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Josh's Reviews: Paris & France

Josh JosephsonEach link includes the first part of the review. Many of the reviews also include pictures of the individual dishes.




Paris, Spring 2015
Friday September 18th
Hansen and Lyderson Norwegian smoked salmon. This was smoked salmon perfection. Look for this brand whenever you are in Europe.

Paris, Fall 2014
Friday October 18th

I looked foward to eating at some very new and potentially exciting restos in Paris, particularly the "New Alain Ducasse". This new restaurant is focused on plant based cuisine, a very forward thinking philosophy reflective of the very serious current research in a form of eating/nutrition that optimizes good health, and is now becoming the prime directive of many leading physicians to their patients. 


Paris Restaurants, Fall 2013: Le Petit Jacob, Cuisine de Bar Cherche Midi, Garance, Bones, L'Arpege, Voltaires, Le Quincy, Semilla, L'Epicure at the Hotel Bristol, Septime, Le boeuf au Volant.
Wednesday, December 4th
This is a charming very small resto with generally good food that specializes in tartines, French open faced sandwiches on wonderful toasted bread.


More Paris Restos: Le Comptoir, Le Chateaubriand, Semilla, Lunch at the Crillon, Epicure Restaurant at the Hotel Bristol, Crystal de Sel
Le Comptoir

Chef Yves Camdeborde's set menu is only offered once every 2 weeks. Dinners and lunches available 7 days a week are a la carte from an extensive menu but reservations are only possible for guests of the hotel (on the premises that he owns, Hotel Relais St. Germain).

Paris Part 2: Two Highly Important Paris Restos: Sur Mesure; L'Abeille

Thursday, June 28
Sur Mesure
Sur Measure is a new resto headed by chef Thierry Marx. The hotel brochure on the resto states: "Thierry Marx explores the link between the technical and emotional aspects of cuisine using sight, sound and taste. With each dish he aims for a profound personal response."

L'Abeille at the Shangri-la Hotel
L'Abeille is the new resto in the fabulous boutique hotel, Shangri-la, a reno of a mid 19th century former home of a member of the Bonapart family. The theme of the bee had always been a part of the decor of the home. The chef de cuisine is Philippe Labbe and the chef patissier is Francois Perret.

Paris Restaurants, Part 1, The Informals: Le Comptoir (Relais St. Germain Hotel), AOC, Le Grand Pan, Restaurant Dali at Hotel Meurice, Sardegna e Tavola, Benoit
Monday, June 25
Le Comptoir Restaurant, Relais St Germain Hotel
The owner chef is Yves Camdeborde, a highly regarded chef who was formerly the senior in a 2** resto in Paris. He creates traditional, regional French cuisine. I have tried to get into this resto several times, but the lineups can be intimidating so I had never eaten there until I happened on my friend Jeanne Beker walking out of the adjacent hotel.

Breakfast at Le St. Germain, in Le Comptoir (Guests Only)
An amazing breakfast is offered daily at Le Comptoir, for hotel guests at Le Relais: coffee or hot chocolate, fresh orange juice, baguette, croissant and pain au noix from Gerard Mulot (!), confiture and artisanal honey from Maison Curtelin-Marseille...

Lunch At Le Comptoir
Gelee of herring caviar with mousseline of haddock. This sublime dish is one of the great ones served at this resto and should be a selection everyone should try at least once.

AOC Restaurant
This is a wonderful resto serving very well sourced rustic food. Definitely worth the journey.
Roasted bone marrow with fleur de sel and toasted Poujaran bread rubbed with garlic.

Le Grand Pan
Milk fed lamb for 3, with lamb liver, chorizo, and beans with bacon (panchetta). Forgot to take photos of terrific lamb, it went so fast! The terrific beans, devoured quickly too, I was able to shoot before gone.

Restaurant Dali at the Hotel Meurice
Voted the best club sandwich in Paris. A good club sandwich, but the one I tried at the Peninsula Hotel in New York, for example, was better.

Sardegna e tavola
This resto was a real find. Rustic Sardinian food that was very well prepared, real stick to the ribs cuisine.

Sunday at Benoit
This year is the restaurant Benoit's 100th anniversary. It is my go to resto for Sunday night as it is a wonderful resto in itself and has classic and reliably good cuisine. It is extremely difficult to find a good resto in paris on Sundays. Multi-star chef Alain Ducasse bought out the original owners and has maintained a high standard of the classic Benoit dishes as well as some new ones.



Paris Restaurants, What's New: Agape Substance***; La Galzetta; Ribouldingue; Charbon rouge; Le Comptoir; L'Olivier
Monday, November 14

Agape Substance***
This restaurant came recommended from a good number of my serious resto friends. Please see the comments below (***) that I wrote at the conclusion of this meal. We were advised that the menu below, was only "hints" of what may come.

La Galzetta
This resto is a hot spot with a very young heralded chef, Peter Nilsson, a Swede who emigrated to Paris. The menu is strictly limited to what the chef is preparing that day.

Ribouldingue (A "Triperie")
This restaurant is a hidden gem and not well known. But, it is such a wonderful place to come and enjoy offal and otherwise similar comfort food.

Charbon Rouge
Sausages: gaucho, chorizo and morcilla (no photo). Roasted split Marrow bone(no photo).

Allard is one of the oldest existent restos in France. It's cuisine is almost timeless, with such offerings as cepes sautees, saucisson chaud Lynonnaise, foie gras de canard, jambon persille, terrine de lievre, frogs legs, sole meuniere...

Le Comptoir
Yves Camdebord, at the moment, is perhaps one of the best known young chefs in Paris. Le Comptoir is located in the Relais St Germain.

If you feel like a break from French food and want something light and flavourful, consider L'Olivier restaurant. The food is in the good hands of an accomplished chef.


My Breakfast At Michel Bras, Laguiole, France
Sunday, October 17
This was my special order breakfast at Michel Bras, a 3* restaurant in France. Tripe (stomach) stuffed with chopped tripe. So simple, but one of my favourite breakfasts in France.....another delight for you passionate food adventurers!!

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