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Josh's Reviews: Toronto 2012

Josh JosephsonEach link includes the first part of the review. Many of the reviews also include pictures of the individual dishes.

Banh Mi Boys, Toronto
Wednesday, December 26
This sandwich shop has been around for quite some time. Typically, I don't do lunch when I am in Toronto. But, I finally made it to this great sandwich shop. It is indeed worth the journey and the line-up. Ten bahn mi sandwiches are on offer and I could have tried all 10...

Chef Michael Caballo, Edulis, Toronto
Thursday, December 13
Edulis is one of Canada's very good restos, a resto that keeps bringing me back. Wonderful comfort food flavours, simple but intriguing twists on prime, elemental ingredients, with echos of some of the very best of Spanish rural, regional influences. The resultant dishes are cooked to perfection. Where else, for example, could I enjoy better herring. Now, for many who read that, they may say, "so"? But it is indeed, with such simple endeavours, that chef Michael Caballo excels. Two other exceedingly simple dishes executed to perfection, his arroz caldoso con bogavante (Spanish lobster rice) and chantecler chicken baked in hay. Keep in mind that some dishes must be ordered in advance and that the menu changes depend on the products that inspire the chef.

Seventh Annual Game Dinner at Nota Bene, Toronto

Friday, December 7
Steven Latner is a passionate hunter and we are so glad when he shares his bounty with his friends. He gives game talented chef, David Lee, carte blanche, to create wonderful, game based dishes with the best seasonal products, LIKE TRUFFLES!!!!! Steven and each of his guests always contribute fabulous wines for this event. I just wanted to share this wonderful experience, with everyone. It shows what the food possibilities could be in this bountifully blessed restaurant city, Toronto.

Ethiopian Food in Toronto: African Palace, Lalibella

Wednesday, December 5
I must admit to a long standing kind of addiction to Ethiopian food, first introduced to me probably 20 years ago by Aster Belayneh, owner of Addis Abbaba restaurant. I get a craving for Ethiopian about once every couple of months, a craving fortunately shared by children, whom I first introduced to this cuisine many years ago.

Langdon Hall: An Extraordinary Fall Special Dinner event

Tuesday, November 13
I have to say, that although I have had enjoyable meals at Langdon hall, the 2 special occasion dinners that chef Jonathan Gushue created for me, with a few friends, over the last 14 months, have been the finest meal experiences that I have enjoyed in Canada, a large range of symphonic flavours. Call chef Gushue and ask him to create an event like this and he will rise to the challenge and provide you with the most remarkable experience. Be prepared to spend the entire evening and be prepared for wonderful, novel flavour surprises.

Buster Rhino's BBQ, Oshawa, Ontario

November 5
There has been a lot of talk, in the food community and among BBQ aficionados about Buster Rhino's BBQ so we decided to journey west of Toronto to experience this resto first hand.

The Traditional Spanish Influence in Toronto: Returning to Torito

Friday, November 2
Tortilla (baked eggs, potatoes and onions) accompanied by aioli. This version was a bit too dense and heavy and was not as good as some of the very good versions I have enjoyed in Spain.

Dinner at George, Toronto
Wednesday, October 17
Chef Lorenzo Loseto is one of Toronto's most acclaimed chefs. We were here to plan a dinner revolving around Burgundian wines.

An Inspired Wine/Game Dinner at Nota Bene, Toronto

Friday, October 12
Chef David Lee has a long, inspiring track record of creating exceptional game dinners. This one was another standout enhanced by an extraordinary selection of great wines from fabulous vintages.

Daisho at Momofuku, Toronto

Saturday, October 6
The New York chef, David Chang's Momofuku "complex" in Toronto, Daisho, the Noodle bar, Shoto (the tasting room) and Nikai (the bar) is very well designed. Daisho's all glass multilevel exterior wall takes advantage of the terrific view overlooking university Avenue.

Chantecler Restaurant, Toronto, One of the Best

Saturday, September 29
I consider Chantecler, one of Toronto's best restaurant experiences. The hallmark of the restaurant has been interesting flavours and textures, simply assembled, without pretension. Below, is a dinner typically held during the week and following, the Sunday dinner "Lettuce Sunday".

Dhaba Indian Resto, Toronto, A Special Event Dinner

Thursday, September 27
This was an arranged dinner with a specially created menu by chef PK, my favourite Indian food chef in Toronto.
The chef's version of street food, house made crunchy papdi semolina wafer, sweet potatoes, garbanzo beans and avocado, topped with house made tamarind flavoured yogurt chutney and dressed with "street spices" and on the right side, a thin skinned crunchy semolina gol gappa puff.

Pizza at Buca, One of My Faves

Monday, September 24
One of my 2 fave places to enjoy pizza in Toronto, is Buca. I ask for a well done crust, although they do that frequently without being asked. The crust, as I prefer it, is thin and crispy enough to pick up slabs which are cracker-like in stiffness (the pieces don't flop, at least when first served). The pizzas also have interesting, delicious flavours. The toppings for this one consisted of a rich base of tomato sauce (so often bland at other pizza serving restos) with basil leaves, zucchini flowers, sliced zucchini, cherry tomatoes and perfectly (under) cooked shrimp. The tradition is to cut the pizza with scissors provided.

Grand Electric, Toronto, A Terrific Taco Spot

Friday, September 21
This is another one of those "no reservations" pesky line-up spots! Arrive 20 minutes before they open and you should get in no prob. The NOISE is overwhelming, but the tacos worth it. Probably better to sit on the less noisy patio. The staff is very friendly and highly accommodating. The tacos are wonderful and what makes them particularly enjoyable are the quality of complex and interesting flavours brought to the filling.

Paradise Farms Cafe

Tuesday, September 18
Paradise Farms Cafe has lofty aspirations for providing high quality healthy burgers for it's clients. Black aberdeen angus, Scottish Highland beef ( a lean grass fed cow with high omega-3 fatty acids), Italian chianina and wagyu breeds are humanely raised on the Cafe owner's farms and not fed chemical additives for inducing weight gain. High aspirations indeed.

Kinton Ramen

Thursday, September 13
Kinoton Ramen offers pork bone soup stock in 3 concentrations: light; medium and rich. I tasted the mild broth, which had nice flavour but was a bit too light and frankly, uninteresting for me. But, the "rich" broth was an amazing experience and closely resembled my North American gold standard, Ippudo, in New York City.....maybe even better!

Harbord Room Restaurant, Toronto

Sunday, September 2
The Harbord Room gets a lot of buzz. I had not been for a long time and my daughter wanted to take me there. The house made burger is often commented about, quite positively. It was listed "#1" on the Toronto Life "25 Best Burgers" web site.

The Steak Tasting of Steak Tastings

Thursday, August 30
What made this purveyors steak tasting so exceptional was that some of Toronto's finest beef purveyors were primed well in advance, to not only select the best beef for this event, but to dry age the beef truly well. We had our serious amateurs (there were 5) and our serious experts, selected from the "Beef Boys" such as myself, the ever witty food and resto writer, Jacob Richler and Nota Bene chef David Lee, a chef whom I consider one of the most perceptive and organized of his profession, a person with a most highly discriminating palate.

Leslieville Pumps BBQ, Toronto

Tuesday, August 28
What convenience! Get gas, easy parking and good grub available night and day: BBQ during the day and later, at night, Indian food. I was there for the BBQ.

Chef David Hawksworth and Chef Victor Barry Collaborate for a Splendid Dinner at Splendido Restaurant, Toronto
Friday, August 24
I have long been a fan of Splendido's chef Victor Barry. Last september, I visited Vancouver and enjoyed eating at chef David Hawksworth's eponymous restaurant. I was looking forward to experiencing this collaboration.

Chef Claudio Aprile and Guest Chef, Curtis Duffy of Grace, Chicago, at Toronto's Colbourne Lane Restaurant

Wednesday, August 22
This special dinner event, at Chef Claudio Aprile's Colbourne Lane restaurant, was a blend of the cooking philosophies of 2 very prominent north american chefs who are cooking at the leading edge of current gastronomy. Chef Curtis Duffy, who formerly worked at Charlie trotter's, was a long time sous at Chicago's Alinea and was exec chef at Avenues in the Chicago Peninsula Hotel where he garnered many rave reviews. He is now about to open his own resto, Grace, in Chicago.

La Societie Bistro, Toronto
Monday, August 20
Well, I finally made it to this resto that many friends and acquaintances were talking about, but fewer are today. I have no real excuse. It is well located in the city's main shopping district close to Bay and Bloor Streets. The decor (something I never get into into in my blogs, because as I always say, one can't eat atmosphere) of this bistro brings back memories of some of the grand bistros of Paris.

Sunday Lunch at Edulis Restaurant, Toronto
Monday, August 13
For me, any meal at Edulis, is a special treat, so I decided to try the Sunday Lunch. On Sunday, the lunch I am about to describe, is prix fixe $40.00, and wine is HALF PRICE! There are no choices, the meal selection is fixed.

Hvrati Bar, Toronto
Friday, August 10
Hvrati bar is a restaurant/ bar combo, serving Croatian food, one of my favourite ethnic cuisines. One of the wonderful features of this bar is that 50 (!!) different beers are available.

Koiyoi Izakaya, Toronto
Tuesday, August 7
One of my favourite experiences when visiting Japan, is to go to the unpretentious but very good izakayas, kind of like the Japanese version of a pub with their version of local comfort food. Koiyoi is a very simple unpretentious resto with very authentic Japanese comfort food that appeals to me.

Pizza, Pizza: Some New Wood Fired Pizza Restos in Toronto
Tuesday, August 2
Wood fired pizza restos have become more and more common, not only in Toronto, but in cities all over and even in the more remote regions, like locally, the Muskoka countryside. In theory, it is the way to go. A good wood fired pizza is often thin, with a firm but flakey crust and very mild, pleasing smoky flavour overtones. But the makings of the crust, not just the kind and source of flour, but crust ingredients and the toppings all play a major roll in the enjoyment of really good pizza.

Annie Sibonney's Shakshuka
Wednesday, July 25
Breakfast at a friend's and Annie Sibonney, former chef, owner of Relish Gourmet Tours and host of TV program From Spain With Love, is contributing this dish. The fragrance of the herbs and spices made my mouth water and I could not wait to taste this masterpiece!

Revisiting Cava Restaurant, Toronto

Thursday, July 19, 2012
The unerring palate of chef Christopher Macdonald and creativity and cooking skills of executive chef Doug Penfold make for a wonderful eating experience at Spanish influenced Cava restaurant.

Luma Restaurant at The Bell Lightbox, Toronto

Monday, July 16
The Toronto International film festival is held at the Bell Lightbox. The Oliver Bonacini Group (Canoe, and other well known restos) operate this restaurant franchise. The "high end" restaurant at the Lightbox is called Luma and the executive chef is the very capable Jason Bangerter. We planned this meal around a coming event for the Chevaliers du Tastevin (Burgundy wine society), but the wines for this small group were supplied by the attendees of this planner, some shown below. I have also mentioned some of the thinking that went into the final selection of courses.

A Spanish Experience at the Gilead Cafe, Toronto

Friday, July 13
Jamie Kennedy always delights. He is a serious, culturally well rounded chef. This event had a Spanish theme in honour of an olive oil that was being featured at this dinner.

Dinner at the Home of Chef David Lee; Defining the Evolution of Food Appreciation Today

Tuesday, July 10
I have been eating David Lee's cuisine since he was at Splendido. My friends and I had arranged many quite spectacular meals there that were among the best we had enjoyed in Canada. Since he opened Nota Bene, his food has become simpler, culturally more far ranging and more accessible. Recently I was invited for dinner at his home. The meal was wonderful, but one of the dishes was so pristine, simple and flavourful, I just had to present it in my blog.

A Pop-up Resto Collaboration by Chefs Dan Burns and Jason Carter

Wednesday, July 4
Two friends, chefs presently on their own in Toronto, decided to collaborate on a brief series of dinners. Chef Jason Carter spent 10 years working with Susur Lee and most recently was the very reliable executive chef at Centro restaurant. Chef Dan Burns, with an extraordinary pedigree, began as a math and philosophy grad, switched into food prep and after brief early years working in west coast restos moved to Susur's in Toronto in it's early years, spent 3 years running the pastry department at Copenhagen's resto Noma, the San Pelligrino #1 rest in the world, then as senior chef de partie at The Fat Duck, in England, another top 5 resto in the San Pelligrino list of the best, and most recently as the New York based Momofuku empire’s head of research and development. WOW!! Big expectations here.

Visiting Atlantic Restaurant, Toronto, Again
The Exotic Flavours of Atlantic Restaurant
Monday, June 18
I visited Atlantic restaurant a while back (I am behind in some of my blogs), but this restaurant is so worthy of my repeat visits, I feel that I should share my good time experiences. The chef's sensibilities often produce a "wow" with my guests and I.

A Steak Tasting at Jacob's Restaurant, Toronto

Wednesday, June 13
Jacob's is known as one of the best steak restos in Canada. I have been there but recently, I have experienced inconsistent results, once great, once good and once a disappointment. One of the most inconsistent variables is the degree of doneness.

A Wine Dinner at Pangaea Restaurant, Toronto

Monday, June 11
Pangaea is one of my go to restaurants for special wine dinners. The chef, Martin Koupre and his chef de cuisine, Derek Bendig are easy to work with and very creative. This meal revolved around rare American chardonnays and cab or merlot blends.

Soft Shell Crab at Nota Bene, Toronto
Saturday, June 2
Seasonal soft shelled crab is such a joy to eat and only available for a few short weeks. I like chef David Lee's crispy fried version with a spicy "slaw" redolent with coriander.

Edulis, Toronto, A Noteworthy Canadian Resto

Monday, May 28
I have eaten twice within a week (exceptionally rare for me) at Edulis and I must say that those 2 meals have been among the most satisfying restaurant meals I have eaten in Canada. This is a cuisine for those who truly enjoy eating, that speaks to your soul, representative of farm and sea, crafted in a humble, respectful, knowledgable way.

Stack BBQ, Toronto
Saturday, May 26
Another new BBQ resto that does bbq and other dishes. But, I was here to test the BBQ. Below, a platter we selected of baby back ribs, chipotle pulled pork, the stack sliced brisket, bbq beans, sliced montreal style smoked meat, mac and cheese and fresh cut fries.

Bestellen, Again: The Suckling Pig!

Tuesday, May 22
There are extremely few restos in Toronto that will do a suckling pig if ordered in advance. Bestellen is a welcome participant in this ritual.

The Oxley, Toronto

Thursday, May 17
The Oxley is a pub located in the heart of the Yorkville area of the city. This is a clean, well lit, comfortable "pub". At the back is a lovely family style "French provincial" dining room table that comfortably seats 8 people.....perfect for a group of friends or a family style dinner with the kids. Jamieson Kerr, a partner in the very popular Queen and Beaver on Elm Street, known for good food, is also one of the owners and managers of The Oxley. A good start.

Mugaritz Chef Andoni Aduriz: Buca Restaurant, Toronto, Entertains

Monday, May 14
When the chef of the #3 Resto in the world comes to your city, where would you choose to take him? That was THE MAJOR question dangling on everyone's mind. Here is a chef with impeccable visual and oral aesthetics, at the top of his game. We decided to entertain him at Buca restaurant where chef Rob Gentile creates dishes that are both rustic and sophisticated ethnic representations of his roots and travel experience. Rob Gentile is a talented, fastidious perfectionist whose execution of a range of rustic dishes makes a strong impression on his diners.

Chantecler Restaurant

Thursday, May 10
My experience at Chantecler was quite special. There is excitement in this kitchen that is tangible. The exec chef/co-owner is Jonathan Poon (formerly of Woodlot, Delux and Jamie Kennedy at the Gardiner). The hallmarks of this cuisine are harmonious, ethereal and complex flavours. The cooking was perfection in every dish. The chef has the flavours and textures nailed! This is a disciplined, highly organized, efficient kitchen that is also focused on cleanliness. Table service is very professional, client oriented and staff work well together.

Bestellen Restaurant, Toronto

Thursday, May 3
What a wonderful experience, walking into a resto that dry ages their own beef and offers other unusual good things seen in the windows of their fridge (below). This kind of presentation, to me, bodes well for things to come.

Gusto 101 Restaurant, Toronto
Monday, April 30
One of the kitchen elements that make the food at this resto potentially more interesting, is their Tuscan wood fired grill.
Fried calamari, somewhat crispy (could have been crispier) but a bit oily, were served with cucumber giardineria (pickled cucumber), jalapenos and roasted garlic aioli.

Cafe Polonez, Toronto

Friday, April 27
This Polish resto has been around for YEARS, but, I have not been for YEARS, so revisited. Very good beef tripe soup. Polish sausage topped with fried onions and served with crispy crunch fries dusted with bread crumbs, grainy mustards and garnishes.

Lou Dawgs BBQ, Toronto

Wednesday, April 25
This branch, on Gerrard Street, is an offshoot of the original King Street location. The brisket sandwich with house made baked beans. Unfortunately the taste of the brisket was overwhelmed by the sauce. I should have requested the brisket without sauce and added my own. The brisket had a pleasant smoky flavour but, because of all of the sauce, it was hard to tell and may have been a touch on the dry side.

Ursa Restaurant, Toronto

Saturday, April 14
Chef/co-owner, Jacob Sharkey Pierce, has a way with bright, clean flavours and lovely, appealing presentations on the plate. His unique healthy food perspective is brought to bear on a cuisine that well represents both contemporary rustic and modern evolutions in restaurant food. His insight and techniques make him stand out in this regard.

Buca Restaurant, Toronto, New Impressions and Worth Revisiting

Tuesday, April 3
I just returned from New York and Milan, having experienced some wonderful restos, many reflecting regional Italian inspirations. Now I am in Toronto, having enjoyed a truly wonderful meal at Buca. This restaurant keeps evolving, getting better and better.

Enoteca Sociale, Toronto

Friday, March 23
This was my first visit to this restaurant in quite some time. I have been frequently out of the country and only here for short intervals. Invariably when I have tried to reserve this ever popular resto, it was booked. Grant van Gameren, the former chef of the popular Black Hoof restaurant is now the resident chef.

Revisiting Nota Bene, Toronto

Sunday, March 18
I go to Nota Bene fairly regularly. It is not only very conveniently located to attend the ballet and opera at the Four Seasons Centre, but also, the food and service are reliably very good. But, occasionaly, like this one, the food was just so-o-o-o satisfying!

Carisma Restaurant, Toronto
Friday, March 16
Carisma is the restaurant that Mike and Margie Pagliaro opened downtown after they sold their highly successful restaurant on Eglinton Avenue. They have fortunately kept some of their very good service staff and chefs.

Atlantic Restaurant, Toronto, One of the Best Meals I Have Enjoyed in the GTA

Friday, March 9
Atlantic is located on Dundas west, just west of Dufferin, a part of the city that is slowly gaining significant restaurant traction, with many of the chefs presenting some of the most interesting, unpretentious cuisine in the entire GTA.

Acadia Restaurant, Toronto

Tuesday, March 6
The dishes at Acadia are quite complex in presentation, flavour and texture and the chef contrives his innovative details in such a meticulous way. I did not find the detail superfluous. So, I just sat back and enjoyed the ride.

Swish by Han Restaurant, Toronto
Sunday, March 4
Creative interpretations of Korean cuisine, all thankfully lacking the more intense heat found in conventional Korean cuisine. I can taste all of the flavours now.

F'Amelia Restaurant, Toronto

Friday, March 2
This Cabbage Town resto, in a part of old Toronto, has a comfortable interior filled with young families and boomers enjoying the casual environment. I came for the pizza made in their wood burning oven.

Stock Restaurant at The Trump International Hotel, Toronto
Tuesday, February 28
Stock is a very open restaurant, decorated in a very clean lined, contemporary theme. The staff are very accommodating and attentive. The extremely simple menu is very straight forward. Wines are offered by the glass, but, the per glass price is quite expensive as all of the available wines were $20.00 per glass! Nice breads were presented to begin, a sliced red fife baguette and sliced sourdough baguette. I preferred the red fife. The accompanying butter was nothing special.

Kenzo Ramen, Toronto

Saturday, February 25
Kenzo Ramen is one of a several noodle restos in the greater Toronto area. I will be on a mission over the next little while, to see whose ramen experience is best. In North America, my "gold standard" is Ippudo, in New York.

Les Chevalier du Tastevin At Didier Restaurant, Toronto
Wednesday, February 22
Les Chevalier Du Tastevin, Toronto chapter chooses fine restaurants to enjoy the best cuisine with fine burgundy wines that come from the cellar of the group. This night, the event was at Didier.

"Groundhog Day": A 7 Chef Competition at Cava Resto, Toronto

Sunday, February 19
Groundhog Day is a competition of invited chefs for the best pork dish of the night. The annual competition has 2 prizes, one, a trophy and the second, a $250.00 gift certificate to The Cookbook Store. The present competition had the following chefs: Ted Corrado of Compass Canada, formerly chef at C5 of the ROM; Teo Paul of Union Restaurant (www.union72.ca); Ryan Donovan of Marben Restaurant (www.marbenrestaurant.com); Ryan Crawford of The Stone Road Grill (www.stoneroadgrille.com) Niagara on the Lake, Ontario; Mark Cutrara of Cowbell restaurant (www.cowbellrestaurant.ca); Guy Rawlings of Lucien restaurant (www.lucienrestaurant.com); Albert Ponzo of le select restaurant (www.leselect.com).

A Riesling Inspired Dinner For The Mystery Wine Group At Splendido Restaurant, Toronto

Thursday, February 16
The mystery wine group is a small group of individuals with very extensive wine cellars who get together at different restaurants for an extensive, uniquely created meal inspired by certain wine varietals. The wines are served blind or double blind and the wines discussed, guessed at, while hors d'oevres are served and then those same wines are enjoyed during the course of the meal. This night, rieslings were the inspiration. Chef Victor Barry created the perfect dishes to pair with these wines. I have always believed that well made rieslings are the most versatile wines with food. This evening's creations proved the point.

Alaskan King Crab at Xam Yu, Toronto

Saturday, February 11
I highly recommend calling this resto, in advance, to pre-order fresh Alaskan king crab. They prepare the crab "3 ways" and also an extra dish of fried rice with the crab "scraps". Crab lovers will find this crab experience delectable!

The Odd Bits Dinner With a Group of 7 Chefs at Parts and Labour Restaurant

Friday, February 10
This all offal dinner, at Parts and Labour restaurant honoured chef/author and James Beard award winner Jennifer McLagan. The participating chefs were Scott Vivian of Beast restaurant, Bertrand Alepee of The Tempered Chef Caterers, Chris Brown of The Stop, Rob Gentile of Buca, Mark Cutrara of Cowbell, Matty Matheson of Parts and Labour and Mark DuFour of Earth.

Elle M'a dit Restaurant, Toronto

Monday, February 6
Elle M'a dit is a very small resto on Baldwin Street where the food is prepared by Alsatian chef Gregory Furstoss. I found the menu inspiring so of course, we had to graze most of it, but we could have ordered more.

Enoteca Maialino Restaurant, Toronto

Saturday, February 4
The warm and friendly attitude one experiences in this small, charming restaurant puts one in a pleasant frame of mind to enjoy the good food. We ordered drinks and wine and we were presented with their complementary salumi board with 2 types, one spicy and a bit gamey and one mild, and a cheese board with toasts and a blood orange, onion compote. Reviewing the menu I found a strong Sicilian cultural influence.

Offal Dinner For L'Ordre Mondial Des Gourmet Desgustateurs at Cowbell Restaurant

Wednesday, February 1
Cowbell is a terrific local restaurant in the west Parkdale area of Queen Street, Toronto. The chef, Mark Cutrara butchers all of his meats himself and well knows the subtle anatomical areas that make for interesting and tasty eating. I consider chef Mark to be among the best chefs in Toronto. He especially shows his stuff when he is challenged to do a significant meal for small groups. His regular menu does not often get into the esoterics, except by special request. The Ordre Mondial is a small unusual group within the Chaine Des Rotisseurs, that loves to enjoy fine wine and cuisine, and when it comes to experiencing exotic cuisine, their attitude is "damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead".

Splendido's New Tasting Menu

Friday, January 27
I love to share my experiences exploring how our best chefs are evolving their cuisine. Victor Barry and his excellent associates are always refining what the do well and exploring new ways to please our palates.

Toronto Resto Revisits: Pangaea; Malena; Torito

Sunday, January 22

Pangaea has a very pleasing new menu so we were excited to try some of the new additions.
Chicken and mushroom sausage with white wine braised cabbage, chicken skin "crackling" and Pommery mustard jus. What a lovely range of complementary flavours, particularly the cabbage and sausage complements. The texture of the sausage was perfect, slightly coarse. I also loved the crispy crackling which was placed over top of this presentation.

We began with a mix of warm olives with herbs and citrus.
Sea bass perfectly seared, presented with a leek ash sauce, a dash of olive oil, caramelized celery, mini fingerlings, dill and a dab of yogurt.

Torito has been a lovely place for me to visit from time to time, to experience Spanish/ Mexican influenced comfort food. It has a very informal room that also lends itself to a tapas like atmosphere.....which is what one gets, a lot of wonderful small dishes. I neglected to bring my cell or camera, so no photos.

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