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Health & Nutrition

Everyday Food Light
Martha Stewart Living
Cook what you want to eat without all the fat! This book features delicious, healthful recipes, all under 500 calories. Organised seasonally so you can take advantage of the freshest ingredients, this book shows you how to quickly prepare your favourite dishes in a way that's light but nonetheless tempting. Softcover, 384 pp. $27.99.

The Green Smoothie MiracleThe Green Smoothie Miracle

Erica Palmcrantz Aziz
Whether you need to lose weight or simply want to look and feel your best, green smoothies are for you. The recipes are easy, tasty, and take no more than two minutes to make. Incorporating smoothies into your daily diet will give you high energy levels and make you stay happy all day long. Hardcover, 168 pp. $23.95.

True FoodTrue Food

Andrew Weil
When Andrew Weil and Sam Fox opened the first True Food Kitchen in Phoenix, their mission was to serve delicious dishes that must promote the diner's well-being. True Food Kitchen has proven that meals can be both flavorful and good for you. True Food brings that same mission to your table, with more than 125 freshly imagined recipes that are seasonal, inviting and easy to make. Hardcover, 255 pp. $32.99.

The Guilt-Free GourmetThe Guilt-Free Gourmet

Jordan & Jessica Bourke
Brother and sister team, Jordan and Jessica Bourke are experts in nutrition though to look through Guilt-Free Gourmet, you can see they're passion for food extends beyond health. This beautifully produced book (amazing photgraphs and artfull layout) has new and old favourites but balances out what would normally be carloie-laden with ingridients like butterbeans in the sausage 'n' mash and making a seemingly decedant lasagna, gluten-free. Hardcover, 140 pp. $28.95.

Very Fond of FoodVery Fond of Food

Sophie Dahl
Bestselling author Sophie Dahl offers up 100 wholesome recipes for health-minded home cooks favoring natural sweeteners, minimal meat, and abundant produce. Recipes ranging from Baked Pumpkin with Sauteed Greens and Toasted Cumin Dressing to Rhubarb Rice Pudding are organized seasonally, and the book finishes with a full chapter of luscious desserts. Hardcover, 276 pp. $34.00.

Raw AwakeningRaw Awakening

Kristen Suzanne
Only about one third of this book is devoted to recipes. The remainder is a guide to adopting a raw food lifestyle.Learn the differences between raw vegetarian and vegan raw diets and get help deciding whether to eat a partial or total raw diet. There is also advice on coping with cravings for goodies from your former lifestyle. Softcover, 204 pp. $21.95.

Cooking Light: Fresh Food Fast 24/7Cooking Light: Fresh Food Fast 24/7

Cooking Light
Fresh Food Fast 24/7 gives us fast, healthy recipes for our busy lives. Simple, bright, and appealing, this book offers an alternative to more involved cookbooks for those days when you want something fast but don't want to break your healthy habits. Softcover, 384 pp. $27.95.

Easy Sexy RawEasy Sexy Raw

Carol Alt
She was a model. She was an actress. Now, Carol Alt is a spokesperson for raw food, frequently extolling its virtues on television talk shows. Though not entirely devoid of fish or meat, most of the recipes here are not just vegetarian but vegan friendly. For raw food beginners, both the suggested menus and the "swapping" list will prove helpful. Color photos. Softcover, 256 pp. $21.99.

Everyday Raw DessertsEveryday Raw Desserts
Matthew Kenney
Simply because raw foodists can't apply heat does not mean that they cannot enjoy something sweet! For the raw foodist, Everyday Raw Desserts is indispensible. It starts with the basics of raw dessert cookery and builds off of them, creating desserts that are delicious for even those who think that they prefer heat applied to their end of meal treat. Softcover, 142 pp. $22.99.

Quick & EasyQuick & Easy

The American Heart Association
This popular book from the American Heart Association, now in its second edition, is sure to aid anyone looking for a quick and healthy meal after a long day of work. Relax, take it easy and try Thirty Minute Minestrone or Sesame Pasta and Vegetables in twenty five minutes. Know what you are eating with full nutritional values and calorie information.


Olivia Newton-John
Olivia Newton-John is back, this time with a cookbook, armed with healthy and delicious recipes. No fooling around here, Olivia gets right down to the core of sensible and nutritional eating with a variety of smoothies, vegan and gluten free recipes along with various light options. Stay fit, stay young, and stay healthy with Olivia Newton-John. Hardcover, 191 pp. $29.95.

Smart Chefs Stay SlimSmart Chefs Stay Slim
Alison Adato
Some chefs just cook and eat. Others cook, eat, and run marathons. From this latter group, Allison Adato has collected 92 tips, some of which come with recipes. Some are commonsense ideas any person could think of -- such as more vegetarian meals or using lemon, garlic, and olive oil to ramp up flavor. Others are more outside the box: Joe Bastianich exchanged his morning espresso for a piece of dark chocolate. Marcus Sanuelsson, Mark McEwan, Eric Ripert, and Alexandra Guarnaschelli are amongst the chosen fit. Hardcover, 292 pp. $27.50.

Leslie Beck's Healthy KitchenCanadianLeslie Beck's Healthy Kitchen

Leslie Beck
Canadian nutritionist Leslie Beck has authored a book that is both informational and packed with delicious recipes. For those who prefer a book without superfluous illustrations, this is the book for you...there is not a single colour-photo to be found. With a very readable font, though, this book is easy on the eyes, and nutrition information is available for each recipe. Organized by course (including a decent-sized chapter on soups and one on salads), Leslie makes healthy eating sound simple, without sounding preachy. Softcover, 386 pp. $28.00.

The Acid Reflux SolutionThe Acid Reflux Solution
Jorge E. Rodriguez
This book offers a three-pronged attack to counteracting heartburn naturally. Beginning with simple lifestyle modifications, dietary changes to avoid onset, and finally lowering medicine dosages, the author, himself a sufferer, shows in easily understood language, how to control acid reflux. More than just a plan, the book offers recipes too. Color photos. Softcover, 215 pp. $24.99.

Meals that Heal InflammationMeals that Heal Inflammation
Julie Daniluk
Daniluk provides more than just recipes in this helpful and informative book. Also featured are causes of inflammation, meal plans, and foods to avoid. Softcover, 396 pp. $29.95.

Light : Everyday FoodLight : Everyday Food

Martha Stewart
Martha is at it again with a new and fabulous compilation of healthy, light recipes for everyone. From her Vegetable Pad Thai to her Seared Pork Tenderloin with Pomegranate Glaze, Martha covers a wide range of dishes from a lighter perspective, still managing to pack in the flavour. Softcover, 384 pp. $27.99.

LooneySpoons Collection CanadianLooneySpoons Collection

Janet & Greta Podleski
If you have the first three of the sisters books put them away, you only need this one. Lots of great up to date nutritional info, quirky food facts, and most all of great recipes to keep you all healthy during the holiday eating season! $34.95.

The Healthy College CookbookThe Healthy College Cookbook

Alexandra Nimetz
Unhealthy food and dorm life have always had an unfortunate relationship. Recently with the world's awareness of cuisine picking up, cookbooks are beginning to break that mould in delicious fashion. No longer are instant noodles and aerosol cheese the default choices for after-class eats. At least, not when books such as this one provide delicious, wholesome recipes for pastas, rice dishes and easy stews that cook while you're in class! Softcover, 291 pp. $17.95.

Healthy Starts HereCanadianHealthy Starts Here!

Mairlyn Smith
We always appreciate Mairlyn's sensible approach to healthy eating. No preaching, just great recipes and up to date information. This latest book really shows Mairlyn's playful personality, namely her time spent at Second City, as the food related stories are a must read, putting a smile on your face whilst you cook/eat your way through the book. Softcover, 348 pp. $29.95.

Pretty Delicious

Candice Kumai
It's a new year which means we must include healthy books for the first four months. This one at least has lots of colour photos, doesn't preach at us and has recipes we actually want to make! Hardcover, 258 pp. $34.50.

America's Test Kitchen: Light & Healthy 2010	America's Test Kitchen: Light & Healthy 2011

America's Test Kitchen
The goal - to "lighten" the past year's best test kitchen recipes without sacrificing flavour. In America's Test Kitchen: Light & Healthy 2011, we find a collection of almost 200 recipes, each accompanied by a methodical explanation about the test kitchen recipe "lightening" process. With a greater emphasis on text than on visual appeal, this is a book geared to those interested in the test kitchen process and in the scientific method behind recipe creation and re-creation. Hardcover, 302 pp. $38.99.

The Food Matters CookbookThe Food Matters Cookbook

Mark Bittman
Mark Bittman, author of the classic How To Cook Everything penned this book to supply people with excellent recipes that are both healtful and flavorful. This book is the follow-up to Bittman's Food Matters. Hardcover, 645 pp. $39.99.

Low-Salt Dash DinnersLow-Salt Dash Dinners

Sandra Nowlan
On a low-sodium diet, but craving crab cakes and meatloaf? Fear no more; Sandra Nowlan's latest book is set to help you comply with your low salt needs, but amp up the flavor of every day food. Recipes span the entire globe, ranging from Malaysian Lobster Curry to classic Grilled Beef Tenderloin with Stilton. Each recipe is accompanied by a complete nutritional analysis for you to keep tabs on important health information. Recipes are quick, simple, and most importantly of all, they taste fantastic while still reducing your salt intake. Softcover, 160 pp. $24.95.

Eating LocalEating Local

Janet Fletcher
A colourful collection of one hundred and fifty recipes that make the most of American produce as it becomes seasonally available, "Eating Local" is inspired by and aims to support the small farmers who work to make the locavore movement possible. Ten featurettes, interspersed amongst the recipes, capture the stories of ten of America's best small farmers. A useful feature of the book is its organization of the recipes alphabetically by main ingredient, within three broad categories - vegetables, fruits, and poultry, meat, and eggs. Hardcover, 304 pp. $43.00.

Secrets of a Skinny ChefSecrets of a Skinny Chef
Jennifer Iserloh
Jennifer Iserloh's Secrets of a Skinny Chef draws on her personal struggle and success with weight issues, and on her desire to continue eating the foods that she loves, to create recipes that are healthful, yet familiar (such as the Steak and Potatoes or Crustless Apple Pie). Iserloh emphasizes lifestyle change over dieting, with a definite preference for home-cooked meals over prepared or takeout, and she shares some of her personal tips for achieving small, manageable changes in the "Skinny Secrets" scattered throughout the book. Softcover, 187 pp. $23.99.

America's Test Kitchen: Light & Healthy 2010America's Test Kitchen: Light & Healthy 2010
Editors of America's Test Kitchen
The goal - to "lighten" the past year's best test kitchen recipes without sacrificing flavour. In America's Test Kitchen: Light & Healthy 2010, we find a collection of almost 200 recipes, each accompanied by a methodical explanation about the test kitchen recipe "lightening" process. With a greater emphasis on text than on visual appeal, this is a book geared to those interested in the test kitchen process and in the scientific method behind recipe creation and re-creation. Hardcover, 302 pp. $38.99.

Lighthearted At Home CanadianLighthearted At Home

Anne Lindsay
A collection of new and revised recipes from one of Canada of healthy cookbooks, Anne Lindsay anyone looking for healthy, nutritious food which still has lots of flavour. Hardcover, 486 pp, $38.95.

So EasySo Easy

Ellie Krieger
Ellie Krieger, author of The Food You Crave, offers this book full of recipes which don't compromise on flavour in order to be quick and healthy. Breakfasts such as vanilla spice oatmeal, dinners like pork piccata with spinach and garlic mashed potatoes, and even desserts like pumpkin rice pudding and apple brown betty are all healthy, nutritious, and still tasty. Each recipe features a nutritional breakdown as well as information about what nutrients it is a source of. Colour photos. Hardcover, 272 pp. $35.95.

Clean Food Clean Food

Terry Walters
Terry Walter's vision of "clean food" is one in which the food source is close to the eater, thus creating a low-carbon footprint. Although the word vegan does not appear, the recipes are egg, dairy, and meat free. Even if you do not wish to live a totally vegetarian life, it is a great book for those who wish to have more grains in their diet, or who are trying to use up the produce that seduced them to a farmers market. No illustrations. Hardcover, 290 pp. $35.00.

Elements of LifeElements of Life

Su-Mei Yu
From the owner of Saffron restaurant in San Diego and the IACP award winning cookbook author Su-Mei Yu comes this book based on the Thai principles that the four natural elements, earth, water, wind and fire, are also present in our bodies and that we should eat according to their dominance. Whether or not you choose to practice Yu's dietary suggestions there is no doubt that stir fried crab with madras curry or steamed persimmon pudding with warm lemon sauce will appeal. There are also recipes for face masks, creams, scrubs etc. and some natural healing tips. Colour photos. Hardcover, 324 pp. $42.00.

101 Things to do Before You Diet101 Things to do Before You Diet

Mimi Spencer
Mimi Spencer brings us a diet book with a difference - there's no dieting involved. Having worked for years in the fashion industry in the UK she knows a thing or two about fad diets and unhealthy body image. So rather than try to offer a 'diet', she's come up with a guide to living and eating in a way which will make you feel better and happier about your body, plus maybe help you shed a pound or two. Diet advice is sensible ("think with your brain, not your fork") and much of her advice is centred around body confidence and dressing for your shape. Hardcover, 252 pp. $30.00.

Choice Menus for One or TwoChoice Menus for One or Two

Marjorie Hollands & Margaret Howard
A great resource of recipes and menu ideas for the whole family not just those with diabetes. The handy flip pages allow mixing and matching with ease to create a plethora of choices. Howard and Hollands have long been the go to Canadian authors on this topic. Coil-bound, 207 pp. $26.95.

Simple Food for Busy FamiliesSimple Food for Busy Families
Jeannette Bessinger
Nutritionists Jeannette Bessinger and Tracee Yablon-Brenner cover a lot of dietary ground in their new book, working to demystify healthy eating with chapters on eating seansonally, food quality versus quantity, and making nutrition a part of the daily routine. Simple recipes on herbs, spices, grains, and beans combine helpful information on various preparations, storage, and nutritional importance for the busy family seeking a balanced lifestyle. Softcover, 244 pp. $26.95.

Start Fresh!CanadianStart Fresh!
Diane Clement and Dr. Doug Clement
These energetic Olympians have a plan that will make other midlifers as healthy as they are. Simple exercises, a power walking program and delectable dishes to nourish the body from breakfast to dinner are all part of the Clements’ recipe for a long life. Colour photos. Softcover, 194 pp, $29.95.

The Complete Whole Grains CookbookCanadianThe Complete Whole Grains Cookbook: 150 Recipes for Healthy Living

Judith Finlayson
An in-depth look at the importance of grains in a healthy diet. It includes information on grains and with each recipe it lists the nutritional break-down of the dish. With colour photos, this book is a must for people who don't want to sacrifice flavour for the sake of health. Softcover, 288 pp. $27.95.

Lighten Up: The Healthy New Way to CookLighten Up: The Healthy New Way to Cook

Jill Dupleix
This book is for people who love food, but also want to eat a little healthier. The recipes don't compromise flavour, they are beautiful and light. Dupleix shows us how we can eat well at home without the cream, pastries and animal fats that can slow us down. Softcover, 224 pp.

Norene's Healthy KitchenCanadianNorene's Healthy Kitchen

Norene Gilletz
Norene Gilletz (Healthy Helpings, $29.95) takes you by the hand and shows you how easy it is to prepare healthy and delicious food. In Norene's Healthy Kitchen you'll find lots of nutritional information, menu planning, and of course, recipes for every meal and occasion. Who wouldn't want Almond Schnitzel and Popocorn Cauliflower, especially if they are good for you? Recipes are heart-smart, low GI, and diabetes friendly. Colour photos. Softcover, 511 pp. $34.95.


Natalie Savona
This helpful little book covers a variety of wonderfoods - those items that pack a nutritional punch- and offers a few good recipes featuring each one. The innovation here is that the foods are divided into chapters based on what they do best, whether it be improving digestion, increasing fertility, strengthening the immune system, etc, etc. The recipes are simple enough for even a novice but are in no way uninteresting. Colour photos. Hardcover, 320 pp. $24.95.

More Super JuiceMore Super Juice

Michael Van Straten
Subtitled juicing for health and healing this sequel to Super Juice has more juice combos with inventive names (Love in a glass, Aztec promise, Bounce back, etc) sorted according to benefit. There are juices for energy, for 'cleansing,' to improve your memory, and to lighten your mood, among others. All these gimmicks don't detract from tastiness though, and the fact that fruit and vegetable juices are really healthy and a sneaky way to rack up your 5 a day. Colour photos. Softcover, 144 pp. $19.95.

The Best Light RecipeThe Best Light Recipe
Cook's Illustrated

All your favourites made lighter the Cook's Illustrated way - tested to perfection. You can trust that these dishes taste just as good as the originals, and that you will be informed just how they managed to do it. Like other books from Cook's Illustrated the recipes are accompanied by helpful hints and ingredient taste tests. Colour plates. Hardcover, 372 pp. $44.95.

The New American Plate Cookbook The New American Plate Cookbook
American Institute for Cancer Research
Perhaps the best healthy cookbook of the past few years, this will get even the most ardent gourmand cooking better-for-you food. The recipes are exciting but not difficult, with ingredients that are easy to find at any supermarket. This book isn't about a diet, but adapting your way of eating to achieve life-long health. Colour photos. Hardcover, 306 pp. $26.95.

Eating Well Serves TwoEating Well Serves Two

Jim Romanoff
There are few small quantity cookbooks; fewer still that are exceptional. This one from the editors of EatingWell represents great value for money with advice for planning(including seasonal menus), shopping for, and cooking nutrient-rich meals in under 45 minutes. Nutritional breakdown and colour photos. Hardcover, 256 pp. $31.00.

Eating Well Healthy in a Hurry Eating Well Healthy in a Hurry

Jim Romanoff
Thank goodness for Eating Well magazine! Where else would we find, month after month, new delicious dishes that are healthy too? Now they have even added fast to the mix. This new volume presents us with the ultimate eating trifecta: quick, tasty, and good for you. Here are great main dishes and sides to get dinner on the table in 45 minutes or less. Hardcover, 256 pp. $35.00.

Esalen CookbookEsalen Cookbook
Charlie Cascio
From the Esalen Institute, a retreat in Big Sur, California, comes this collection of healthy recipes focussed on using fresh, organic ingredients. The cooks at Esalen aim to satisfy both stomach and soul with their dishes, and therefore the focus is on modern but comforting food from a variety of cuisines. Hardcover, 207 pp. $43.95.

All-New Complete Cooking Light Cookbook
Cooking Light Magazine
Hundreds of recipes from Cooking Light magazine. Each recipe comes (of course) with a complete nutritional breakdown. The book also includes a useful appendix with ingredient substitutions and measurement conversions. Colour photos. Hardcover, 564 pp. $44.95.

Heart SmartCanadianBest of Heartsmart
Bonnie Stern
At last all those best loved recipes from the Heartsmart series are back with 100 fab new recipes bringing a more global and contemporary feel to this well received edition from Toronto doyen of all things culinary, Bonnie Stern. One of the best brunch sections with healthier options for all your breakfast favourites. Softcover 480pp $34.95

Spices of LifeSpices of Life: Simple and deliciouis recipes for great health
Nina Simonds
A wonderful new book from the award winning author of A Spoonful of Ginger. Drawing on her travel experiences to Asia and Europe as well as family favourites, this book shows us how healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring or complicated. Hardcover, 382 pp, $50.00.

Julie Van Rosendaal
Hot on the heals of the successful One Smart Cookie ($19.95) comes this latest healthy book that packs lots of flavour and nutrition without you realizing you're eating healthy. Softcover, 182 pp, $19.95.

The Essential Eating Well CookbookThe Essential Eating Well Cookbook
Edited by Patsy Jamieson
The first book from the reincarnated, much-loved Eating Well magazine features lightened versions of everything from Maryland crab cakes to chocolate chip cookies. Loaded with helpful hints. Colour photos, nutritional analysis for each recipe. Softcover, 403 pp, $26.00.

Weekday WondersCanadianWeekday Wonders: Healthy Light Meals for Everyday
Rose Reisman
Here's a book that will take the stress out of dinner. Healthy time saving meals with suggestions for a month of menus, as well as make-a-head tips for every recipe. Rose's flair for palate pleasing flavour will make this a favourite in the kitchen.

The Healthy Table
The Healthy Table
Luis Ratto
Easy enough for the timid chef, these recipes yield fresh basics that rarely require more than three steps with easily-found ingredients. This volume isn't terribly innovative and doesn't include the latest health news or bow to trends and fad diets, but it does offer simple ways to cook tasty, healthful meals. (Hardcover, 180 pp., $42.95)

The Art Of Living Well CanadianThe Art Of Living Well
Rose Reisman
There are no boring healthy recipes in Rose's latest effort; they all sparkle like stars in the night sky. Her approach to living well through the use of simple and nutritious ingredients proves that beautiful meals can happen in little time. Please try the New Potato and Smoked Salmon Salad with Creamy Dill Dressing on page 241. Softcover, 358 pp., $29.00.

Power EatingCanadianPower Eating (revised & updated)
Frances Berkoff, Barb Lauer & Dr. Yves Talbot
A cookbook for the athlete or anyone seeking a healthier diet. The opening chapters have information on carbohydrates, vitamins, water and choosing the best sport for your fitness routine. The recipes include everything from snacks to supper and they're fast and easy; no magic formulas, just practical advice to keep you fit for life. $26.95.

Lighthearted Everyday CookingCanadianLighthearted Everyday Cooking
Anne Lindsay
Cooking for good health and good eating has never been so easy. Includes family dinner menus to make in 30 minutes, nutritional analysis, Canadian Diabetes Assoc. food choice values and colour illustrations. $26.95.

Anne Lindsay's Light KitchenCanadianAnne Lindsay's Light Kitchen

Anne Lindsay
Discover a new world of flavours with homemade sensibilities -- international cuisine without the fat or the fuss. Includes nutritional analysis and colour illustrations. $26.95.

CanadianAnne Lindsay's New Light Cooking

Anne Lindsay
From Canada's favourite cookbook author a sumptuous collection of delicious and unique recipes, low in fat but big in flavour and easy to prepare. Colour illustrations. $23.95.

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