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Alex MacKay's Cookbook for Everybody EverydayAlex MacKay's Cookbook for Everybody Everyday
Alex MacKay
A cookery instructor, Alex MacKay has run courses for Delia Smith and Raymond Blanc. He mixes general information -- how to season, how to equip the kitchen, defining terms -- with practical recipes based on tried and true ingredients and the creative use of kitchen staples such as pesto, curry paste, and tapenade. The ways in which he uses mackarel will have you looking at this often-ignored fish in a whole new light. Color photos. Hardcover, 351 pp. $34.00.

Local FlavorsLocal Flavors
Deborah Madison
This lovely book is dedicated to cooking and eating from America's farmers' markets. Fast, fresh, healthy ideas. The Apricot Cherry Crisp (p. 284) and the Savoury Eggplant "Jam" with Cumin and Coriander (p. 169) are staff favourites. Hardcover, 408 pp., $59.95.

Maran Illustrated Coooking Basics CanadianMaran Illustrated Coooking Basics
The Maran Family with expert consultant Gail Gordon Oliver
With its simple recipes, the Maran Illustrated Cooking Basics is a great find for beginners. Better still, ingredients, tools, and techniques are illustrated both verbally and with colour photographs, a sure path to success. Softcover, 233 pp, $26.95.

The Well-Kept Kitchen The Well-Kept Kitchen
Gervase Markham
Exemplifying the old school of cookery to the core, recipes are without quantities, and only provide instructions on preparation. While possibly difficult to execute, the writing style makes for a compelling read and a peek into the history of simple cuisine. Softcover, 135 pp. $9.99.

Cooking from the HipCanadianCooking from the Hip
Olaf Martens
A twist on the classics to suit everyone! Includes step-by-step photos and easy-to-read, exciting recipes. To try: Savoury Cheese Truffles (page 54) and Roast Duckling with Red Grapefruit and Green Peppercorn Sauce (page 138). Softcover. $22.95.

Pantry RaidCanadianPantry Raid:
Out of the Cupboard Cooking
Dana McCauley
Solve the challenge of weeknight cooking with over 200 handy, easy-to-follow recipes, including Basil-Balsamic Chicken and Pasta Toss (page 96). Softcover. $24.95.

Homemade Homemade
Clodagh McKenna
Simplicity is the focal point of Ms. McKenna's latest addition to her growing cookbook repertoire. Presenting classic recipes from all over the globe in easy-to-follow and approachable methods allows her to gently coax out the interest of a new cook, and constantly inspire those with more experience at the stove. Hardcover, 223 pp. $26.95.

The Silver Palate Cookbook The Silver Palate Cookbook 25th Anniversary Edition

Julee Rosso, Sheila Lukins & Michael McLaughlin
How time flies when one is enjoying oneself in the kitchen.! The quintessential cookbook of the eighties, the book which changed cookbook design forever, is now officially a classic. All the favorite recipes are still here - yes the chicken Marbella in all its glory - the only change is the addition of colour photos and some lovely testimonials. Hardcover, 450 pp. $22.95.

Mama Now Cooks Like This!Mama Now Cooks Like This!

Susan Mendelson
Back in the day the Lazy Gourmet cooked only vegetarian but this medley of Susan Mendelson’s greatest hits does include meat, fish, and poultry. Best of all, a whole new round of bakers (and eaters) will discover the nutty pleasure of her money-back guarantee brownies. Softcover 224 pp. $29.95.

How to Peel a PeachHow to Peel a Peach
Perla Meyers
Meyers puts her considerable teaching skills and experience to good use in the question and answer section which begins each chapter (cook's pantry, vegetables and herbs, fruit et al). Recipes as diverse as leek and stilton cheese risotto with mascarpone and chocolate and pear tart are informed by European sophistication. No illustration. Hardcover, 424 pp, $42.99.

The Entrees

Gail Monaghan
Gail Monaghan brings you famous and fabled recipes from some of the greatest restaurants of the Golden Age of cuisine in America and Europe. Recreate Julia Child's Lamb Navarin, or reach into history and pull out Auguste Escoffier's Omelette Lorraine and put it on your fork. Monaghan provides a unique opportunity to experience the food of years past and to eat our way through time, following a path of delicious dishes made lovingly by some of the greatest culinary Gods to ever live. Hardcover, 192 pp. $54.00.

The Brokeass Gourmet Cookbook	The Brokeass Gourmet Cookbook
Gabi Moscowitz
Get clever with your cooking and keep your food costs down with Gabi Moskowitz. Her wonderful recipes and penchant for writing really contribute to the charm of this delightful book. Try Chipotle Cheddar Burgers with Cilantro Aioli for 11.50 (serves 4) followed by Brown Sugar-Peach Semifreddos for $8.50 (serves 9). Save money and eat like royalty with the Brokeass Gourmet! Softcover, 216 pp. $19.50.

Stoner's DelightStoner's Delight
Dane Noon
Ever wondered if there was another use for cannabis? Perhaps something leaning more towards the delicious side of things? Speculate no more! Stoner's Delight is here to cater to your every craving and need. Hardcover, 96 pp. $11.99.

Love at First Bite Love at First Bite: The Complete Vampire Lover's Cookbook

Michelle Roy Kelly & Andrea Norville
Perfect for any vampire devotee or for a themed vampire party, this book includes recipes that will live for eternity in your kitchen, such as Blood-Chilling Gazpacho, The Volturi's Italian Baked Fish, Coffin Cake, and Blood Orange Mimosas. The Tasty Tidbits interspersed amongst the recipes keep the chef in-the-know about all things vampire. Softcover, 266 pp. $15.99.

The Oprah Magazine Cookbook

O Magazine
Full of delicious comfort food and home cooking recipes from throughout the series of O Magazines, this cookbook covers all the bases; appetisers like crostini with wild mushrooms and mozerella, meat mains such as grilled lamb with salsa verde, and coconut lane cake for dessert. Many recipes are contributed by the chefs who have been featured in O, and well known names such as Marcus Samuelsson and Maya Angelou write about what food and eating mean to them. Lots of colour photos. Hardcover, 304 pp. $31.95.

My Father's DaughterMy Father's Daughter

Gwyneth Paltrow
Is there anything Gwyneth Paltrow can't do? Apparently being an Oscar-winning actress wasn't enough; Paltrow's first cookbook celebrates the quick, simple recipes that she prepares for family and friends. Excellent color photography accompanies nearly every recipe. Hardcover, 271 pp. $33.00.

Urban Pantry Urban Pantry
Amy Pennington
Thrifty, sustainable & seasonal - the subtitle has it all covered! The book is casual yet inspiring and ingredients and methods don't intimidate. Softcover,176 pp. $23.95.


The Smitten Kitchen CookbookThe Smitten Kitchen Cookbook
Deb Perelman
The first cookbook from the wildly popular Smitten Kitchen blog brings together a treasure trove of hard-tested recipes and whip-smart charm. Preceding each recipe with an introductory passage allows author Deb Perelman to put her razor-sharp wit on full display in a cacophony of hilarity and cuisine. Hardcover, 321 pp. $35.00.

Kitchen SimpleKitchen Simple
James Peterson
James Peterson, winner of 6 James Beard awards, brings us a new book on essential cooking. Want a solid recipe for Roast Veal Shoulder? Done! How about a nice Pasta with Porcini Mushroom sauce? This book will be great for dinner parties and backyard soirees this summer! Hardcover, 244 pp. $34.00.

The Pleasure Is All MineThe Pleasure Is All Mine
Suzanne Pirret
Embrace your need for indulgence. Do it alone. Why bother with picky, difficult, boring companions? If you want champagne and black truffles, have it now. Suzanne Pirret helps us realize it is not only OK, but sometimes preferred to spoil yourself solo. Prep and clean-up are kept to a minimum without compromising taste. Pamper yourself to soft-shells crabs with lima bean salad, grilled bacon, and cornbread. Because as Pirret points out "some the best meals are by yourself and some of the worst with other people."Hardcover, 231 pp. $32.99.

Cooking For Geeks Cooking For Geeks

Jeff Potter
For those keen to learn about food science with just enough nerdy chemistry, and lots of personalty! There are recipes but that's not why you're buying this book. Softcover, 414 pp.

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