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Modern Cooking for Private FamiliesModern Cooking for Private Families
Eliza Acton
Another selection of Classical Voices in Food to bring forward from the past, Modern Cooking opens a window in which to view the past by way of fork and knife. Lovably old-school, switch it up once in a while and savor the history of past dining and historic palates. Hardcover, 636 pp. $32.95.

Cooking for TwoCooking for Two

Cornelia Adam
A slim little book full of recipes and tips on cooking for two. Perfect for those couples tired of always having leftovers here is a book with dishes portioned for two but without sacrificing the appeal and taste of recipes designed for 4 or 6. For example, arugula-crusted rabbit fillet or duck breast fillets with Chinese cabbage. Softcover, 62 pp. $9.95.

The Lost Art of Real Cooking The Lost Art of Real Cooking

Ken Albala
Take back your kitchen and return to a style of cooking where ready-made, packaged food is non-existent. Get ready to make from scratch your own koji mold, useful in fermenting foods like miso, vegetables, and rice. Or try your hand at buckwheat noodles. Why not make your own cheese and serve it with a wine whose grapes were crushed by your very own feet? With recipes written in uninterrupted paragraph form, rather than in the ingredients-first style, technique is still included, but recipes allow for chef input and flexibility. Hardcover, 233 pp. $23.50.

Cook Once A WeekCanadian
Cook Once A Week

Theresa Albert-Ratchford
Shopping lists, menus and recipes will keep you eating for 12 weeks. Includes nutritional analysis, lists of quick, freezer and make-ahead meals. Softcover, 152 pp, $22.95.

Test Kitchen Favourites 2007
America's Test Kitchen
The latest offering from the Cook's Illustrated team in America's Test Kitchen, this volume is full of favourite, everyday family dinners and easy, classic dishes for company. Of course, these recipes are accompanied by plenty of analysis and product testing. Colour plates. Hardcover, 339 pp. $43.95.

On a StickOn a Stick
Matt Armendariz
The world still seems to have an obsession of eating food off a stick so it was only a matter of time before a cookbook appeared. Savory to sweet, even cheesecake! Have fun with this one! Softcover, 184 pp. $18.95.

The New York Times Country Weekend CookbookThe New York Times Country Weekend Cookbook

Edited by Linda Amster
Featuring favourite recipes from the paper’s food columnists, New York Times compilations are always reliable and often feature the latest trends in doable-at-home versions. What they usually are not is attractive. This one breaks that tradition with the addition of colour photos. Along with current Times writers like Mark Bittman, there are vintage gems from Craig Claiborne, Pierre Franey and Bryan Miller. There is even an essay from the man whose name became synonymous with country weekends: Lee Bailey. Elegant simplicity is the best way to sum up the recipes contributed by a broad range of writers: Mollie Katzen, Diana Kennedy, Nigella Lawson Alfred Portale…. Hardcover, 271pp, $40.00.

Pam Anderson
Simple recipes for everyday cooking. Fantastic flavours include: Sweet Potato Purée with Nutmeg and Orange (page 239) and Vegetable Lasagna with Creamy Ricotta and Get-Rich-Quick Tomato Sauce (page 116). Hardcover. $45.00.

The Slow Cooker CollectionCanadianThe Slow Cooker Collection

Elizabeth Baird
Crock pots for those of an age, but slow cookers to millions of users. This piece of equipment is a standby in the kitchen these days. and when the Canadian Living team tackles the slow cooker you can be sure the results will appeal and you'll wonder what took them so long!

Summer Berries CanadianSummer Berries

Elizabeth Baird
A true Canadian classic, Elizabeth Baird’s Summer Berries captures everything that is great about harvesting, cooking, and eating in the summer. Along with the usual suspects, Baird includes red and black currants, blackberries, saskatoons, partridge,elderberries, and honorary berry, rhubarb. More than just pies the traditional pies, the recipes cover everything from punch to pot roast. The preserving information helps you enjoy the berry harvest way beyond those brief weeks of summer. Do not miss the double-crunch rhubarb crisp. Softcover, 128 pp. $19.95.

Complete Canadian Living Baking BookCanadianComplete Canadian Living Baking Book

Elizabeth Baird & CL Test Kitchen
Tried, tested and true. The holy trinity when it comes to baking and The Canadian Living Test Kitchen delivers again. Hardcover, 352 pp. $34.95.

Canadian Living Make It Tonight CanadianCanadian Living Make It Tonight 

Elizabeth Baird & the Canadian Living Test Kitchen
Fast, little cleanup, good for entertaining, well-tested: the crew at Canadian Living understands exactly what the time-crunched home cook wants in a cookbook. There is no need to pick up takeout on the way home when you can have a beef and sweet potato stir-fry ready in under 30 minutes. Fill your slow cooker in the morning to find Spanish pot roast ready and waiting when you open the door. Whether it is off the barbecue, out of the toaster oven or the freezer, this is a book that will help you get tasty food on the table during the week. Colour photos. Paper, 239 pp, $24.95.

Canadian Living Everyday Favourites CookbookCanadianCanadian Living Everyday Favourites Cookbook
This latest offering, celebrating 30 years, from Canadian Living magazine lacks the thoroughness in production which we have come to depend on. That aside the book delivers the same reliable recipes we have come to know and love and the two chapters featuring Top 10 Most Requested Recipes as well as Test Kitchen Favourites are worth the purchase. Hardcover, 377 pp, $39.95.

Canadian Living Cooks CanadianCanadian Living Cooks
Daphna Rabinovitch, Emily Richards, Elizabeth Baird and The Canadian Living Test Kitchen
No fuss recipes reflecting Canada s multicultural flavours. Also, a peek behind-the-scenes of the enormously popular Food network show of the same name. Softcover, $29.95

The Complete Canadian Living CookbookCanadianThe Complete Canadian Living Cookbook
Elizabeth Baird
From the Canadian Living Test Kitchen
This tome has everthing you need and didn't know you needed! Information on equipment, choosing and storing ingredients, glossary of culinary terms, nutritional analysis for each recipe, advice on using bread machines, food processors, slow cookiers and let's not forget the 350 recipes! $49.95. Recipe: Chunky Mushroom Soup.

The Naptime ChefThe Naptime Chef
Kelsey Banfield
These weekday dishes are simple enough to appeal to children while incorporating enough sophistication to please the adults. Grains and fresh produce are the building blocks of many of the recipes with meat, fish, or poultry as more of a garnish.There are make-ahead tips and/or variations to help these dishes fit into the bustle of family life. Colour photos. Softcover, 224 pp. $26.50.

D.I.Y. DeliciousD.I.Y. Delicious
Vanessa Barrington
Re-acquaint yourself with cooking from scratch with Vanessa Barrington's tome on connecting with the very roots of simple cookery. Simple recipes for breads and cheese serve as gentle introductions for the amateur cook to start with as a stepping stone to bigger and more complex recipes. Hardcover, 240 pp. $29.95.

The Essential James Beard Cookbook The Essential James Beard Cookbook
James Beard, Edited by Rick Rodgers
"If I can cook it, you can too" was his message that helped inspire generations of people to cook.In this book, the first new cookbook authorized by his estate, editor Rick Rodgers pulls together 450 of what he considers Beard's most essential recipes.Though James Beard was well ahead of his time, the edior has added notes and variations to accompany many of the recipes, in order to provide minor updates to help today's cook. This is the perfect book to introduce the next wave of cooks to the kitchen of James Beard. Hardcover, $40.00.

The Flexitarian Table The Flexitarian Table
Peter Berley
Here is a book that solves the problem of feeding the family vegetarians and meat eaters without cooking two separate meals. Peter Berley (Fresh Food Fast,$27.95) has created recipes for which you can use either a vegetarian or meaty main ingredient: charmoula lamb/tempeh kebabs or smoked salmon/sun-dried tomato croque monsieur. Even better, the recipes are organized into season menus complete with game plan and hints. Bright graphics with colour photos. Hardcover, 342 pp. $33.95.

Cooking By HandCooking By Hand
By Paul Bertolli
This much-anticipated cookbook from Bertolli, of Oliveto fame, encourages cooks to understand ingredient essentials and to appreciate the endless joy of learning and discovery. Hardcover, 270 pp. $57.00.

The Mini MinimalistThe Mini Minimalist
Mark Bittman
Four mini books comprise this boxed colldction from Mark Bittman's popular New York TImes The Minimalist column. The topics are: Meat, Fish & Poultry; Vegetgables; Pizza, Pasta, & Grains; Small Plates & Soups.. No photos--just simple recipes you will use every day. Hardcover, 496 pp. $23.95.

How to Cook Everything: The BasicsHow to Cook Everything: The Basics
Mark Bittman
Mark Bittman redefines "basics" in this new and exciting cookbook. No more plain old meals. Full of photos and step by step guides on technique, what more do you need? Spice it up, add some stock, and celebrate a new era of perfect home cooked meals! Hardcover, 486 pp. $42.00.

The Minimalist Cooks at HomeThe Minimalist Cooks at Home
Mark Bittman
Mark Bittman has an easy to follow layout with simple yet sophisticated recipes. Included with each recipe are wine suggestions, make ahead lists, as well as tips to make minor changes to the original recipe to get a whole new dish. $38.00. Recipe: Beet Roesti with Rosemary.

Cooking From Above: Classics
Keda Black
The interesting Cooking From Above series, where each recipe is accompanied by bird's eye view photography of ingredients, stages of preparation, and finished product, continues with this book of classic recipes. Covering everything from mayonnaise to pot-au-feu, mussels with tarragon to baked apples and a range of clafoutis, Cooking From Above: Classics is perfect for anyone who is a visual learner and is looking for a thorough guide to classic modern dishes. Softcover, 101 pp. $27.99.

The Bon Appetit Cookbook The Bon Appetit Cookbook
Barbara Fairchild
Always perceived as more accessible than its rival, Gourmet, the American food magazine Bon Appetit celebrates its 50th anniversary with this collection of more than 1200 of its best recipes. From breakfast dishes to elegant frozen desserts, the recipes are designed for success whatever the skill of the cook. Colour photos. Hardcover, 792 pp. $37.99 including a 12 month complimentary subscription to the magazine.

2500 Recipes: Everyday to Extraordinary2500 Recipes: Everyday to Extraordinary
Andrew Schoss & Ken Bookman
Great for beginning cooks, this book features recipes for just about any dish and occasion. There is a helpful "Toolbox" chapter on equipment, techniques, and glossary of cooking terms. the book is divided into Basics, Everyday, and Special Occasion sections, with recipes arranged by technique, type of meal, or featured ingredient. This book is useful for any kitchen, from busy families to hungry students. Softcover, 600 pp. $29.95.

Heirloom Cooking with the Brass SistersHeirloom Cooking with the Brass Sisters

Following on the heels of their Heirloom Baking with the Brass Sisters ($33.95), (which we loved I might add!) comes this homage to heritage cooking. Recipes have been gathered from handwritten recipes, also known as "living recipes" from the United States and Canada. Each decade from the late 1800's is represented and what a trip down memory lane/food history it is! Comfort food at its best. Hardcover, 285 pp. $33.95.

Complete Best of Bridge CookbooksComplete Best of Bridge Cookbooks

Volume One
This includes all the recipes from the first book (the red one) and the second (the yellow one) in one volume. All of the individual volumes are now out of print, so this is your chance to recapture these treasured recipes. Binder, 384 pp. $29.95.

Cooking For ComfortCooking For Comfort
Marian Burros
Burros knows home cooking. She has crafted another great cookbook illuminating simple, delicious recipes, having previously co-authored the classic, Elegant But Easy Cookbook. Simply delicious. Hardcover, 210 pp. $38.00.

Suppertime Survival CanadianSuppertime Survival
Lynn Roblin and Bev Callaghan
Like the previous edition of this book, the authors put the Canada food guide to work to keep your family at its healthy best. Their organizational skills will help you take the stress out of weeknight meal preparation. Greater emphasis this time on fighting childhood obesity while still presenting dishes your kids might want to eat -- grilled lemon chicken on a bun, bean burritos, pizza , even brownie bites. Fast info. via charts. Softcover, 237 pp, $29.95.

Barbarians at the PlateBarbarians at the Plate
Marialisa Calta
Snapshots of how real families eat, recipes with kid-appeal, and the all-important helpful hints on all aspects of the home kitchen make this a good choice for the family cook. Drawings. Softcover, 232 pp, $26.00.

Salt to TasteSalt to Taste
Marco Canora
Restauranteur and chef Marco Canora here sets out to furnish cooks with the confidence and skills to cook great food at home, using your instincts as much as the recipe. The recipes are simple and delicious; chicken with pancetta and sage, fried oysters with shaved fennel and aioli, veal marsala, peach tart. Great for those already confident in the kitchen as well as those enthusiastic to learn more. Some colour photographs. Softcover, 271 pp. $44.50.

College Cooking College Cooking

Megan and Jill Carle
The duo who brought us Teens Cook ($26.95) and Teens Cook Dessert ($25.95) has graduated to more sophisticated fare. Sections include “Just like Mom makes,” “Food for the Masses,” and the all-important “Avoiding the Freshman Fifteen.” Amaze roomies and assorted friends with chili with green chile cornbread, garlic shrimp, and peanut butter cup bars. Tips and trivia will increase the newby cook’s food knowledge. Colour photos. Softcover, 144 pp. $24.95.

Teens Cook Teens Cook
Megan & Jill Carle
The teenage offspring of Charlie Trotter's cookbook collaborator (Judi Carle) combine cooking ability with insight into what their contemporaries really like to eat: things like fried rice, meatloaf with scalloped potatoes, sloppy joes, and cheesecake. $26.95.

Teens Cook DessertTeens Cook Dessert

Megan & Jill Carle
Fun to fancy desserts for teen cooks, but bakers shouldn't limit themselves if they aren't quite that young anymore because this is a great dessert book. The recipes here are creative but still classic, from eclairs and tart tatin to gingersnaps with pumpkin dip and nectarine ravioli. Though there are easy things here many of the recipes might need a more experienced touch. Colour photos. Softcover, 158 pp. $25.95.

The New York Times CookbookThe New York Times Cookbook
Craig Clairborne
The classic gourmet cookbook for the home kitchen now completely revised and updated with hundreds of new recipes. Hardcover, 799 pp. $40.00

Cook This Now Cook This Now
Melissa Clark
Melissa Clark writes a very interesting cookbook basing her layout by the different seasons of the year and giving you different ideas for the appropriate season. Clark writes about cuisine, travel and wine for numberous publications including the New York Times. Melissa shares her farmers' market expertise and tells you what to cook after you've been outside in the dead of winter. Hardcover, 396 pp.

All-New Complete Cooking Light Cookbook

Cooking Light magazine
Hundreds of recipes from Cooking Light magazine. Each recipe comes (of course) with a complete nutritional breakdown. The book also includes a useful appendix with ingredient substitutions and measurement conversions. Colour photos. Hardcover, 564 pp. $44.95.

Cooking Light WeeknightCooking Light Weeknight
Cooking Light magazine
Cooking Light magazine can always be depended upon for tasty and healthy recipes, and this book (one of a new series) is no different. With quick dishes and a make-ahead section these are recipes for everyday, but there are many meal ideas that are suitable for company too. There is also a helpful guide to stocking your pantry. Other titles in the series include Salad and Slow Cooker. Colour photos. Hardcover, 144 pp. $21.95.

From Our Grandmothers' KitchensFrom Our Grandmothers' Kitchens
Editors of Cook's County
This is another in the collection of "lost" recipes from Cook's Illustrated's country arm. Tomato soup cake? Saltine pie? Grandmothers were the original mothers of invention. It is always nice to see that Americans are paying some attention to Canada--there is a butter tart recipe. Color photos. Hardcover, 214 pp. $32.95.

Best Lost SuppersBest Lost Suppers

Cook's Country
A collection of lost recipes from America's history, this book began life as a competition for Cook's Country readers to produce their best old favourite or family recipe, and from the more than 1000 entries, these are the winners. Recipes range from Cincinnati chilli, to Sicilian meatloaf, cheese frenchies, and Jefferson Davie pie. Colour photos. Binder, 212 pp. $34.95.

Cook's Illustrated CookbookCook's Illustrated Cookbook
Cook's Illustrated

The ultimate book for cooking everything. Cook's Illustrated prvides a simple yet challanging endless list of recipies for the reader to try. This book is esentially an encyclopedia for cooking, and ingredients. Hardcover, 890 pp. $43.95.

The Best Make-Ahead RecipeThe Best Make-Ahead Recipe

Cook's Illustrated
Another volume from the ever-prolific editors at Cook's Illustrated. These are recipes that can be frozen, stored, and reheated without sacrificing flavour or texture. Now you might have heard this claim before, but no one tests recipes like the America's Test Kitchen gang (some would say over-test) so you can trust that your meat dishes stay juicy and nothing turns to mush. As usual, there are also equipment and ingredient reviews and helpful hints. Colour plates. Hardcover, 435 pp. $43.95.

The Best Kitchen Quick TipsThe Best Kitchen Quick Tips
Editors of Cook’s Illustrated
From almond paste on the first page to zucchini on the final page, these 534 tips, illustrated by line drawings, will improve your performance in the kitchen. Softcover, 402 pp, $27.95.

Cover & Bake Cover & Bake
Editors of Cook’s Illustrated
By testing, testing, testing all possible variables, Chris Kimball and his ever-industrious army of cooks bring us the best possible one-dish meals from mac and cheese to crab imperial. Advice on choosing equipment and ingredients. Colour and B & W photos, line drawings. Hardcover, 338 pp, $39.95.

The New Best Recipe The New Best Recipe
Editors of Cook’s Illustrated
The ever-vigilant testers at Cook’s Illustrated have made their best versions of all our favourites - tuna noodle casserole, mashed potatoes, brownies, apple and lemon meringue pies - even better. Line drawings, B& W photos. Hardcover, 1028 pp, $41.50.

Restaurant Favorites at HomeRestaurant Favorites at Home

Editors of Cook’s Illustrated
The editors of Cook’s Illustrated Magazine Cook’s Illustrated Magazine do it all for you from cutting those large quantity recipes down to size to showing you how to garnish like the pros. Recipes run the gamut from shepherd’s pie to sesame-crusted tuna with Asian vegetables and sticky jasmine rice. Line drawings and b&w photos. Hardcover, 418pp, $39.95.

Cooking in the Nude QuickiesCooking in the Nude Quickies
Cooking in the Nude for Wine Lovers
Cooking in the Nude Playful Gourmets

Debbie Cornwell & Stephen Cornwell
Say Yes Salad (pear and snow pea salad with lemon vinaigrette) and Flashin' Passion (noisettes of lamb in pecan sauce) are indicative of the double entendre laden, short on prep dishes intended to lead one from well, one thing to another. Paper, 96 pp, $15.95 each.

Shirley Corriher
The hows and whys of successful cooking from a cook with a biochemistry background. Your recipes will ever fail again if you take the advice offered in this reference book. Both the novice cook and the experienced chef will find the answers to all their culinary dilemmas in CookWise. $35.00.

Margaret Costa's Four Seasons Cookery Book

Margaret Costa
Though now a timeless classic, the Four Seasons Cookery Book was far ahead of its time in 1970. It is only now, almost four decades later that most of the culinary world has re-embraced the concept of seasonal cooking. Rhodesian born, Oxford-educated, Costa could best be described as the Delia Smith of her day. In the pre-Food Network world, the enthusiasm with which she wrote about food for The Sunday Times Magazine had people leaping from their armchairs to rush to the kitchen. She did for the English what Julia Child did for Americans: decoded French cooking. Hardcover, 362 pp. $37.95.

Marie Claire ComfortMarie Claire Comfort
Michele Cranston
Like Martha Stewart, Ina Garten, and Sara Foster, Australian Michele Cranston has a talent for re-inventing the familiar. As in her other books (Zest, Luscious, et al $29.95) Cranston is particularly inventive with vegetables whether in salads or side dishes. An orange soda bread with mixed seeds is another must-sample. Colour photos. Softcover 224 pp $29.95.

LusciousLuscious: Simply delicious food from Marie Claire

Michele Cranston
When Donna Hay departed Marie Claire magazine, Michele Cranston took the reigns and has acquired her own legion of fans. Very much in a similar style with the gorgeous photography, easy to follow recipes and accessible ingredient list. This is her fifth book. $29.95.

Kitchen Kitchen
Michele Cranston
Formerly a stylist for Donna Hay, Michele Cranston combines simplicity with attractive presentation. A generous dollop of basic information on ingredients, equipment and methods along with engaging recipes will have you cooking and eating well from breakfast through dinner. Colour photos. Softcover, 400 pp, $39.95.


Michelle Cranston
Each of these tempting and beautifully photographed recipes highlights a different flavour: either tangy, piquant, zesty, aromatic or ambrosial, among others. Softcover, 224 pp. $29.95.

The Culinary Institute of America Cookbook

The Culinary Institute of America
Over 375 of our favorite recipes for the home chef, along with tips and preparation techniques from the classrooms of the world's premier culinary college.With illustrated techniques, you'll learn to cook the way the porfessionals do, weather you want to master the finer points. Hardcover, 311 pp. $39.95.

Lost RecipesLost Recipes
Marion Cunningham
Rescuing the recipes for monkey bread and green goddess dressing from oblivion is one thing but tomato aspic? Marion Cunningham, the contemporary face of Fannie Farmer, is, like the late James Beard, a walking compendium of American food history. Vintage illustrations.
Hardcover, 225 pp, $33.00.

Fearless in the KitchenCanadianFearless in the Kitchen
Christine Cushing
Popular Food Network host, who's shows and books have attracted wide audiences for her simple and innovative recipes. 206 pp. $29.00. Recipe: Israeli Couscous with Sweet Potato .

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