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In the Kitchen with Stefano FaitaIn the Kitchen with Stefano Faita
Stefano Faita
Those familiar with his CBC cooking show will surely be happy to see Stephano on the cover of this, his first English-language cookbook. Stefano prides himself in teaching others to cook. His recipes are simple to follow and are a great introduction to those wanting to get into the kitchen and away from fast food. Softcover, $29.00

Ricardo Slow Cooker FavouritesRicardo Slow Cooker Favourites
Ricardo Larrivee
The personable, Quebec-based chef raises the bar for slow cooker cuisine with dishes such as veal cheeks with figs, maple and beer braised ham and even crème brulee. Forget the tasty but brown sludge you might have tried in the past for dishes where the look equals the taste. Hardcover, $34.99

Back to BasicsBack to Basics
Michael Smith
Like his previous books, Michael Smith writes recipes that will appeal to beginner cooks and those just looking to get something simple and delicious on the table without much fuss. Unexpected flavours shine in his Curry Roast Cauliflower & Chickpeas and his Lentil Tacos as he takes the familiar and adds interesting and new flavours that are still readily available at your local grocery store. Softcover, $32.00

At Home with Lynn CrawfordAt Home with Lynn Crawford
Lynn Crawford
Though she spends most of her time in a restaurant kitchen, Lynn Crawford still loves to cook at home for family and friends. Slow bakes or braises with inventive composed salads will keep this book at the ready on the kitchen counter. Softcover, $32.00

Fast FlavoursFast Flavours
Michael Smith
Once again Michael Smith continues to impress with his wonderfully delicious new book Fast Flavours. Taking flavour inspirations from around the world and shrinking the cook time down to 70 minutes and way under. Try the Pork Chops with Tarragon Marmalade (15 minutes), or Pasta with Tomato Mussel Broth (25 minutes). Michael Smith also includes an incredible cocktail section! Softcover, 273 pp. $32.00.

Rob Rainford's Born to GrillRob Rainford's Born to Grill

Rob Rainford
A graduate of Toronto's George Brown College and a Food Network star, Rob Rainford brings international pizzazz and his Rainford Method -- recipe deconstruction to its simplest form -- to the backyard barbeque. Follow his menus for the easiest home entertaining ever. Softcover, 268 pp. $29.95.

Pitchin' InPitchin' In

Lynn Crawford
Mac 'N' Cheese with Wild Boar, Texas inspired Chocolate Pecan Tart, Cloud-Berry Chutney... Lynn Crawford, you are a goddess. From the hit series Pitchin' In comes innovative chef Lynn Crawford's latest publication, titled after the show, in which she travels North America to discover the pure flavours of the land we live in. Chefs and cooks alike will find Pitchin' In to be a humorous and elegant book with a phenomenal collection of recipes and flavours. Hardcover, 273 pp. $37.00.

Back To BakingBack To Baking

Anna Olson
A very simple and elegant book with detailed instuctions and side notes to help the baker stay on track. The book contains mouthwatering pictures to shoot for and to provide exemplars. Anna provides basic baking tips to give you the best results. Hardcover, 330 pp.

Everyday Exotic: The CookbookEveryday Exotic: The Cookbook

Roger Mooking
A great entertaining cookbook! Everyday Exotic is a well laid out book with very eye catching pages that make you want to keep reading. This book gives the great oppertunity of learning about different food around the world and how they are prepared. More than 50 exeptional ingredients are featured in the cookbook such as coconut, chipotle, cajun and mnay more. Softcover, 184 pp. $29.95. Watch the CBS TV video.

Dinner Chez MoiDinner Chez Moi

Laura Calder
Food Network celebrity chef Laura Calder's latest book drifts away from a strictly French repertoire and focuses on the hospitality of hosting others at mealtime. While the concept may be a bit of a change, Laura's writing style and prose remain as endearing and entertaining as ever. Fans of her first two books who are a bit skeptical about this change in theme should fear not, as Calder still manages to incorporate some classic French technique into recipes. $39.99.

Made in ItalyMade in Italy

David Rocco
David Rocco continues to extoll the virtues of his native cuisine in the follow-up to his previous book Dolce Vita. Family recipes mingle amongst original creations for a mix of modern and old-school Italian cuisine. The constant is a true appreciation for all things Italian and the way that the food brings people together. $39.99.


Mark McEwan
Following up on his first book, Great Food at Home, Mark McEwan goes to Italy for his next installment based upon his new restaurant Fabbrica. Complete with recipes for gnocchis, risotti and the classic Bistecca Fiorentina, McEwan pays great respect to the storied dishes of Italian lore while still reinventing the cuisine enough to make everything seem fresh again. Hardcover, 299 pp. $39.00.

Chef Michael Smith’s Kitchen
Chef Michael Smith's Kitchen

Michael Smith
Food television personality Michael Smith returns to the cookbook scene with his latest book. Extolling the virtues of simple, clean food, Smith presents recipes versatile and interesting enough to be considered weekday night fare as well as entertaining friends and family. Softcover, 264 pp. $32.00.

Glutton for Pleasure Glutton for Pleasure
Bob Blumer
We have enjoyed Bob's creative and uninhibited approach since he first stepped through our doors at least 20 years ago! His enthusiasm still abounds. In this latest book we read the stories behind the meals - lamb cupcakes anyone! And of course the toastermobile. A fun romp through the kitchen. Softcover, 272 pp. $29.95.

Great Food at Home Mark McEwan Toronto Chef Mark McEwan's premiere foray into the world of cookbooks guides people through casual recipes derived from the kitchens of North 44, Bymark and One. The wildly successful restauranteur contriubutes such trademark recipes as the Bymark Burger and his Lobster Poutine. Readers can expect a range of difficulties from simple and quick-to-put together all the way to dishes transcribed directly from one of McEwan's kitchens. Hardcover,	271	pp. $39.00. Great Food at Home

Mark McEwan
Toronto Chef Mark McEwan's premiere foray into the world of cookbooks guides people through casual recipes derived from the kitchens of North 44, Bymark and One. The wildly successful restauranteur contriubutes such trademark recipes as the Bymark Burger and his Lobster Poutine. Readers can expect a range of difficulties from simple and quick-to-put together all the way to dishes transcribed directly from one of McEwan's kitchens. Hardcover, 271 pp. $39.00.

French Food My WayFrench Food My Way
Marc Thuet
Alsation-transplant and Toronto chef Marc Thuet demonstrates a new appreciation for delicious, seasonal French food. The book is divided by season to highlight the differences between year long harvests. The Winter section contains heavier, richer fare for warming up on a cold day, while the Summer menu provides light, citrus flavors for relaxing outdoors in the warm weather. Slightly more complex than a casual cookbook, Thuet uses his fair share of truffles, foie gras and caviar, though readers dedicated enough to include such luxury are sure to be in for a treat. A challenge to the casual cook, but an achievable challenge nonetheless. Hardcover, 243 pp. $39.99.

The Best of Chef at Home The Best of Chef at Home

Michael Smith
Chef Smith is probably Prince Edward Island's most recognizable figure after Anne of Green Gables! His enthusiasm is hard to resist on TV and in his cookbooks. This is his most ambitious book in visual presentation and will appeal not only to his fans but those who like satisfying, yet uncomplicated recipes. His use of local ingredients and a sustainable kitchen philosophy is much in evidence whilst giving lots of freedom for variation. Softcover, 258 pp. $29.95.

Fresh with Anna OlsonFresh with Anna Olson
Anna Olson
The popular Food Network star shows how cooking evolves over the course of a year as different ingredients become available. From green bean griddle cakes to a warming potato soup with bacon and cheddar, Anna gives us a seasonal take on comfort food. Still, it is her love of baking that always draws us in with treats like mini cherry pies and butterscotch white chocolate brownie bites. Colour photos. Softcover, 199 pp, $29.95.

Meals for Every OccasionMeals for Every Occasion
Just in case you’ve misplaced your appetite, take a flip through this book. French-Canadian, Ricardo Larrivee is a Food Network regular and has a knack for simplifying recipes while keeping things interesting. His latest, slightly oversized offering is a treat to look though with delectable photography and playful layout. Fans will recognize various recipes from the television series as well as some welcome new additions.

French TasteFrench Taste
Laura Calder
After a decade in France, Laura Calder is back in North America combining French chic and elegance with fusion elements –a dash of the Middle or Far East—so popular with cooks on this side of the Atlantic. She has prepared many of these straightforward recipes on her popular television show French Food at Home. The uncluttered layout makes this an easy book to use. Colour photos. Hardcover, 309 pp. $38.95.

The Main{recipes}The Main{recipes}
Anthony Sedlak
The popular Food Network host showcases an ingredient - lamb chops, trout, ricotta, lentils, oregano - then demonstrates how to build a complete meal around it. Beyond that, the “timing is everything’’ boxes that accompany each recipe ensure that each recipe is ready at the same time and with the least hassle. Colour photos. Softcover, 200 pp, $29.95. Out of Print.

In the Kitchen with Anna In the Kitchen with Anna

Anna Olson
Food Network star and co-owner of a growing food company based in the Niagara peninsula, Anna Olson brings contemporary flare to traditional seasonal cooking. While we usually think “baking” when we hear Anna’s name, in this book she is cooking up everything from porridge to lemon melon seed pasta to skate wing with capers and brown butter. Along with a comprehensive index, there is a list of recipes with page numbers at the beginning of each section. Colour photos.
Softcover, 222 pp. $29.95.

David Rocco's Dolce VitaDavid Rocco's Dolce Vita

David Rocco
This is the classic story of a young lad being drawn to his grandmothers, the nonne on summer trips to Italy. A debt of gratitude to them as they have inspired a love of simple Italian food in Rocco. Lavish photography make you want to hop on the next plane! Hardcover, 368 pp. $39.95.

De|Constructing the Dish De|Constructing the Dish
David Adjey
There may be a pretty face on the cover but David Adjey, host of the Food Network’s Restaurant Makeover offers so much more. Each recipe begins with a simple ingredient a chop, a piece of fish, a chicken. With precise instructions, Adjey offers a primer in creating visually appealing dishes with layers of flavors and textures. Recipes include veal chop with arugula, parmesan mushrooms, and cipoline onions; arctic char with fennel braise, icile radish, and Yukon gold dumplings; poussin in salt crust with Tuscan bread salad, and garlic rapini. Colour photos, bright graphics, small print. Softcover, 160 pp. $35.00.

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Dish Entertains	Dish Entertains
Trish Magwood
Dish cooking school/catering maven Trish Magwood's first cookbook is brimming with simple food with maximum visual impact to wow guests everytime. Like Martha Stewart and Donna Hay, Trish Magwood takes familiar dishes - eg gazpacho - and ups the ante with an unexpected twist to its presentation. Colour photos. Hardcover, 247pp, $44.95.

$34.95French Food at Home

Laura Calder
When the Food Network show of the same name aired people finally "discovered" Laura Calder, even though the book had been out for some time.  A Maritimer, Calder brings a down to earth approach to a cuisine that can intimidate. Spending much of her time in her kitchen in France also helps in translating the nuances of French cuisine for those who have not taken a Cordon Bleu course!Softcover, 229 pages. $19.95.

One Pot Italian CookingOne Pot Italian Cooking

Massimo Capra
A good-natured fixture of the Toronto restaurant scene , Massimo Capra presides over Mistura, celebrated for fine risotto. Here he brings us hearty one dish cooking inspired by his childhood in Cremona. Beginning with soups and culminating with chocolate risotto and zabaglione, this is a collection of recipes that will keep you warm all winter. Colour and b & w photos. Softcover, 192 pp. $29.95.

Cooking For TwoCooking For Two

James Barber
The recipes here are portioned for two, but this cookbook, first published in 1999, is meant to be more than that. Barber wants you to cook together, to enjoy not just eating your food but making it too. Typical of the Urban Peasant, the recipes tend to be simple and relatively fast but this hardly takes away from their essential goodness. The writing style will make even novices comfortable in the kitchen. Black & white photography. Softcover, 186 pp. $21.95.

More Grilled To PerfectionMore Grilled To Perfection
Chris Knight
A second helping of Chef Robert Rainford’s barbecue dishes from the License to Grill show seen on the Food Network. Recipes included sophisticated party fare like Port Marinated Smoked Chicken, everyday family fare like Lamb Kabobs, and recipes for the truly adventurous like Smoked Rotisserie Pig With Root Beer Barbecue Sauce. Colour photos. Softcover, 233 pp, $29.95.

Grilled to PerfectionCanadianGrilled to Perfection
Chris Knight & Tyler J. Smith
This is the cookbook companion to the Food Network show Licence to Grill with Rob Rainford, so if you like the show you will certainly like this. If you can't remember all the hints and tips talked about on the show they are written out for you, and the recipes have detailed, step-by-step instructions so you won't make any wrong turns before your food reaches the table. Colour photos. Softcover, 230 pp. $29.95.

Weekend CookingWeekend Cooking
Ricardo is a popular TV cook in Quebec and if the book is any indication we can see why. A beautifully photographed book of recipes you want to make now! Softcover, 191 pp, $29.95.

Another Cup of Sugar
Another Cup of Sugar
Anna Olson
Pastry chef extrodinaire. Host of the popular Food Network Canada show, Sugar, Anna delivers a new book that will satisfy the sweet tooth and then some. Each chapter is focused around a them ingredient eg. brown sugar. Get the butter, flour and sugar to the ready! Softcover 272 pp. $24.95.

Rose Reisman’s Secrets for Permanent Weight LossRose Reisman’s Secrets for Permanent Weight Loss
Rose Reisman
Along with 150 appealing recipes with not a hint of deprivation, Rose Reisman serves up an in depth guide to the nine easy-to-follow principles which have helped her maintain a healthy weight after years of struggle. Colour photos. Softcover, 309 pp, $29.95.

Eat, Shrink & Be MerryEat, Shrink & Be Merry
Janet and Greta Podleski
The latest form the LooneySpoons (now out of print) & CrazyPlates ($24.95) authors. Again lots of wacky fun combined with a common sense approach to healthy eating. If you loved the other two, you'll love this new one. Softcover, 207pp, $29.95.

Anna & Michael Olson Cook at HomeAnna & Michael Olson Cook at Home
Anna (star of Sugar) and Michael (Inn in the Twenty, Niagara Fallsview Casino) are food professionals who also love to cook at home. The two share their cooking savvy in seasonal menus built around people, occasions, adventures —even necessity. Colour photos. Softcover, 288 p, $39.95.

Chef at HomeChef at Home
Michael Smith
The Food Network star takes his show off the road right into his Prince Edward Island home. Along with recipes for the hearty dishes he likes to serve to family and friends, Michael Smith tries to impart all the hints the home cook will need to cook without recipes. Colour photos. Softcover, 176 pp, $29.95.

Ted Reader On Fire in the Kitchen
Ted Reader
Our king of the Q goes indoors and architectural, jazzing up comfort food and taking it to new heights. Who but Ted would come up with bean soup with spam croutons? Try pan-braised Swiss chard for greens with the bite of lime and crunch of cashew. Colour photos. Paper, 244 pp, $29.00.

Weekday WondersWeekday Wonders: Healthy Light Meals for Everyday
Rose Reisman
Here's a book that will take the stress out of dinner. Healthy time saving meals with suggestions for a month of menus, as well as make-a-head tips for every recipe. Rose's flair for palate pleasing flavour will make this a favourite in the kitchen. Softcover $29.00.

Anna Olson
The long-anticipated dessert book from this talented pastry chef, formerly of Inn of the Twenty restaurant, now host of Food Network Canada's popular show Sugar. Favourite recipes from the show as well as many innovative desserts along with tips and hints to make every home cook a budding pastry chef. Softcover 198pp $24.95.

Fearless in the KitchenFearless in the Kitchen
Christine Cushing
Popular Food Network host, who's shows and books have attracted wide audiences for her simple and innovative recipes. 206 pp. $29.00. Recipe: Israeli Couscous with Sweet Potato.

The Art Of Living Well The Art Of Living Well
Rose Reisman
There are no boring healthy recipes in Rose's latest effort; they all sparkle like stars in the night sky. Her approach to living well through the use of simple and nutritious ingredients proves that beautiful meals can happen in little time. Please try the New Potato and Smoked Salmon Salad with Creamy Dill Dressing on page 241. Softcover, 358 pp., $29.00.

Hot, Sticky and On FireHot, Sticky and On Fire
From the King of the Q, Ted Reader, comes this finger-licking, saucy, tasty book. Please try Cherry Whisky Smoked Baby Back Ribs (page 122) to tempt any grill aficionado's tastebuds. Softcover. $28.95.

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