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Saveur: The Way We CookSaveur: The Way We Cook
James Oseland
More photo-log than cookbook, The Way We Cook, much like Saveur magazine is almost more about people and places than it is about the recipes. As such, there are only about 49 recipes collected in this gorgeous book. The recipes themselves are quite ecclectic, coming from all around the world. Hardcover, 272 pp. $39.95.

Home Made Home Made

Yvette Van Boven
The ultimate DIY cookbook, featuring over 200 from-scratch recipes. Yvette Van Boven gives you clear step-by-step instructions and easy techniques without having to buy expensive appliances. In Home Made, winner of the Dutch Cookbook of the Year, Yvette Van Boven will show you that preparing your own food is simple. Hardcover, 429 pp. $45.00.

Grandma's German Cookbook Grandma's German Cookbook
Linn Schmidt
Traditional German cuisine is rich, enticing, delicious, and easy to make with the help of grandmas. This book includes 85 classic recipes - from soups to Sunday roasts, to desserts and holiday favorites. And then take Grandma's advice on creative uses for leftovers, the best ways to store vegetables, and how to rescue sauces and soups that have taken a turn for the worse. Enjoy the best traditional treats day after day - made in your very own kitchen! Hardcover, 195 pp. $24.00.

The Asian Grandmothers CookbookThe Asian Grandmothers Cookbook

Patricia Tanuminhardja
If you want authentic, take it from the ten asian grandmothers the author profiled and worked with to come up with some of the great and delicious recipes in this book. Have a Thai appetizer, followed by a Korean main and an Indian dessert, all recipes from family kitchens, time tested and loved for generations. Softcover, 347 pp. $30.00.

Flavor Exposed
Angela Sosa
Angelo Sosa is no stranger to global, exotic flavors. Using his intuition and his excellent palate he creates the most intriguing and satisfying recipes. This cookbook is a fresh new take on food, something we have not seen in a long time. Hardcover, 206 pp. $32.95.

Cindy's Supper ClubCindy's Supper Club

Cindy Pawlcyn
An iconic culinary figure in Napa valley, Cindy Pawlcyn is associated with Mustards Grill, Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen, and Brassica. She also hosts Cindy's Supper Club, a weekly tour-on-a-plate. While many "international" cookbooks predictably stick to France, Italy, Spain, Mexico, this one goes of the beaten path with South Africa, Georgia, Central and South America as well as the usual suspects. Even then, Pawlcyn chooses some of the lesser known dishes. Color photos. Hardcover, 287 pp. $41.00.

Jeffrey Saad's Global KitchenJeffrey Saad's Global Kitchen

Jeffrrey Saad
A star of the Cooking Channel, Jeffrey Saad brings a sampler of the world's most popular cuisines to the home kitchen. Tapas, sumac-flavored salmon, and whole tandoori chicken with mustard seed roasted potatoes are just a sample of his taste treats. Color photos. Softcover, 237 pp. $26.00.

The International Collection
Canadian Living Magazine

The Canadian Living Kitchen creates and tests many recipies every year to make sure that they turn out as beautiful in the kitchen as they would in your home.They make the recipies easy to follow with you in mind. Softcover, 288 pp.

Orchards in the Oasis Orchards in the Oasis

Josceline Dimbleby
Those looking for a book with various classic recipes from around the world are sure to enjoy Orchards in the Oasis. Josceline Dimbleby has accumulated huge volumes of recipes on her global travels and is sharing some of the most delectable selections in her new book. Indulge in a light chilled almond and garlic soup, or warm up on a cold night with oxtails braised in cider, prunes and beans. Variety proves to be the engine that powers this book as simply flipping the pages takes the reader from the Andes mountains to the rolling dunes of Morroco. Enjoy classic dishes whilst reading about culture and experience a whole new level of immersion. Hardcover, 224 pp. $45.00.

Jamie Does Spain, Italy, Sweden, France, Morocco, Greece Jamie Does Spain, Italy, Sweden, France, Morocco, Greece

Jamie Oliver
One might not think of finding Morocco and Sweden in the same cookbook but trust Jamie Oliver to mix the Mediterranean with Northern European cuisine. This is the one book where you will find pickled herring, carpaccio, lamb tagine, kefta, patatas bravas, and beetroot gravadlax all between the same covers. The accompanying photographs record finished dishes, the people, and the landscape of the various countries. Hardcover, import, 360 pp. $55.95.

Snowflakes and SchnappsSnowflakes and Schnapps

Jane Lawson
Although Jane Lawson was born into Australian warmth and sunshine, she has always hankered after cold climates, snow, and the hearty, rich food which such weather calls for. In Snowflakes and Schnapps she brings together recipes from all over the colder regions of Europe; from Germany and Northern Italy to Scandinavia, and Eastern Europe. Recipes include goulash soup with caraway dumplings, mustard roasted turkey with speck potatoes and honey sauce,and veal cutlets with wheat beer sauce and winter vegetable strudel. Warming desserts aren't forgotten either, the likes of reworked classics such as molten black forest puddings with cherry compote and kirsch cream will surely stick to the ribs, in the best way possible. Beautiful colour photography. Hardcover, 288 pp. $55.95.

Gordon Ramsay's World KitchenGordon Ramsay's World Kitchen

Gordon Ramsay
The latest offering from Gordon is full of recipes from his tv show The F Word, with each chapter covering a different area of world cuisine. The recipes from each are a blend of classic (Thai green curry) and simply reflective of the cooking style of that particular area (guinea fowl braised in cider with caramelised apples, inspired by Normandy). Full colour pictures to accompany each recipe. Hardcover, 256 pp. $43.95.

The Dumpling: A Seasonal GuideThe Dumpling: A Seasonal Guide
Wai Hon Chu
A treasury of dumpling recipes in all shapes and sizes, and with every imaginable filling, this book offers 135 seasonal dumpling recipes from all over the world. Recipes include tamales stuffed with chicken and tomatillo sauce from Mexico, bottlenecked pork and shrimp dumplings from China, and English bacon and sage roly-poly. There are even sweet offerings such as American layered apple and bread pudding and Japanese pounded rice dumplings stuffed with strawberries. Some colour photos at the centre of the book. Hardcover, 424 pp. $45.00.

Flavour: A World of Beautiful Food Flavour: A World of Beautiful Food

Vicky Bhogal
Vicky Bhogal, the author who brought us Cooking Like Mummyji, is back with treats for the eyes and appetite. Inspired by international culinary delights we are brought into a world of watermelon sushi and lime-seared tuna. This book is anyone who loves to cook and has an interest in unique cuisine. Hardcover, 224 pp. $39.95.

Sandwiches of the WorldSandwiches of the World

After looking through Sandwiches of the World you will never be able to look at another sandwich the same way again. With recipes from 108 different chefs and amazing photography by famed photographer Battman, it’s a wonderful way to dream up what could be for lunch, dinner, or even breakfast. These sandwiches are anything but ordinary and the photography is exceptional. Hardcover, 186 pp. $55.95.

1001 Foods To Die For1001 Foods To Die For

Corby Kummer
This book does it all - it is a reference for all of your favourite international culinary creations, including facsinating details about the history of the dish, tips on buying the ingredients and tips on the very best preparations. Oh, and the glossy photos are beautiful and inspiring too. Whether you need to know how to prepare Crab Cakes, Gumbo, Tabbouleh, or Tom Yum soup, this book has it. Hardcover, 960 pp. $45.00.

The Axis of Evil CookbookThe Axis of Evil Cookbook

Gill Partington
Too funny... a book with lots of delicious evil facts and recipes from the Axis of Evil countries Iraq, Iran and North Korea. It contains the favourite recipes of famous dictators (such as sheep testicles, tongue of the judge, dog stew ??!!) and then of course recipes that are a little more palatable: black bean hummus, rice pudding, baklava...there's even a recipe for 'stars and stripes salad'. It's hilarious, tongue-in-cheek and of course, political. Softcover, 231 pp. $18.99.

Culinary Cultures of EuropeCulinary Cultures of Europe

Edited by Darra Goldstein & Kathrin Merkle
A fascinating, if rather academic, read this large volume covers the culinary traits of every European country, including Scandinavia and the former USSR (including Russia). This is an anthropological treatise, not just on what these peoples eat but also what it means and the cultural significance given to food. There is an essay for each country, and a recipe or two. Very interesting for anyone interested in food or European history and culture. Colour photos. Softcover, 502 pp. $125.00.

The Melting Pot

Nadia Pendleton
Beyond the usual suspects - French, Chinese, Italian, Indian—there are some cuisines less explored - Ethiopian, Estonian. Each section features an introduction, typical flavours, ingredients to have on hand, lessons earned from each culture and finally the recipes. To try: Estonian fruit soup with vanilla cream, Ethiopian spiced lentil stew, and Caribbean plantation cinnamon beef. Colour photos. Softcover, 247 pp. $49.50.

Around the World in 80 Bites	Around the World in 80 Bites
Suni Vijayakar
In a riot of colour and flavour, Suni Vijayakar leads the cook on a tour of the world’s great food, touching down on all the continents (except Antarctica). Hardcover, 192 pp, $29.95.

Street Food from Around the WorldStreet Food from Around the World
Troth Wells
Enjoy one of these recipes standing up or make several of them for a casual dinner. Plucked from street vendors around the world Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, many of these recipes are vegetarian. All have been adapted for the Western kitchen. Softcover, 176 pp, $24.95.


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