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Peter Gordon
Peter Gordon is in fine form when writing about fusion food and a blurb on the front cover by Yotam Ottolenghi doesn't hurt either. Fusion is a beautiful book with big flavours and great combinations, getting the best out of each ingredients on offer. Similar to Ottolenghi, Gordon takes global influences and we get the benefit of recipes put through his filter. This is complex cooking for the average home cook but so worth the effort for the end results. Hardcover, 280 pp. $40.00.

Peter Gordon
Peter Gordon, known for fusion flavours, goes a little bit more traditional with Everyday. Though some recipes may not be everyone's idea of everyday cooking, Gordon still uses fresh ingredients, put together simply, creating wonderful combinations of flavours and textures. Beautiful colour photography throughout. Hardcover, 287 pp. $40.00.

Faviken Faviken

Magnus Nilsson
Scandinavia's newest culinary star Magnus Nilsson's restaurant is located on a 22,000 acre farm and hunting lodge in remote Northern Sweden. Faviken has most recently been described as "the most daring restaurant in the world" by Bon Appetit magazine. Nilsson writes on how he only cooks ingredients grown or farmed locally, using primitive techniques - think roasting over open coals. The 100 recipes and 150 photographs will inspire you to think differently about your ingredients and cooking. Hardcover, 271 pp. $49.95.

Jacques Pepin: New Complete TechniquesJacques Pepin: New Complete Techniques

Jacques Pepin
Around since the 1970s when the material was published as two separate books, Le Technique and La Methode, this is the first time that the photos have appeared in colour. There are almost 1000 techniques featured along with 2250 recipes based on them. It is one of the most exhaustive works in the culinary genre. Hardcover, 736 pp. $46.95.

Jerusalem A CookbookJerusalem A Cookbook
Yotam Ottolenghi & Sami Tamimi
The forces behind Britain's Ottolenghi restaurants, Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi, bring their Jewish and Muslim backgrounds together to show both sides of the cuisine of Jerusalem. The result is not just a collection of vibrantly flavoured recipes, it is a tale of two cultures. Superb colour photos. Hardcover, 319 pp. $39.95.

The Square The CookbookThe Square: The Cookbook
Philip Howard
This is one of those books that should come with a warning that these dishes should not be tried at home. For chefs, this is a book full of inspiration. There are foams but the innovation in these recipes hinges more on the melange of pristine ingredients. Unlike many contemporary restaurant plates which are all about minimalism, these are bountiful offerings. With the directions broken down into sections such as overview and focus, the text is very much about explaining Howard's culinary philosophy. Hardcover, 526 pp. $72.95.


Russell Norman
With the romance of Italian cuisine focusing mostly on popular locales like Tuscany, Sicily, Rome and Florence, Venetian cuisine seems to have somehow fallen below the radar. Unfortunate, given that the food of this canal-riddled city has quite a history to it. Chef Russell Norman shares popular recipes from his Venetian restaurant that are sure to open your eyes to a new side of Italian gastronomy. Hardcover, 319 pp. $52.95.


Stephane Reynaud
From this best-selling French author comes a celebration of all things grilled, seared and baked. More than 150 irresistible recipes including tender cutlets, succulent roasts and ribs, minted grilled vegetables and decadent baked Camembert. Hardcover, 254 pp. $42.95.

The Art of Cooking with VegetablesThe Art of Cooking with Vegetables

Alain Passard
Alain Passard's Michelin-starred Paris restaurant, L'Arpege, offers no red meat. Instead, Passard is dedicated to cooking the vegetables from his organic farm.His compositions are remarkable for their brilliant colour combinations and unusual flavour juxtapositions. In this collection, red beetroot with lavender and crushed blackberries or globe artichokes with bay leaves and lime are two recipes which demonstrate both his simplicity and creativity. Hardcover, 100 pp. $34.50.


Andoni Luis Aduriz
In explaining his vision, Andoni Luis Aduriz is as committed as his fellow top chefs to the manipulative properties of molecular gastronomy. However, the recipes which follow are remarkably simple with the molecular gastronomy elements acting more like garnish than the main event on the plate. Many of the dishes are not beyond all home cooks. The stunning photography is also notable in that the images are life size--what you see is what you would get if dining at Mugaritz. It is the first time we remember a chef citing his parking lot as part of the restaurant experience. Hardcover, 253 pp. $49.95.

My Kind of CookingMy Kind of Cooking

Mark Sargeant
Unpretentious, hearty and full of life, Mark Sargeant, one of Britain's best chefs, takes us on a tour of his favourite dishes. Delight yourself with the perfect roast and tempt yourself with a few of his delightful puddings. Sargeant knows his craft and kindly shares with us some of the secrets of his genius. Hardcover, 254 pp. $32.95.

Absolutely Foolproof Classic Home CookingAbsolutely Foolproof Classic Home Cooking

Rosemary Shrager
Leave it to Rosemary Shrager to put out such a detailed, practical and scrumptious book. Indeed, like the title, it is foolproof, and also like the title, the recipes are classic and to die for! Chef Shrager knows how busy life can get, and here is her remedy! Hardcover, 288 pp. $33.00.

Pierre Herme PastriesPierre Herme Pastries
Pierre Herme
Once again Herme releases his genius into the world. Pastries is his latest cookbook and let me tell you, it is no disappointment. Herme's insight and creative genius is inspiring. His recipes tell a story and make mouths water in awe. With classic recipes such as the chocolate chip to more Herme-tized recipes such as Croissant Ispahan, Pastries is a guaranteed show stopper. Hardcover, 287 pp. $57.50.

French Brasserie CookbookFrench Brasserie Cookbook
Daniel Galmiche
This is a book populated with simple, classic dishes all of which you want to cook and eat immediately. The French-born Daniel Galmiche worked with the Roux brothers at Le Gavroche, has garnered Michelin stars, and won the praise of Heston Blumenthal. Hardcover, 207 pp. $42.00.

MoVida CocinaMoVida Cocina
Frank Camorra & Richard Cornish
In the third book from Spanish/Australian Frank Camorra, he shares recipes from both his professional and home kitchens, embracing both cutting edge techniques such as foaming and sous vide as well as simple breads and tapas. Hardcover, 285 pp. $49.95.

On The MenuOn The Menu

James Mackenzie
With an air of elegance and a high degree of innovation, Michelin-starred chef James Mackenzie brings us a grand accomplishment. On the Menu features recipes on everything from pork belly to partridge and elderflower, and useful information on techniques and ingredients. This book will surely tantalize your senses. Hardcover, 294 pp. $64.95.

Simpsons: The Cookbook Simpsons: The Cookbook
Andreas Antona
From Birmingham-based chef Andreas Antona comes this book aimed at amateur chefs and those of us who are passionate at-home gourmet cooks. Includes updates takes on rustic classics, such as cote de boeuf with Yorkshire pudding and Blackforest in a glass. Hardcover, 224 pp. $29.95.

Galvin Galvin
Chris Galvin
From across the pond comes the long-awaited book by the brothers Galvin - Chris and Jeff. Subtitled "a Cookbook de Luxe",this beautiful book includes recipes as well as short stories from each of the brothers' adventures in various restaurants. Hardcover, 287 pp. $52.95.

ph10 Antologia Pierre Hermeph10 Antologia Pierre Herme

Pierre Herme
Even if you cannot read a word of Spanish, this volume from Pierre Herme is worth the price for the images alone...a picture is worth 1000 words anyways, isn't it? Creativity spills off the pages in the form of chocolates, the most delicate-looking macarons and petits-fours, tartas, sorbets, and other pastries one can only dream about consuming. A section on "basics" is provided, and a catalogue of Pierre Herme collections appears at the back of the book. Hardcover, 575 pp. $165.75.

Heston Blumenthal at HomeHeston Blumenthal at Home

Heston Blumenthal
Gastronomer and chef extraordinaire, Heston Blumenthal, is back with a new and elegant cookbook with recipes designed for a homier setting. Although the recipes still have a scientific element to them, he provides superb photos and descriptions of everything from sauces to his mouthwatering, gooey chocolate chip cookies. For those "In Search of Perfection" fans, this is a must have. Hardcover, 407 pp. $69.00.

Reves de Patissier: 50 Classiques de la Patisserie Reinventes Reves de Patissier: 50 Classiques de la Patisserie Reinventes
Pierre Herme
Even if you do not speak a word of French, this pastry book is so visually stunning and tantalizing, you won't want to put it down. Reves de Patissier offers revamped, Herme-tized recipes on old classics such as the traditional cheesecake and tiramisu along with recipes for his world famous macarons. Hardcover, 287 pp. $69.95.

River Cottage Veg Everyday

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
River has a motivation to try and change you life by getting you to eat more vegetables with his tempting combinations and his elegant ingredients. Veg Everyday is fun to read and is filled with lots of pictures and colour. Hardcover, 415 pp.

Home Cooking with Jean-GeorgesHome Cooking with Jean-Georges
Jean-Georges Vongerichten
This great home cookbook has simple yet delicious recipies with lots of colour on every plate. Jean-Georges uses great ideas to create elegant meals with fresh ingredients. The book is very easy to navigate and is well organized. Hardcover, 256 pp. $45.00.

The Family MealThe Family Meal
Ferran Adria
As any restaurant employee or chef will tell you the highlight of anyones shift is always staff meal. This is where Ferran Adria take his inspiration for his latest cookbook, The Family Meal. Through step-by-step illustrations Adria showcases recipes such as mackeral and potato stew, roasted eggplant with miso dressing, and mango with white chocolate yogurt. With family meals like this and the philosophy of "if we eat well, we cook well" its understandable that elBulli's success is well deserved. Colour photos. Hardcover, 383 pp. $35.00.

Made in Sicily Made in Sicily
Giorgio Locatelli
Locatelli is one of those thoughtful chefs you'd love to sit down with and chat the night away, preferably in Sicily. Meantime we make do with his latest book and feel a part of his life long pull to Sicily. His earlier book Made in Italy is a classic of chef writing. Hardcover, 424 pp. $64.95. Import.

Pierre Herme
Considered on of the premier pastry chefs on the planet, Pierre Herme is perhaps most famous for his proficiency in preparing the finicky French macaron. Now he shares his technique and flavor combinations with you so that you too may attempt to master such a chic sweet. Recipes begin simple with the common chocolate, vanilla and hazelnut varieties and progress upwards in difficulty and complexion to unorthodox flavors like White Truffle and Foie Gras. Hardcover, 205 pp. $75.00.

Bought, Borrowed and StolenBought, Borrowed and Stolen
Allegra McEvedy
Chef McEvedy documents her worldy travels with tales of exotic locales and rare knives native to each region. Authentic recipes allow the reader to follow her travels through the tastes of Spain, Malaysia, Japan, France and more. The knife collector is sure to appreciate the short anecdotes accompanying each new addition to her collection of cutting and slicing tools. Hardcover, 352 pp. $27.99.

A Taste of HomeA Taste of Home

Angela Hartnett
Chef Angela Hartnett invites you into her home to experience a different side of her culinary expertise. Subdued are the tendencies of her fine dining demeanor, and instead Chef Hartnett's simplicity and delicate eye for flavors perk up and steal the spotlight. Sunday suppers will never be the same once you try out these recipes on your own family. Hardcover, 277 pp. $47.95.

The Good Cook The Good Cook

Simon Hopkinson
One of the British food magazines declared one of Simon Hopkinson's earlier books, Roast Chicken and Other Stories, the most useful cookbook ever. This one reminds us that, similar to Alice Waters, the success of preparing a recipe written by Simon Hopkinson rests mainly on how carefully one has shopped. many of the recipes have few ingredients and not many steps, introduced by Hopkinson's reassuring intros. This beautifully designed book has one of the most amusing tables of contents ever with entries such as big cow, little cow and smoky, salty fish. Hardcover, 318 pp. $47.95.

My Last Supper The Next Course

Melanie Dunea
Anyone who remembers the portrait of Anthony Bourdain dressed in nothing but a chunk of meat has anxiously awaited the second coming of My Last Supper. Although the photos are more convenetional this time around, there are still amazing images: a very dour Morimoto with knife and Yorkie; David Chang with knife to his neck: Bill Telepan with a spotted pig. One wonders how Rachel Ray ended up in a group with Heston Blumenthal, Grant Achatz, Pierre Gagnaire, David Linch, and Jerome and Paul Bocuse. Hardcover, 207 pp. $45.99.

The Modern Pantry The Modern Pantry Cookbook
Anna Hansen
Everyone who fellin in love with Yotam Ottolenghi's books, Ottolenghi and Plenty should try The Modern Pantry. This collection offers equally daring flavor combinations though with a more souther hemisphere sensibility. Also like Ottolenghi, the Clerkenwell-based restaurant offers both takeout and eat-in possibilities. The author was Canadian-born but raised in New Zealand before landing in Britain where she worked with Fergus Henderson and Peter Gordon. Among the recipes: Beetroot, Lentil and Mint Salad with Pomegranate Molasses and Orange Dressing; Garlicky Snails with chroizo mash; and a Sesame Panna Cotta with Salted Pistachio Praline. Hardcover, 255 pp. $49.95.

Sam & Eddie Hart
Based in London's Soho, Barrafina is the city's premier modernist tapas bar. Now you can avoid the lines and do it at home. The 120 recipe book offers a wide range of dishes from finger foods - pan con tomate - to plated creations such as oxtail with scallops. Likewise there is a range of difficulty from simple tortillas to alioli mousse-crowned gaszpacho with langoustines. Color photos. Hardcover, 255 pp. $45.00.

Obsession Obsession

Nigel Haworth
Who wouldn't want to go to a food and wine festival called Obsession? This cookbook is a celebration of the Northcote (in England) festival's 10th anniversary held. 54 chefs and 128 recipes highlight the book and yes the noteworthy names are included, Blumenthal, Locatelli, Roux, Hartnett... Hardcover, 392 pp. $68.95.


Jacob Kenedy
The long-awaited cookbook from Bocca restaurant in the UK has finally arrived! Fans the world over finally have access to the delicious, traditional Italian fare that Chef Jacob Kenedy offers at his famed eatery. From agnolotti and tajarin to orrechiete with n'duja, Kenedy's wide repertoire covers the four corners of Italy's boot. Hardcover, 464 pp. $46.00.

Loose Birds and Game Loose Birds and Game
Andrew Pern
Andrew Pern's follow-up to his hit Black Pudding and Foie Gras continues the trend of delicious British fare, this time focusing on the use of seasonal game meats. Once you get past the cover (this time textured to resemble bird feathers!) the photography grips you in a spat of hunger and beauty. Chef Pern delivers once again with Loose Birds and Game! Hardcover, 359 pp. $75.95.

Kitchen SecretsKitchen Secrets
Raymond Blanc
Renowned chef Raymond Blanc shares his secrets to culinary success in his latest book. Featuring some of his signature recipes such as Chicken Liver Parfait and Pheasant Pithiviers, readers are exposed to the core of Chef Blanc's culinary vision. Not for the rookie chef, those experienced in the kitchen are sure to enjoy the challenge of such inspiring fare! Hardcover, 319 pp. $45.00.

Bruce's Cookbook3Bruce's Cookbook

Bruce Poole
It's about time Bruce Poole (Chef of Chez Bruce in the UK) released a cookbook. For years he's been serving innovative and delicious food to lucky clientele. Finally his cuisine is hopping the pond, spreading Bruce's repertoire of pure, honest-to-goodness cuisine far and wide. A challenged for lightly experienced cooks, those with a higher pedigree at the stove are sure to enjoy the recipes provided! Hardcover, 318 pp. $39.99.

Formulas for FlavourFormulas for Flavour
John Campbell
John Campbell provides the secrets that restaurant chefs use to impress and wow their patrons. Hone your skills on the plethora of delicious, professional-rate recipes that taste just like they came from a restaurant kitchen. Designed for those ambitious to push their culinary skills, those still new to cooking may find the recipes quite difficult. Softcover, 176 pp. $32.95.

Gordon's Great Escape Southeast AsiaGordon's Great Escape Southeast Asia

Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay's latest addition to the Great Escape series takes readers on a delectable ride through Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia. A whirlwind tour of new, sparkling and bright flavors that's sure to inspire and inform. Based upon Ramsay's television show of the same name, recipes are provided for classics such as Massaman curry and green mango salad. Full color photography is prevalent throughout the book. Hardcover, 271 pp. $34.99.

Cooking With The Master ChefCooking With The Master Chef
Michel Roux
Michel Roux Jr. is the owner of Le Gavroche and also the host of BBC's MasterChef: The Professionals. Here he channels his Michelin Star talent into simple, home-achievable dishes. Savor French classic dishes like Rabbit Rillettes while Chef Roux guides you through a personal tour of his home kitchen. Hardcover, $32.99.

Jamie's 30 Minute MealsJamie's 30 Minute Meals

Jamie Oliver
Move over J.K. Rowling, Jamie Oliver is moving in! Jamie's 30 Minute Meals is selling at the same rate as a Harry Potter book. To produce these menus consisting of a main course, side veg plus a salad or fruity dessert, you really have to follow Jamie's insturctions to the T and work right smartly! The book is amply illustrated to help you along. Hardcover, $52.95.

Noma: Time and Place in Nordic CuisineNoma: Time and Place in Nordic Cuisine

René Redzepi
René Redzepi, the World's No. 1 Chef for 2010, pours himself within the cloth-bound pages of his newly released book. With the philosophy that food tastes best within the twilight between raw and cooked, Redzepi's tome of Nordic cuisine provides visual proof that his ranking was not unwarranted. Dishes are as complex as they are delicious, but those who work their way through each recipe are sure to enjoy the results. Pictures are included for every recipe, bathing the reader in a wash of vivid colors and gorgeous presentation. This book makes a perfect gift for the avid foodies in your life. Hardcover, 368 pp. $55.00. Watch the CBS TV videos.

Tender: Volume 2	Tender: Volume 2
Nigel Slater
Nigel Slater's second book in his Tender series focuses on fruit, done in the classic Slater-style. New readers may notice that Slater forgoes the traditional 1-2-3 step procedure in favor of a paragraph of text that allows him to make the experience more personal and less robotic. Long time fans will instantly feel comfortable within the pages and photos while Nigel extols the virtues of a perfectly ripened peach, so sweet that the juice drips down your chin. Jam recipes are as simple as they are delectable and Slater is sure to open your eyes to a new side of the fruit bowl. Hardcover, $39.95.

Ramsay's Best MenusRamsay's Best Menus
Gordon Ramsay
The book accompaniment to Gordon Ramsay's newest show Ramsay's Best Restaurant serves as an excellent tool for the home cook to have. 52 menus are provided, each menu is broken into 3 dishes that can be mixed and matched with other dishes from other menus resulting in a virtually endless array of combinations for any given weeknight. Ramsay's trademark simplified restaurant-quality dishes are presented with beautiful pictures, and the pastry recipes included serve as a prevalent reminder that Gordon himself began as a pastry chef. Binder, 83 pp. $47.95. Watch the CBS TV interview from 2009.

Heston's Fantastical FeastsHeston's Fantastical Feasts
Heston Blumenthal
Heston Blumenthal brings his unique charm and humor from the kitchens of The Fat Duck to the pages of his latest book. On a whimsical quest to cook the stories of fantastical adventures such as a life-size pastry house in honor of Hansel and Gretle along with hand-blown sugar "apples" as a nod to Snow White's poison apple. While recipes are of advanced difficulty, as a consequence of Blumenthal's new-age cooking style, simply reading the procedures alone is enough to inspire new ideas and curiousity. An incredibly fun book, written by an incredibly fun chef. Buy this book, and you're sure to cook happily ever after. Hardcover, 319 pp. $56.00.

365 Reasons to Sit Down and Eat365 Reasons to Sit Down and Eat
Stephane Reynaud
With families spending less and less time together these days, Stephane Reynaud reminds us why it's important to sit down together for a meal. In his book are 365 recipes; one for each day of the year. They are organized by day, so readers can easily begin on January 1st, and cook every recipe every day up until December 31 to completely cook through the book. Recipes vary depending on the season, though the food is generally rooted in French technique. Hardcover, 560 pp. $59.95.

Hix Oyster & Chop HouseHix Oyster & Chop House
Mark Hix
After restoring the culinary lustre to London hot spots Le Caprice, The Ivy, and Scott's, Mark Hix debarked for Lyme Regis where he specializes in serving up freshly caught fish and meat from heritage breeds of sheep, cattle and pigs.The recipes in this book capture the best in modern interpretations of traditional British cooking--smoked haddock on toast, mixed grill, and braised oxtail. Wonderful photos of meat cuts and finished dishes. Hardcover, 191 pp. $45.00.

Jamie Does Spain, Italy, Sweden, France, Morocco, Greece Jamie Does Spain, Italy, Sweden, France, Morocco, Greece

Jamie Oliver
One might not think of finding Morocco and Sweden in the same cookbook but trust Jamie Oliver to mix the Mediterranean with Northern European cuisine. This is the one book where you will find pickled herring, carpaccio, lamb tagine, kefta, patatas bravas, and beetroot gravadlax all between the same covers. The accompanying photographs record finished dishes, the people, and the landscape of the various countries. Hardcover, import, 360 pp. $55.95.


Yottam Ottolenghi
Another eagerly anticipated second book this spring. Their first book Ottolenghi ($34.95) cookbook captured our customers imagination and then some. Although we had to hand sell the book in that time honoured tradition of independent bookselling, once introduced to customers they couldn't get enough. Now the sequel has landed, full of creative vegetarian dishes, no you don't have to be vegetarian to appreciate these dishes. And yes, it may be even better than the first book! Softcover, 288 pp. $39.95.

Cuisine du TempsCuisine du Temps

Jacques Reymond
Cuisine du Temps is translated as 'cuisine of our time', and that is exactly what this well-seasoned and well-travelled chef gives us. A beautifully modern design filled with recipes focusing on delivering the most heightened flavours. Chef Reymond uses the classic French techniques of his youth with a focus on the flavour of Asia. Hardcover, 288 pp. $47.95.

River Cottage EverydayRiver Cottage Everyday

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
A new book from Cookbook Store favourite Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, this book departs somewhat from his previous ones by being solely recipe focused as opposed to being split between reicpes and information. River Cottage Everyday is intended to be practical and useful for the home cook, and it is certainly both of those. Breakfast suggestions like mushrooms on toast and eggy bread with apples are quick and easy, a section on lunch is practical enough to focus on lunchbox meals which also use leftovers, a bread chapter offers sourdough, but also yeast free quick breads like Irish soda bread. There are recipes for sustainable fish varieties and thrifty cuts of meat, as well as lots of ideas for fruit and vegetables, and of course, dessert. Full colour photos. Hardcover, 415 pp. $50.00.

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