder. Wonderful wood oven roasted pizzas with very tasty crust and toppings, and other very good dishes.

Aspen, Colorado Restaurants: Matsuhisa, Hickory House, Casa Tua, Mezzaluna, Ajax Tavern

May, 24th 2013
Matsuhisa is another branch of the chain of restos (Nobu, et. al.) established by Nobu Matsuhisa.


Restaurants of Vail, Colorado
Thursday, March 29

Steak taco app was good: small tender, very flavourful beef chunks with guacamole, salsa and soft tacos.

Moe's BBQ
Chicken was very moist but had a barely smokey flavour. Pulled pork was very moist with a very pleasant smokey, porky flavour.

Beef tartar with capers and finely diced onions was very good and was sided with thinly sliced red onion, pickles, sliced tomato, sliced boiled egg and lumpfish caviar.

Vail Chophouse
The rib steak, ordered rare, arrived medium rare and I rated (Beef Boys: taste/texture/juicyness, all out of 10) as 61/2/7/7 (no photo).

Oyster shooter: Saki, ponzu, raw quail egg with scallions and a raw oyster. Good for what ails you!

Where to Eat On The Mountain: Wildwood Smokehouse!!
Smoked chicken, nicely smoky, tender and juicy. Perfect.

Kelly Liken
Crispy celery root chips with a sweet and sour beet mousse and a honey crisp apple slice.


Where to eat in Boulder, Colorado
Wednesday, December 14

Ras Kassa's Ethiopian
Kossta sauteed spinach with garlic, ginger and mild traditional butter; highland vegetable tibs with green beans and carrots all sauteed; mild butternut squash stew with carrots, ginger and garlic...

Boulder Cork
On the left, an 8 oz beef burger, cooked to medium rare with sauteed onions; on the right, a buffalo burger cooked to medium rare. Both burgers were good (not great); tasty but a bit on the fatty side.

The Kitchen
A night of "apps", Cure Farm broccoli soup with Long Farm bacon, rosemary and garlic croutons. There was a slightly alkaline aspect to the flavour which I tasted at the back of my tongue, that gave the soup an unpleasant element.

Daddy Bruce's BBQ
Everything looked so promising but was very disappointing. Unfortunately, I did not enjoy the flavours of this bbq. The beans were mediocre and although the ribs were meaty, they were on the dry side.

KT's Real Good BBQ
Now, some of KT's offerings were really good BBQ! The bbq beans had very good flavour and a very good sauce with a mild bight. The ribs were great, juicy, smokey, fall off the bone beauties with a very good sauce with a mild bight and hauntingly good flavour.

The Kitchen, Next Door
Here for drinks and snacks.

Flagstaff House
Spectacular view from the low mountains surrounding Boulder. The menu is very ambitious and speaks of rich crafted cuisine.

Basta Pizza
This wood burning oven pizza place (which uses scrub oak for the fire), is really hard to find, but well worth the journey in finding it. It was my favourite place in Boulder to enjoy pizza.

The fish menu of this "fish house" had a reasonable variety of fish offered, but the list was of limited interest to me. So, I went with the oyster po-boy.

Pizza Locale
Polpettine, veal meatballs came with walnut pesto and was sprinkled with parmesan cheese . This was a good dish. The meatballs were relatively light and had a very pleasant texture. The sauce was very tasty.

Pizza Da Lupo
Pizza with marinara sauce, tomato, garlic and oregano with fennel, roasted red peppers and sausage. The sausage was much too greasy and lacked a hand made texture.

This is a noisy gathering place for a crowd that is mostly 19 to 45. Ordinary babaganouj which lacked adequate smokiness.

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