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Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay speaking at CBS eventGordon Ramsay visited Toronto in early February 2009, and was interviewed by restauranteur Peter Oliver at a sold-out event at the Toronto Reference Library.

All of the interview segments are available by clicking the name of the segment you're interested in seeing.

  1. Alison introduces Peter and Gordon - 3 mins +
  2. Gordon the Scottish influence - 9:13 about 6 minutes
  3. Rugby vs. Soccer - 1:50
  4. Man's Man, fitness and marathons - 4:25
  5. Eating Healthy - 1:33
  6. 40th Birthday Party and The Stripper - 3:00
  7. How to Chose a Chef? - 1:48
  8. Chefs as Mentors - 2:39
  9. Two Years in Paris - 1:55
  10. Marco Pierre White - 1:54
  11. Motivation for Young Chefs (and Gordon) - 7:13
  12. Cell phones up the ..... - 1:25
  13. Pretentiousness - 1:05
  14. Ghandi's flip flops - 1:17
  15. Competitiveness - 3:37
  16. Restaurant expansion/training/challenges - 3:21
  17. Worklife balance - 1:10
  18. Angry Man? - 2:04
  19. Gordon Ramsay "The Business" - 3:59
  20. Economic Downturn - 2:42
  21. Rudyard Kipling's If - 1:37

Ramsay wrap-up!

Yes, we still have autographed copies of Gordon Ramsay's Healthy Appetite, Fast Food and Three Star Chef.

The most oft used phrase from those who attended the event was "he was so inspiring" and " he's not like his TV persona at all" and "he's so passionate and down to earth." Once Peter Oliver settled in the two had a wide ranging conversation which was both fun, insightful and never dull! Prior to the event, Gordon came to the store to pre-sign the books and he surpassed all previous records by signing 825 books in under 45 minutes!!

While Ferran Adria's passion is intellectual, an excitement at pushing the boundaries of cooking, Ramsay's is more a passion for making the best of what is -- traditional techniques using the most carefully selected ingredients, pushing staff to be the best they can be, too. When asked what is most important when he is hiring staff -- technical ability, willingness to work, or passion -- he concluded that a prospective chef needs all three. But perhaps his most important comment was that when a young chef thinks he is ready to move up, that he is ready for a new title, that is really the moment when he needs to get more training. In Ramsay's world the thirst for knowledge has to be more important than the thirst for a job title.

Cookbook Store owner Josh Josephson, manager Alison Fryer and Chef Gordon Ramsay.

Healthy AppetiteHealthy Appetite
Gordon Ramsay
Three star chef Gordon Ramsay is not only a wizard in the kitchen but a hyper-fit marathoner. In this accompaniment to the third series of The F Word, Ramsay’s two interests meet in 125 recipes that combine healthy eating with great flavour. The bright contemporary design makes the book a pleasure to use. Hardcover, 255 pp, $35.00.

Gordon Ramsay: Recipes from a Three-Star ChefGordon Ramsay: Recipes from a Three-Star Chef
Gordon Ramsay
After several books playing to the fans of his various television series, this slipcased extravaganza marks a return to Gordon Ramsay’s professional kitchen roots. The portfolio of photographs and complete recipes of 50 of his classic dishes demonstrate how and why Ramsay has amassed 10 Michelin stars. It is a must for both young and seasoned chefs. Colour photos.Hardcover, 256 pp, $65.00.

Gordon Ramsay's Fast FoodGordon Ramsay's Fast Food

Gordon Ramsay with Mark Sargeant and Emily Quah
Gordon Ramsay brings the same intensity and high standards to home cooking that he applies to his Michelin-starred restaurants. Each of  the 15 sections (topics soups, salads, fast fish  & chips, Indian spice…) features a five recipe menu with  game plan. The squinty-eyed among us will appreciated the bright graphics and large type. Colour photos. Import, hardcover, 255 pp. $35.00.

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