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The Flavour PrincipleThe Flavour Principle
Lucy Waverman and Beppi Crosariol
Using eleven different taste sensations, The Globe and Mail’s food and wine columnists have joined forces to create extraordinary menus complemented by thoughtful and sometimes unusual wine, beer, and spirit pairings. What is constant is Lucy Waverman’s ability to reconfigure the familiar. Hardcover, $40.00

In the Kitchen with Stefano FaitaIn the Kitchen with Stefano Faita
Stefano Faita
Those familiar with his CBC cooking show will surely be happy to see Stephano on the cover of this, his first English-language cookbook. Stefano prides himself in teaching others to cook. His recipes are simple to follow and are a great introduction to those wanting to get into the kitchen and away from fast food. Softcover, $29.00

Modern Native FeastsModern Native Feasts
Andrew George Jr.
Head chef for Aboriginal foods at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and a culinary instructor, Andrew George Jr. is in a unique position to showcase the breadth and sustainability of indigenous cuisine. Some of the dishes demonstrate the marriage of European and native cuisine—eg a salad Nicoise which features local salmon rather than tuna. Softcover, $21.95

Carol Greenwood, PhD, Daphna Rabinovich, and Joanna Gryfe
A fundraiser for the Baycrest Centre, the 100 plus recipes are built on ingredients identified as “brain foods.” Recipe contributors include Laura Calder, Chuck Hughes, Mark McEwan, and Michael Smith. Softcover, $24.99

How to Feed a Family How to Feed a Family
Laura Keogh & Ceri Marsh
From the creators of sweetpotatochronicles.com, the time and nutrition savvy updates on classic family cooking will make this a weekday go to cookbook. The breakfast ideas, such as slow cooker oatmeal, are particularly inspired. Softcover, $29.95

Back to BasicsBack to Basics
Michael Smith
Like his previous books, Michael Smith writes recipes that will appeal to beginner cooks and those just looking to get something simple and delicious on the table without much fuss. Unexpected flavours shine in his Curry Roast Cauliflower & Chickpeas and his Lentil Tacos as he takes the familiar and adds interesting and new flavours that are still readily available at your local grocery store. Softcover, $32.00

At Home with Lynn CrawfordAt Home with Lynn Crawford
Lynn Crawford
Though she spends most of her time in a restaurant kitchen, Lynn Crawford still loves to cook at home for family and friends. Slow bakes or braises with inventive composed salads will keep this book at the ready on the kitchen counter. Softcover, $32.00

Ricardo Slow Cooker FavouritesRicardo Slow Cooker Favourites
Ricardo Larrivee
The personable, Quebec-based chef raises the bar for slow cooker cuisine with dishes such as veal cheeks with figs, maple and beer braised ham and even crème brulee. Forget the tasty but brown sludge you might have tried in the past for dishes where the look equals the taste. Hardcover, $34.99

Canada's Favourite Recipes Canada's Favourite Recipes
Rose Murray and Elizabeth Baird
Confession time Jennifer and I each have a recipe in this book, Jennifer's family recipe for Fruit Chili Sauce page 306, and Alison's Puckery Lemon Squares page 194, adapted from Emily Luchetti's Stars Desserts. Besides that though, Rose and Elizabeth have gathered wonderful recipes from their food travels within Canada and all the stories from friends and Canadians from coast to coast.

The Looneyspoons Collection The Looneyspoons Collection
Janet and Greta Podleski
If you have the first three of the sisters books put them away, you only need this one. Lots of great up to date nutritional info, quirky food facts, and most all of great recipes to keep you all healthy during the holiday eating season! $34.95.

My Canada Includes Foie GrasMy Canada Includes Foie Gras

Jacob Richler
A wonderful, highly personal account of what is good to eat in Canada, where to find it and how to cook it. Richler has worked with the top chefs in the country and he is highly knowledgeable, acutely discriminating, and loves controversy. A must-read for all who care about what goes into their stomach. Hardcover, 238 pp. $32.00.

BurmaBurma: Rivers of Flavor

Naomi Duguid
If you crave the noodle dishes of China, the curries of India and Thailand, and vibrant fresh salads, you will love the Burmese kitchen. Here are recipes and tales of travel from the author whose cookbooks have always transcended the category to become "something larger and more important". Burma is the new frontier for those who are familiar with Thai and Vietnamese food. Readers will be fascinated and charmed by this extraordinary country, newly open to the world. Hardcover, 372 pp. $39.95.

The Boreal HerbalThe Boreal Herbal

Beverley Gray
This book is an indispensable guide to identifying and using northern plants for food and medicine. This easy-to-use handbook will help you reccognize and use 55 commom wild plants that have extraordinary healing properties. Also included are dozens of healthy and delicious recipes. Softcover, 440 pp. $44.95.

Gorilla FoodGorilla Food
Aaron Ash
Aaron Ash is the founder of Gorilla Food, an organic, vegan, raw food restaurant in downtown Vancouver. He was a personal chef to Mike-D of the Beastie Boys when he lived in Los Angeles, and an in-demand caterer for high-profile events around North America. Gorilla Food is part of a massive cultural shift towards fresh, natural, vegan foods. This book is an innovative meal preparation manual containing recipes for dehydrated and cultured foods, surprisingly simple to prepare. Softcover, 247 pp. $24.95.

The Vegetarian's Complete Quinoa CookbookThe Vegetarian's Complete Quinoa Cookbook

Mairlyn Smith
The Vegetarian's Complete Quinoa Cookbook is the only book you need to incorporate this tasty, easy-to-cook seed into a vegetarian diet. This book includes a detailed introduction to quinoa - what it is and how to cook it - and 130 delicious recipes, from breakfast to lunch to dinner to dessert. As well, each recipe features a full nutritional profile and weighs in at less than 500 calories. Softcover, 196 pp. $29.95.

Fast FlavoursFast Flavours

Michael Smith
Once again Michael Smith continues to impress with his wonderfully delicious new book Fast Flavours. Taking flavour inspirations from around the world and shrinking the cook time down to 70 minutes and way under. Try the Pork Chops with Tarragon Marmalade (15 minutes), or Pasta with Tomato Mussel Broth (25 minutes). Michael Smith also includes an incredible cocktail section! Softcover, 273 pp. $32.00.

Rob Feenie's Casual ClassicsRob Feenie's Casual Classics
Rob Feenie
Like the home cooking of other chefs, Rob Feenie's family meals, influenced by Vancouver's Cactus Club Cafe, where he is executive chef, bond sophisticated flavors with a few simple but perfect main ingredients. Pan fried wild snapper, steak pot pie, and lobster mac and cheese are amongst mains to pair with sides such as creamed spinach, broccoli with pecorino cheese and lemon juice, and parsnip puree. As usual, the design team at Douglas & McIntyre provide a lovely backdrop to the recipes, this time featuring many photos of Feenie and his photogenic family. Softcover, 170 pp. $29.95.

Rob Rainford's Born to GrillRob Rainford's Born to Grill

Rob Rainford
A graduate of Toronto's George Brown College and a Food Network star, Rob Rainford brings international pizzazz and his Rainford Method -- recipe deconstruction to its simplest form -- to the backyard barbeque. Follow his menus for the easiest home entertaining ever. Softcover, 268 pp. $29.95.

Beerlicious Volume 1	Beerlicious Volume 1
Ted Reader
Canada's King of the'Cue brings together his passions for beer and barbecuing in defining the art of "grillin' and chillin'. To enhance the over-the-top flavor of Ted's barbecue creations, he has enlisted the help of Roger Mittag to provide pairing and tasting notes. Color photos. Softcover, 308 pp. $29.99.

The New Granville Island Market CookbookThe New Granville Island Market Cookbook

Judie Glick & Carol Jensson
Vancouver's Granville Island Public Market is one of Canada's (and the world's!) greatest markets. Judie Glick and Carol Jenssonn now bring the market's seasonal bounty to the rest of Canada in this clear and lovely cookbook. Although you may not have access to Granville's incredible produce where you live, these recipes will inspire you to make the absolute most of your local farmer's market. Softcover, 183 pp. $24.95.

Au Pied de Cochon Sugar ShackAu Pied de Cochon Sugar Shack

Martin Picard
The fat count may be lower than with his first book, Au Pied de Cochon, but Martin Picard maintains the same level of whimsy, culinary eroticism, and fascination with life and death in the natural world. 382 pp. $69.99.

Garde MangerGarde Manger
Chuck Hughes
The eagerly awaited first book in English from Montreal chef Chuck Hughes serves up mouthwatering classics. Although there are meat dishes here, Hughes has a particularly deft hand with seafood. Lobster rolls, General Tao lobster, clams and fried perogies, and octopus salad with fennel, green apples, and pistachios are some of the most appealing recipes. Color photos. Hardcover, 222 pp. $34.99.

Farm To Table BreakfastFarm To Table Breakfast

Elizabeth Pulker
Farm To Table Breakfast is breakfast in the most pure and phenomenal form. Delicious local ingredients married together in a beautiful dish. Tradition, experimentation and a whole lot of love go into the breakfast at Happiness Haven B&B in Prince Edward County where Elizabeth Pulker works her charms. Hardcover, 95 pp. $34.95.

Pitchin' InPitchin' In

Lynn Crawford
Mac 'N' Cheese with Wild Boar, Texas inspired Chocolate Pecan Tart, Cloud-Berry Chutney... Lynn Crawford, you are a goddess. From the hit series Pitchin' In comes innovative chef Lynn Crawford's latest publication, titled after the show, in which she travels North America to discover the pure flavours of the land we live in. Chefs and cooks alike will find Pitchin' In to be a humorous and elegant book with a phenomenal collection of recipes and flavours. Hardcover, 273 pp. $37.00.

A Taste of MapleA Taste of Maple
Micheline Mongrain-Dontigny
Quebec is a land of many plenties, and of those Maple Syrup is of the most loved and revered. Its subtle, aromatic flavour lends well to both savoury and sweet. Micheline Mongrain-Dontigny explores the history and many uses of Maple in its many forms with recipes like Grilled Maple Lambchops and Maple Custard with strawberry coulis. Softcover, 127 pp.

Acquired TasteAcquired Taste #2
The latest issue of the new and highly anticipated Acquired Taste magazine. 97 pp. $18.00.


The Looney Spoons CollectionThe Looney Spoons Collection
Janet & Greta Podleski
This book is packed with the best of the best of Janet and Greta's hip shrinking recipies. Every page is fun and colourful revealirng food that is sure to please the whole family. They provide a unique comination of healthy, great tasting recipies. Their inspiraitonal recipies have been featured in coutless newspapers and on countless shows. Softcover, 390 pp. $34.95.

Back To BakingBack To Baking

Anna Olson
A very simple and elegant book with detailed instuctions and side notes to help the baker stay on track. The book contains mouthwatering pictures to shoot for and to provide exemplars. Anna provides basic baking tips to give you the best results. Hardcover, 330 pp.

Odd BitsOdd Bits

Jennifer McLagan
Completing her trilogy of meat-oriented cookbooks, Odd Bits focuses on the bits and pieces of the animal that are tragically left behind after the filets, ribeyes and striploins leave in the hands of customers. McLagan renews our appreciation for these cheap and flavorful cuts with an infectious enthusiasm. $39.99.

Dinner Chez MoiDinner Chez Moi

Laura Calder
Food Network celebrity chef Laura Calder's latest book drifts away from a strictly French repertoire and focuses on the hospitality of hosting others at mealtime. While the concept may be a bit of a change, Laura's writing style and prose remain as endearing and entertaining as ever. Fans of her first two books who are a bit skeptical about this change in theme should fear not, as Calder still manages to incorporate some classic French technique into recipes. $39.99.

Made in ItalyMade in Italy

David Rocco
David Rocco continues to extoll the virtues of his native cuisine in the follow-up to his previous book Dolce Vita. Family recipes mingle amongst original creations for a mix of modern and old-school Italian cuisine. The constant is a true appreciation for all things Italian and the way that the food brings people together. $39.99.


Mark McEwan
Following up on his first book, Great Food at Home, Mark McEwan goes to Italy for his next installment based upon his new restaurant Fabbrica. Complete with recipes for gnocchis, risotti and the classic Bistecca Fiorentina, McEwan pays great respect to the storied dishes of Italian lore while still reinventing the cuisine enough to make everything seem fresh again. Hardcover, 299 pp. $39.00.


Ruth Tal
Nutritious and delicious vegan/vegetarian fare has never been made more possible than in the hands of Ruth Tal. Her recipes behind the award-winning Fresh restaurants are designed to keep the body healthy and satisfied at the same time. $29.99.

The Ontario TableThe Ontario Table

Lynn Ogryzlo
It’s too often that Ontario’s bounty is taken for granted. While many are busy buying produce from California and fish from the East Coast, Lynn Ogryzlo reminds us of the fantastic product available in our own backyards. Readers risk the chance of having the supermarket experience ruined for them as Ogryzlo uncovers and exhibits the gorgeous food available at farmer’s markets throughout the province. You’ll never look at the produce aisle the same again! FYI the index obviously had technical difficulties in that it is always two pages off but it is consistent in its error. Softcover, $29.95.

Chef Michael Smith’s Kitchen Chef Michael Smith's Kitchen

Michael Smith
Food television personality Michael Smith returns to the cookbook scene with his latest book. Extolling the virtues of simple, clean food, Smith presents recipes versatile and interesting enough to be considered weekday night fare as well as entertaining friends and family. Softcover, 264 pp. $32.00.

In My Mother's Kitchen In My Mother's Kitchen

Trish Magwood
James Beard Winner Trish Magwood's long awaited return to cookbook writing brings a tale of her past through large, overflowing platters of family-style food. Every recipe is accompanied by a short anecdote about it's place in Trish's history. Some recipes even include the name of the family member that first created the dish. As usual, recipes are simple to put together and absolutely delicious. With her latest book, Trish Magwood welcomes you into her memories, complete with fork and spoon. Hardcover, 254 pp. $39.99.

Everyday FlexitarianEveryday Flexitarian
Nettie Cronish & Pat Crocker
Tailored towards those caught in a pickle when trying to accomodate a vegetarian diner amongst a table of carnivores or vice-versa, Everyday Flexitarian provides numerous delicious recipes that are easily converted to accomodate those on either side of the imaginary dietary line. Take the unecessary stress out of cooking for vegetarians with this book that provides easy tips toward ensuring a happy dinner table when the plates are set. Softcover, 276 pp. $29.95.

Pangaea. Why it Tastes So GoodPangaea. Why it Tastes So Good

Martin Kouprie
Martin Kouprie of the acclaimed Pangaea restaurant in Toronto's Bay and Yorkville area is happy to release is first cookbook. Generously including recipes for such signature recipes as the Wild Blueberry Tart with Peach Ginger Sorbet, Kouprie's book is almost half recipes and half spotlighting suppliers and waxing beautiful poetic about the importance of high-quality ingredients. Both inspiring and hunger-inducing, Martin Kouprie has produced a book worthy of a terrific food city like Toronto. Hardcover, 224 pp. $40.00.

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