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Chefs from North America

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New & Featured

Chez Panisse Fruit Chez Panisse Fruit
Alice Waters
The gorgeous illustrations were what initially drew me in, but the information-dense descriptions of each fruit are what held my attention. In true Chez Panisse fashion, the book is a celebration of local, fresh produce with both sweet and savoury recipes. My favourite recipe, so far, is Pink Pearl Apple Galette. $41.50.

Secrets of the Best ChefsSecrets of the Best Chefs

Adam Roberts
A blogger in his own right (The Amateur Gourmet) and for a number of publications, Adam Roberts is a"food world must-read." Packed as it is with the insights of a wide range of chefs, this book shows why. Nancy Silverton, Alice Waters, Michael White, Michel Richard are among the high-profile contributors. Colorful layout and copious photos make this a fun book to peruse and to use. Hardcover, 386 pp. $32.95.

Bouchon BakeryBouchon Bakery

Thomas Keller
Thomas Keller, author of 4 other cookbooks, 6 restaurants and the only American-born chef to receive multiple three-star ratings by the Michelin Guide, has been a recipient of numerous awards and honors for his contribution to the culinary arts and for his cookbooks. Bouchon Bakery is an astonishing collection of dazzling photographs and perfectly written recipes that you can make at home. Every recipe teaches, expanding one's knowledge, enriching one's experience, and refining one's technique ranging from the very simple, to complex... with the brilliant guidance of three exceptional chefs: Thomas Keller, Sebastien Rouxel, and Matthew McDonald. Hardcover, $58.95.

Dirt CandyDirt Candy

Amanda Cohen
Amanda Cohen does not play by the rules. Her vegetable recipes are sophisticated and daring. In brilliant graphic novel form, she shares the secrets to making the flavorful dishes that have made Dirt Candy one of New York City's toughest reservations. This cookbook is a must-have for any home cook looking to push the boundaries of vegetable cooking. Softcover, 224 pp. $23.99.

Fast FlavoursCanadianFast Flavours

Michael Smith
Once again Michael Smith continues to impress with his wonderfully delicious new book Fast Flavours. Taking flavour inspirations from around the world and shrinking the cook time down to 70 minutes and way under. Try the Pork Chops with Tarragon Marmalade (15 minutes), or Pasta with Tomato Mussel Broth (25 minutes). Michael Smith also includes an incredible cocktail section! Softcover, 273 pp. $32.00.

Rob Feenie's Casual ClassicsCanadianRob Feenie's Casual Classics
Rob Feenie
Like the home cooking of other chefs, Rob Feenie's family meals, influenced by Vancouver's Cactus Club Cafe, where he is executive chef, bond sophisticated flavors with a few simple but perfect main ingredients. Pan fried wild snapper, steak pot pie, and lobster mac and cheese are amongst mains to pair with sides such as creamed spinach, broccoli with pecorino cheese and lemon juice, and parsnip puree. As usual, the design team at Douglas & McIntyre provide a lovely backdrop to the recipes, this time featuring many photos of Feenie and his photogenic family. Softcover, 170 pp. $29.95.

Eat With Your Hands Eat With Your Hands

Zakary Pelaccio
There is something of the wild and crazy guy energy of Joe Beef and Au Pied du Cochon in Fatty Crab, Fatty 'Cue,and owner/founder chef Zakary Pelaccio. His flavorings come from Southeast Asia -- mainly Malaysia -- finessed with a European sensibility, applied to local and nose-to-tail ingredients available in New York. The resulting dishes include goat's-milk braised goat parts, turmeric-rubbed chicken with celery mostarda, and pig jowls with rice pot kimchi. Hardcover, 362 pp. $43.99.

Au Pied de Cochon Sugar ShackCanadianAu Pied de Cochon Sugar Shack

Martin Picard
The fat count may be lower than with his first book, Au Pied de Cochon, but Martin Picard maintains the same level of whimsy, culinary eroticism, and fascination with life and death in the natural world. 382 pp. $69.99.

Garde MangerCanadianGarde Manger
Chuck Hughes
The eagerly awaited first book in English from Montreal chef Chuck Hughes serves up mouthwatering classics. Although there are meat dishes here, Hughes has a particularly deft hand with seafood. Lobster rolls, General Tao lobster, clams and fried perogies, and octopus salad with fennel, green apples, and pistachios are some of the most appealing recipes. Color photos. Hardcover, 222 pp. $34.99.

A Girl and Her PigA Girl and Her Pig
April Bloomfield
If for no other reason, buy this book for the duck-fat potatoes on page 238. Or the gnudi on page 231. Or... A disciple of Fergus Henderson, Ruth Rogers, and the late, great Rose Gray, April Bloomfield left the UK and has made her name, big time, in the New York restaurants, the Spotted Pig, The Breslin, and The John Dory.This collection highlights not only some of the dishes on which she has biult her reputation but also dishes she whips up in her own kitchen. Color photos. Hardcover, 333 pp. $32.99.

Pitchin' InCanadianPitchin' In

Lynn Crawford
Mac 'N' Cheese with Wild Boar, Texas inspired Chocolate Pecan Tart, Cloud-Berry Chutney... Lynn Crawford, you are a goddess. From the hit series Pitchin' In comes innovative chef Lynn Crawford's latest publication, titled after the show, in which she travels North America to discover the pure flavours of the land we live in. Chefs and cooks alike will find Pitchin' In to be a humorous and elegant book with a phenomenal collection of recipes and flavours. Hardcover, 273 pp. $37.00.

Notes from a KitchenNotes from a Kitchen
Jeff Scott
More than a cookbook, Notes from a Kitchen includes private journal pages from famous chefs, interviews, and page upon page of colour photographs. Weighing in at 18 pounds and 932 pages, this two volume book is truly a piece of art, and takes great care to illustrate to the reader that chefs should be seen as artists as well. Hardcover, 586 pp. $210.00.

Cooking Without BordersCooking Without Borders

Anita Lo
Recognized for her flair when combining the flavors of East and West, Top Chef Masters Alum Anita Low's latest cookbook continues to disprove the doubters of fusion cuisine. Delicate plays on classic combinations see small flourishes of exotic ingredients playing familiar roles. Hardcoer, 237 pp. $40.00.

Made in AmericaMade in America

Lucy Lean
Find out what chefs love to eat when they're not in the kitchen. Lucy Lean interviews some of the best chefs in America and discusses the merits of comfort food and why a person obsessed with precision and exactment gets so excited over a messy basket of chicken wings. Each chef has contributed a recipe for their spin on a classic comfort food for the reader to try at home. Hardcover, 319 pp. $50.00.

Masala FarmMasala Farm

Alum Suvir Saran
Top Chef Masters Alum Suvir Saran documents how his childhood affected the way he cooks today. Growing up at first in urban India and then moving to rural upstate New York, Saran embraces the best of city and country to bring classic Indian flavors to familiar American ingredients to create original dishes that are sure to make you look at Indian food as something less than unfamiliar. Hardcover, 239 pp. $33.95.

Field To Table CanadianField To Table
Eric Graham
If you like local, hearty, beautiful food, you will love Field to Table. Not only are the recipes stunning, but the book is so lovely, it is sure to make your tummy grumble and your eyes widen. Softcover, 383 pp. $44.95.

The Art of Living According to Joe BeefCanadianThe Art of Living According to Joe Beef

Frederic Morin & David McMillan
Foie gras in a breakfast sandwich? If that sounds like the breakfast of champions to you then Frederic Morin of Joe Beef's first cookbook is sure to please. The Montreal restaurant has many other satiating creations such as marrowbones cultivateur and the gluttonous smoked chedddar doughnuts. Colour photos. Hardcover, 291 pp. $40.00.

Volt inkVolt ink
Bryan & Michael Voltaggio
A moving cookbook with family history and food presented in new and innovative ways. Bryan and Michael write a very detailed cookbook with tones of history on their food and ingredient choice. The book is layed out in such a way that following the recipies is fun and easy. Hardcover, 327 pp. $47.00.

Essential Pepin Essential Pepin
Jacques Pepin
We were sad to hear that Jacques had to cancel his tour due to emergency hip replacement surgery this fall. It was always a delight when he gave classes at Bonnie Stern's School of Cooking. What a charmer! This book, coming in at 700 pages, covers it all with Pepin's classic attention to instructional detail and if that's not enough there is an accompanying DVD of techniques that comes with the book. Hardcover, 688 pp. $45.00.

A New Turn In The SouthA New Turn In The South
Hugh Acheson
Maybe it takes a Canadian to prove that "Southern", "deep-fried", and "pork"are not necessarily synonyms. In this collection of "reinvented Southern recipes"from Five and Ten, in Athens, Georgia includes many of-the-moment ingredients: ramps,cardoons,fava beans, and chanterelles. Chef/author Hugh Acheson's life has veered back and forth between Ottawa, Montreal and Georgia, giving him an appreciation for French technique, Southern agrarian culture, and a social conscience. Colour photos. Hardcover, 299 pp. $40.00.


Mark McEwan
This lastest offering from the McEwan empire is from his wonderful Italian restaurant Fabbrica. Easy manageable recipes for the whole family to enjoy. $39.00.


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