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Simply in SeasonSimply in Season
Tony De Luca
Pairing culinary lessons learned from his Italian family and employing the best Niagara region seasonal produce, Tony De Luca creates simple yet sophisticated dishes. Try sparkling wine and yellow tomato gazpacho with zucchini bread, watermelon and watercress salad or roasted autumn apples with currants and mascarpone to discover the essence of Ontario's wine country cuisine. One of our favourite Niagara chefs. This is De Luca's second book (Recipes from Wine Country $39.95). Softcover, 266 pp. $39.95.

Recipes from Wine CountryCanadianRecipes from Wine Country

Tony de Luca
Organized by wine and season, this book from the executive chef of Hillebrand Estates Winery celebrates the food and wine of the Niagara Peninsula in such recipes as roasted duck breast with quinoa and cherry merlot reduction and ice wine crème brulee tart. Colour photos. Paper, 320 pp. $34. 95.

Dolce Italiano: Desserts from the Babbo KitchenDolce Italiano: Desserts from the Babbo Kitchen

Gina De Palma
Gina De Palma, pastry chef at Babbo in New York city, brings both classic Italian desserts and favourites from the restaurant to cooks interested in life beyond tiramisu. She gives some background on what constitutes Italian sweets, baking tips, and also anecdotes and history about special desserts and festivals. Colour photographs. Hardcover, 301 pp. $42.00

Mastering SimplicityMastering Simplicity
Christian Delouvrier
The man who, along with Gray Kunz made Lespinasse a four-star dining destination, celebrates the places, people and foods that influenced his rise to the top. Colour photos. Hardcover, 320 pp., $53.95.

Anne Desjardins Cooks at L’Eau a la BoucheAnne Desjardins Cooks at L'eau a la Bouche

Anne Desjardins
Hidden in the Laurentian forests, chef Desjardins has created spectacular menus highlighting the best of Quebec's fruits and vegetables, breads, cheeses, honey and other foods. In this lavishly illustrated book, she shares her secret to success: using fresh, seasonal ingredients. Softcover, 192 pp. Out of Print/Not Available.

The Granite Club: Capturing the Spirit CanadianThe Granite Club: Capturing the Spirit
Nigel Didcock
The Granite Club Capturing the Spirit is a multifaceted celebration of the venerable Toronto club: a salute to the seasonal rhythm of club life; an opportunity to learn from and be inspired by Chef Nigel Didcock; a thank you from the chef to those who nurtured him in his career and to those who assist him now. From Cobb salad to the gorgeously-plated pan-seared pork tenderloin, Julia Aitken has translated the chef’s recipes, making them accessible to the home cook. The design team of Heather Cooper and Eric Graham has created a package that reflects the polished elegance of the club. Colour photos. Hardcover, 224 pp. $60.00.

Rocco DiSpirito
The book from a New York chef made famous (or infamous) by his reality television series, The Restaurant, which fuelled many water cooler discussions this summer. The book displays DiSpirito's energy and knack for creating rustic Italian fare with a twist. Hardcover, 350 pp. $50.00.

Tom Douglas' Seattle KitchenTom Douglas' Seattle Kitchen
Tom Douglas
A melting pot of flavours is what Tom Douglas believes Seattle to be and is thereby reflected in his book. Asian reigns as a major theme but is well balanced by others. One can tell that this chef loves Seattle including the 10 best things to do in Seattle, where to shop and where to eat. $37.95.

Nobu WestNobu West
Nobu Matsuhisa & Mark Edwards
The newest volume from the genius Japanese-fusion kitchens of Nobu Matsuhisa's restaurant kitchens, this one with a significant contribution from the head chef at Nobu London. The recipes include plenty of fish and seafood, as well as featuring fresh produce. Another feature of this book is that many of the ingredients are more familiar and easier to obtain than those in previous books. Colour photos.Hardcover, 256 pp. $49.95.

Chapeau!Chapeau! Canada Les Grands Chefs
Editors Anton Fercher and Natalie Dufresne
Very much in the mould of the magnificently illustrated Culinary Chronicle books, Chapeau! is a book for chefs who wonder what their colleagues in other parts of the country are up to. Bilingual. Hardcover with slipcase and interactive CD, 447 pp, $199.95.

My Last Supper The Next Course
Melanie Dunea
Anyone who remembers the portrait of Anthony Bourdain dressed in nothing but a chunk of meat has anxiously awaited the second coming of My Last Supper. Although the photos are more convenetional this time around, there are still amazing images: a very dour Morimoto with knife and Yorkie; David Chang with knife to his neck: Bill Telepan with a spotted pig. One wonders how Rachel Ray ended up in a group with Heston Blumenthal, Grant Achatz, Pierre Gagnaire, David Linch, and Jerome and Paul Bocuse. Hardcover, 207 pp. $45.99.

Medina Kitchen My Last Supper
Melanie Dunea
Fifty of the world’s great chefs ruminate on the what, where, and with whom of their last meals. While it sounds like the most superficial of concepts, the result is both revealing and deeply touching. Contemplating the end of one’s life brings out the vulnerability in the most bombastic of personalities. Lucky us, we get to sample as each chef  has contributed a recipe. The accompanying portraits, some colour, some black and white, capture the public persona by which the world knows these gifted chefs who range from Montreal’s Martin Picard to the most idolized of contemporary chefs, Ferran Adria. As always, Anthony Bourdain presents the most outrageous front. Hardcover, 216 pp, $45.00.

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Rob Feenie's Casual ClassicsCanadianRob Feenie's Casual Classics
Rob Feenie
Like the home cooking of other chefs, Rob Feenie's family meals, influenced by Vancouver's Cactus Club Cafe, where he is executive chef, bond sophisticated flavors with a few simple but perfect main ingredients. Pan fried wild snapper, steak pot pie, and lobster mac and cheese are amongst mains to pair with sides such as creamed spinach, broccoli with pecorino cheese and lemon juice, and parsnip puree. As usual, the design team at Douglas & McIntyre provide a lovely backdrop to the recipes, this time featuring many photos of Feenie and his photogenic family. Softcover, 170 pp. $29.95.

Feenie’s	CanadianFeenie’s

Rob Feenie
Like Gordon Ramsay and Bill Granger, celebrated Vancouver chef, Rob Feenie, embraces simplicity in his third book. Homemade granola, the Feenie burger, duck confit salad, and banana cream pie will keep you cooking and eating deliciously through brunch, lunch and dinner. Paper, 146 pp, $35.00.

Rob Feenie Cooks at Lumi╦reCanadianRob Feenie Cooks at Lumière
Rob Feenie
Like the French Laundry, Charlie Trotter's and Le Bernardin, Vancouver's Lumière restaurant is a member of Relais Gourmands. In this, Feenie's long awaited first book, the recipes were selected from the vegetarian, seafood and signature tasting menus. Tomato Gazpacho with Dijon mustard ice cream and a passion fruit tart with dark Valrhona chocolate base are two of the intriguing recipes. Colour photos. $50.00. Recipe: Herb-crusted beef tenderloin with chanterelles and a shallot and caper jus.

Bobby Flay's Bar Americain CookbookBobby Flay's Bar Americain Cookbook
Bobby Flay
One of America's iconic chefs reinvents classic culinary Americana to refresh the old favorites and experience something new. Flay transplants and transposes favorite recipes from his New York restaurant and invites home cooks to try out his dishes for friends and family. Hardcover, 259 pp. $37.95.

Bobby Flay's Burgers, Fries & Shakes Bobby Flay's Burgers, Fries & Shakes
Bobby Flay, Stephanie Banyas & Sally Jackson
Bobby Flay shows off his true area of expertise with numerous takes on burgers, fries, and shakes that will surely have you reaching for the Tums. With only a few turns through this book, you'll have a hankering for a burger, fries, and maybe a Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake. A great book to have this barbecue season with enough pictures to set off a craving everytime you look though the pages. Hardcover, 160 pp. $30.00.

Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill CookbookBobby Flay's Mesa Grill Cookbook

Bobby Flay
Since opening his first Mesa Grill in 1991, Bobby Flay has been the “face” of contemporary southwestern cooking with its mélange of hot, smoky, earthy, and sweet flavours. The recipes range from mango-glazed bacon to smoked shrimp cakes with roasted corn and poblano relish and cilantro vinaigrette. Desserts are high on the gooey, sticky scale: e.g., chocolate custard corn pone with freshly whipped cream and a warm chocolate cake with dulce de leche. Colour photos. Hardcover, 278 pp. $44.00.

Fresh and FrugalCanadianFresh and Frugal
Craig Flinn
Craig Flinn's latest book addresses the suffering economy for those unwilling to sacrafice good food. Recipes are accompanied by costing information, so you know exactly how much you're spending on each portion, and conversely how much you're saving by following Chef Flinn's tips. Softcover, 160 pp. $24.95.

Fresh Canadian BistroCanadianFresh Canadian Bistro
Craig Flinn
From Craig Flinn of Chives Canadian Bistro in Halifax, NS, comes this book full of modern Canadian bistro cooking, from chefs all over Canada. Recipes include braised heritage pork shoulder with blackberry jam sauce, from Michael Howell of Tempest restaurant in Wolfville, NS, foie gras poutine from steve vardy at Black Cat Bistro in Ottowa, and quince tart tatin from Michael Allemeier at Mission Hill winery, Okanagan Valley, BC, as well as recipes from Chives. Colour photos for most recipes. Softcover, 160 pp. $24.95.

Fresh and LocalCanadianFresh and Local
Craig Flinn
Craig Flinn's hit book Fresh and Local has just been reissued as a pocket edition for those times you're at the market and need a quick jolt of information! Softcover, 192 pp. $14.95.


Joseluis Flores
Trying to find cookbooks from Latin America can prove difficult once you leave typical Mexican fare. So to have a whole book dedicated to Latin desserts is a wonderful addition to the pastry chef's shelf. Flores's talents as an executive pastry chef shine here but recipes are doable for the home chef as well. Filled with delicious recipes for flans, cakes, ice creams, and a variety of tropical fruit desserts - its amolst worth buying just for the picture of chocolate crepes with dulce de leche and vanilla bean ice cream. Yum! Hardcover, 266 pp. $37.00.

Olives & Oranges Olives & Oranges

Sara Jenkins & Mindy Fox
Sara is the daughter of the respected food writer Nancy Harmon Jenkins (Cucina del Sole, $34.95). The younger Jenkins's cuisine is rooted in the family time spent living around the Mediterranean, hence the subtitle "Recipes & Flavor Secrets from Italy, Spain, Cyprus & Beyond". Porchetta, opening this fall, will be Sara's first NYCity restaurant. Hardcover, 372 pp. $39.95.

Artisanal Cooking Artisanal Cooking
Terrance Brennan & Andrew Friedman
The owner of New York's Picholine and Artisanal demonstrates that the best cooking comes from fine ingredients and a mastery of basic skills. While flavour almost leaps off the page in the main course section, it is Brennan's desserts that show real innovation -- tomato tart with basil ice cream, chocolate soup with orange curd napoleon. Colour photos. Hardcover, 324 pp, $38.99.

Alfred Portale Simple PleasuresAlfred Portale Simple Pleasures
Alfred Portale & Andrew Friedman
Besides his great achievement at the Gotham Bar and Grill, Alfred Portale s great genius lies in an ability to translate restaurant dishes for the home cook.. He also makes the oldie pasta look appealing as in fettuccine with preserved tuna, capers, and olives or pappardelle with braised lamb shank and fontina. Colour photos. Hardcover, 262 pp, Call for availability.

Tom Valenti’s Soups, Stews And One-Pot MealsTom Valenti's Soups, Stews And One-Pot Meals
Tom Valenti & Andrew Friedman
This easy-going book from the chef at Ouest and Cesca in New York City displays slow-cooked, satisfying meals from one pot. Perfect for chilly autumn and snowy winter days. Softcover, 268pp., $21.95.


Welcome to My KitchenWelcome to My Kitchen
Tom Valenti and Andrew Freedman
Valenti, of Ouest in NYC. draws on the familiar southern Italian flavours of his grandmother's kitchen in this robust book. Includes techniques for the home chef. Good choices: Goat Cheese Ravioli with Tomato, Bacon and Basil, and Crabs with Corn and Green Onion Risotto and Bacon Dice. 326 pages. Call for availability.

Tru Rick Tramonto
Rick Tramonto with Gale Gand and Mary Goodbody
Building on the popularity of Amuse-Bouche ($53.00), Rick Tramonto shows what he can do with the rest of meal. Stock up on exotic mushrooms and cook up a storm. His co-authors are skilled in writing recipes for home cooks so this book should work equally well for amateurs and professionals. Colour photos. Hardcover, 352 pp, $45.95.

Foie Gras: A PassionFoie Gras: A Passion
Micheal A. Ginor
The definitive book on the subject. Glorious photos. $71.99.


West West

Warren Geraghty
One of Vancouver's top chefs and restaurants, winner of Restaurant of the Year four times from Vancouver Magazine. Pacific coast freshness abounds throughout the pages. Wine serving suggestions add to the relaxed atmosphere. Hardcover, 380pp. $38.50.

Professional Cooking Seventh EditionProfessional Cooking Seventh Edition
Wayne Gisslen
Now in its seventh edition, Wayne Gisslen's Professional Cooking still provides a guide to everything the culinary student needs for the professional kitchen. More than just recipes, this book features step by step techniques, and information on the basic principles of cooking and food science, as well as equipment, measurements and conversions, and food safety and sanitation. Colour photos. Hardcover, 1088 pp. $84.00.


Rick Tramonto with Mary Goodbody
Successful Chicago restaurateur Tramonto has brought the dishes from his popular Osteria di Tramonto, opened in 2006 to our kitchens in this his sixth cookbook. Previous books Tru ($45.95) from the same named restaurant, Amuse-Bouche ($48.95), Fantastico ($44) have all been very popular with the chefs and this one will appeal to both home and professionals alike. Hardcover, 276 pp. $40.00.

Field To Table CanadianField To Table
Eric Graham
If you like local, hearty, beautiful food, you will love Field to Table. Not only are the recipes stunning, but the book is so lovely, it is sure to make your tummy grumble and your eyes widen. Softcover, 383 pp. $44.95.

Gerald Hirigoyen
This chef has two restaurants in San Francisco, now comes his third book of small plates in the basque tradition as the subtitle explains. Primarily first courses this is definitely small plates with panache. Hardcover, 202 pp. $34.95.

Garde MangerCanadianGarde Manger
Chuck Hughes
The eagerly awaited first book in English from Montreal chef Chuck Hughes serves up mouthwatering classics. Although there are meat dishes here, Hughes has a particularly deft hand with seafood. Lobster rolls, General Tao lobster, clams and fried perogies, and octopus salad with fennel, green apples, and pistachios are some of the most appealing recipes. Color photos. Hardcover, 222 pp. $34.99.

Eleven Madison Park: The Cookbook Eleven Madison Park: The Cookbook
Daniel Humm & Will Guidara
What's not to love about this lavish, over the top, too big to fit on the shelf cookbook! The landmark NYC restaurant is showcased beautifully through this book. Harkens back to when French Laundry Cookbook first came out, no compromise in quality and appeals to those who have eaten there, those who aspire to eat there and chefs everywhere! Check out our much longer review on our blog from our resident chef Kevin. Hardcover, 384 pp. $55.00.

Urban Italian Urban Italian

Andrew Carmellini and Gwen Hyman
With a resume of cooking at Lespinasse, and Cafe Boulud then a year of living, eating and cooking in Italy, Carmellini came back to New York and opened the acclaimed A Voce restaurant. While the usual recipes are here there are countless exquisite variations on ingredients and dishes. His self deprecating and amusing stories of his kitchen life are quite revealing. Hardcover, 311 pp. $38.50.

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