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The Cook The Cook
Wayne Macauley
Twenty pages in and I had to stop, go in the kitchen and make something, and by the end of the book, I wanted right back out! Macauley describes the world of The Cook in incredible detail, nailing the highs and lows of working in the service industry in this deliciously dark satire. $22.00.


The Iconoclast's Guide to FoodiesThe Iconoclast's Guide to Foodies
Alexandra Parsons
With 50 entries examining some of the foodie's ultimate icons, it's the perfect way to understand the mindset of someone who strives for the tastiest, most exclusive, most sophisticated gastronomic experiences around. In another words, a show-off who loves nothing more than bleating on to a captive audience about how much they love to eat! This book examines the foibles of these food obsessives in the most entertaining way possible. Hardcover, 128 pp. $16.95.

Edible SelbyEdible Selby
Todd Selby
With Todd Selby's trademark good humor and disarmingly quirky style, Edible Selby is a celebration of the creativity and authenticity of the wonderful individuals who are bringing real food to the table. He travels all around the world taking photos, interviewing the most interesting and creative ones. Everyone in the book submitted recipes, illustrations and were interviewed. Hardcover, 293 pp. $40.00.

The Art of the Restaurateur The Art of the Restaurateur
Nicholas Lander
Nicholas Lander, acclaimed restaurant critic, reveals everything you ever wanted to know about the highs and lows of the restaurant business, presenting the untold stories of the world's best restaurateurs, from luxurious Michelin-starred restaurants to bustling neighbourhood bistros, to stylish fast-food cafes. Every story is fascinating, entertaining, and has something to tell about the creation of a successful restaurant. Hardcover, 351pp. $39.95.

Bill Wasik
Until the advent of AIDS, there were few viruses that could instill fear so quickly as the mere mention of rabies. This cultural history of rabies traces four thousand years of history, science and myth. It also demonstrates that rabies has served as a model for how modern scientists deal with emerging viruses. Hardcover, 275 pp. $27.50.

Grow the Good Life
Michele Owens
Michele Owens provides many reasons people today should garden; it's good for you, it's healthy, it's beautiful, and it makes you a happier person, among many other things. Grow the Good Life is a cleverly written ode to the vegetable garden, with personal stories and tips and tricks for the hopeful gardener. Softcover, 209 pp. $16.99.

The Onion's Great EscapeThe Onion's Great Escape

Sara Fanelli
Are you flummoxed by your worldly predicament? Overwhelmed by existential dread? Terrified by the Deep Fry? Fear not, so is the Onion. In his search for a trap door, the Onion forces us to confront our own ethics and the nature of our very existence. Facing the shadows on the cave wall, the Onion turns around, revealing a world beyond Phaidon press's high quality binding and, perhaps, closer to your hard. Hardcover, $29.95.

French Kids Eat EverythingFrench Kids Eat Everything (And Yours Can Too)

Karen LeBillion
These "French" food rules are simply an attractively presented package reminding North Americans of the rules of eating that they have forgotten in the past couple of generations.. A few of those rules: Eat when hungry not when sad; Eat family meals together; No snacking...There are a few recipes but this book is focussed on establishing a routine around eating. Softcover, 305 pp. $22.99.

Life is MealsLife is Meals

James & Kay Salter
Read up on your food history while recording your own food history. Write up new menus and comment on recipes and food combinations and pairings in your own kitchen or in your favourite restaurants. Fill this book with memories! Also available: Life is Wine. Hardcover, $14.99.

In Pursuit Of GarlicIn Pursuit Of Garlic

Liz Primeau
Michael Smith calls it his desert island vegetable, Lucy Waverman suggests how it can become whatever you want it to be and someone wrote in the windown of a greengrocer in Lautrec that a day without it was like a day without sunshine. Garlic is often the shining star to dinner. It sneaks into salads, roasts and even some desserts to the delight (and yes, sometimes even dismay) of many. In Pursuit of Garlic is a wonderful reference chronicling the history, opinions and use of this strong and delicious wonder vegetable. Softcover, 202 pp. $19.95.

An Everlasting MealAn Everlasting Meal
Tamar Adler
A bi-coastal cook who has worked at both Prune in New York and Chez Panisse in Berkley, Tamar Adler writes with common sense and insight beyond her years. In the style of M.F.K. Fisher's early books, Adler, in An Everlasting Meal, advocates for the use and reuse of ingredients and the things we make from them. The format is a collection of essays with recipes woven throughout. Hardcover, 250 pp. $28.99.

What To EatWhat To Eat

Joanna Blythman
Let curiosity get the best of you in this highly acclaimed guide of What to Eat. Joanna Blythman, investigative food journalist, fills us in on where our food comes from and how to best enjoy it. From peaches to eggs, find out where the foods you eat are produced, how they are cultivated, how things get shipped and how long they last. Full of quips and tips, you are sure to remember this reference read for years to come. Hardcover, 395 pp. $28.99.

Extra VirginityExtra Virginity
Tom Mueller
Tom Mueller, an acclaimed writer for the New Yorker, has surrounded himself with his passion for the magical olive, and through his travels and experiences has compiled a thorough and intriguing work on The Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil. This book revelas the history, and the secrets of olive oil and the olive oil industry, from its origins to the present day. Tom Mueller now lives by an olive grove in Genoa. Lucky! Hardcover, 238 pp. $30.00.

The Table Comes First The Table Comes First
Adam Gopnik
In this collection of short stories and essays, Adam Gopnik discusses the many rituals we associate with food. Including anecdotes of butchery, truffles, serving food to family and dining out, The Table Comes First is an excellent read for anyone who is a fan of culinary literature. Softcover, 317 pp. $19.95.

Just My Type Just My Type
Simon Garfield
We at The Cookbook Store have a slight obsession with fonts, and if you do too, this is the book for you! The good, the bad, and the ugly - this book includes all of them. Hardcover, 356 pp. $32.00.


Gordon M. Shepherd
Why do things taste the way they do? Gordon M. Shepherd allows us a peek into the depths of our brains, to discover what flavour actually is and how it effects us. Hardcover, 267 pp. $28.50.

Testicles: Balls in Cooking and CultureTesticles: Balls in Cooking and Culture

Blandine Vie
I never thought I would ever find myself flipping through a book strictly about male reproductive organs, but I must say, this book is quite interesting and enlightening. From mythology to method and recipes, Testicles has everything you need to know about, well, testicles! The author has also provided a humorous "lexicon of human testicular terms." Softcover, 224 pp. $41.95.

\White Trufflles In WinterWhite Trufflles In Winter

N.M. Kelby
White Truffles In Winter tells the story of extrordinary people entangled in captivating love. I loved it's great insightful writing about food. This book is an adventure into French cuisine. Hardcover, 334 pp. $29.00.


Shax Riegler
Dish celebrates the place where cuisine becomes theatre:the dinner plate. In profiling more than 800 plates, author Shax Riegler,a veteran of publications such as House Beautiful and Martha Stewart Living, provides a visual history of the "canvas"which serves as the backdrop to our daily bread. The great houses, the great decorators, trends, and technical advances through the decades meet on the colourful pages of this book. It is a work which will capture the interest of both serious collectors and those who just want to set a pretty table. Hardcover, 280 pp. $40.00.

Inbound: The Food IssueInbound: The Food Issue

While not the deep, dark storyline of a Watchmen or V for Vendetta, a food-based graphic novel was inevitable. Think about it; chefs have been branded as tyrants, and there's so much mystery about what goes on behind the facade of a restaurant. Beautifully penned and written, Inbound serves as a perfect intro to food-based graphic novels, and a great prep piece for the incoming Anthony Bourdain graphic novel. Softcover, 172 pp. $12.00.

Food Trucks Food Trucks

Heather Shouse
It used to be just hot dogs available on street corners for the public, but now the concept has expanded to included everything from tacos, to banh mi, gourmet burger to areppas. Shouse's book serves as a guide to the hungry traveller and provides profiles on tons of trucks throughout the United States. Perhaps Toronto's City Hall should take note of how it's done after their failed abysmal attempt at food carts last summer. Softcover, 202 pp, $23.00.

The Gastronomica ReaderThe Gastronomica Reader

Edited by Darra Goldstein
A "best-of" collection from the celebrated quarterly culinary journal, this entertaining book is full of personal stories, art and academia. A pleasure to handle - there's something for every food lover inside its glossy pages. Colour photos. Hardcover, 365 pp. $44.95.

Fire & Knives No. 4Fire & Knives No. 4
Tim Hayward
The 4th issue of the popular quarterly food magazine includes articles on the Top 10 Booze Moments in History, Weird and Hilarious Grocery Lists and an article dedicated to the life of a Kitchen Porter. Fans of magazines like Food Arts are sure to enjoy the magazine's slant towards the restaurant end of the food spectrum and the literary prose of every article is of utmost quality. Softcover, 100 pp. $19.95.

Fire & Knives No. 3Fire & Knives No. 3
This third installment of the British quarterly journal, Fire & Knives, is filled with intriguing articles. From editor Tim Hayward's oyster-filled exploits, to Felicity Cloake's quest for horsemeat, to a review by Catherine Phipps of single-ingredient cookbooks, this issue will keep you reading from front to back cover, non-stop! Softcover, 95 pp. $19.95.

Fire and Knives Fire and Knives
Edited by Tim Hayward
A new British quarterly food journal which aims to offer the best in British food writing, giving writers an opportunity to write interesting, in depth pieces on British food, and readers the chance to read different and intelligent food writing. Fire and Knives is edited by Tim Hayward, a frequent contributor to The Guardian and Observer Food Monthly, and their inaugural issue features writing from the likes of Matthew Fort and Tom Parker-Bowles. A Cookbook Store exclusive in Canada. Softcover, $19.99.

Last Bite; A Novel of Culinary Romance
Nancy Verde Barr
Mixing lighthearted romance with a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the world of TV cooking shows and culinary caper in Italy, Julia Child's longtime executive chef spins a delicious read. Hardcover, 308 pp. $34.95.

Neil Flambe and the Marco Polo Murders Kevin Sylvester Neil Flambe is the fictional teen wonder-chef who stars in Kevin Sylvester's food-themed mystery, who not only cooks for adoring patrons in his boutique restaurant, but also sidelines as an amateur detective. When great chefs start being murdered, Neil has to help catch the killer, before he beomes the next victim. Enjoyable fun for teen readers (and adults!). 302 pp. $12.95. Neil Flambe and the Marco Polo Murders

Kevin Sylvester
Neil Flambe is the fictional teen wonder-chef who stars in Kevin Sylvester's food-themed mystery, who not only cooks for adoring patrons in his boutique restaurant, but also sidelines as an amateur detective. When great chefs start being murdered, Neil has to help catch the killer, before he beomes the next victim. Enjoyable fun for teen readers (and adults!). 302 pp. $12.95.

Eat, Memory: Great Writers at the TableEat, Memory: Great Writers at the Table

Edited by Amanda Hesser
Edited by the former food editor at the New York Times, this book is a collection of food inspired writings from some of America's leading authors, as showcased in the New York Times. Featured are the likes of R.W.Apple Jr. and Julia Child, as well as Kiran Desai and Anna Winger. There are no pictures, but many of the pieces feature recipes from the authors. Softcover, 204 pp. $20.00.

Why Italian's Love to Talk About FoodWhy Italian's Love to Talk About Food

Elena Kostioukovitch
A.A. Gill once described the Italians as the most conservative eaters in the world; anything from outside the traditions of their own region, or even village, is considered foreign, and cooks there tend to favour Italian food over anything else the world has to offer. In this tome on Italian food Elena Kostioukovitch examines each region of Italy in minute detail to discover what makes their food and traditions different. In a culture where to speak is to speak of food, and locals are fiercely proud of regional specialities, this makes for a great foodie read. Colour photos, illustrations, maps, and menus. Hardcover, 449 pp. $44.00.

Far Flung and Well Fed: the Food Writing of R.W. Apple Jr. Far Flung and Well Fed: the Food Writing of R.W. Apple Jr.

R.W. Apple Jr.
A collection of food writing from R.W. Apple, one of the New York Times most treasured journalists and editors, and also one of the food world's most loved food writers. This collection takes in more than 50 of Apple's pieces on food, covering topics as diverse as Southern biscuits and gravy, Irish smoked salmon, and Dim Sum in Hong Kong. A great foodie read. Hardcover, 410 pp. $34.50.

Apicius Apicius
Edited by Montagud Editores
This journal of haute cuisine lives up to its own high expectations and then some. A quarterly publication that covers food from all corners of the globe. It is definitely aimed at chefs, but the serious cook will be inspired by the scope of coverage. The colour photos are stunning but it is the discussion from chefs themselves that makes the ideas leap from the pages. Softcover, 194 pp. $75.00.

Len Deighton’s Action Cook Book

Len Deighton
Famous for his Cold War era thrillers (Ipcress File), Len Deighton was also a graphic artist who wrote a “cook strip”for The Observer. Meant as a bachelor’s guide to the kitchen, The Action Cook Book is both a quirky piece of nostalgia and a useful book whose diminutive size is perfect for today’s condo kitchens. Line drawings. Hardcover, 320 pp. $21.95.

The Various Flavours of CoffeeThe Various Flavours of Coffee
Anthony Capella
If you like to sit and read in various coffeehouses around the city and ever find yourself pondering what your life could be, perhaps The Various Flavours of Coffee should be the next novel you read. The story’s main character, Robert Wallis, goes from patron to employee at a London coffeehouse, quickly finding himself intertwined in a complex cast of characters and tradition that will change his fate forever. Not for those drinking decaf. Softcover, 438 pp. $24.95.

A Homemade LifeA Homemade Life

Molly Wizenberg
Finally something tangible from Molly Wizenberg, creator of the extremely popular and stylish food blog Orangette. A Homemade Life is full of quirky and entertaining food stories, helpful tips and accompanying recipes. Not to be missed is the Buttermilk Vanilla Bean Cake with Glazed Oranges and Creme Fraiche. Softcover, 320 pp. $32.99.

Citrus and Spice Citrus and Spice

Sybil Kapoor
One of the most talented food writers around, garnering awards in the UK, but alas not as well known on this side of the Atlantic. We hope this book changes all that. The book is set up so that each chapter is one of 12 familiar flavours relating to each month of the year, eg. Nomember is Smoke, December - Spice, January - Citrus. An author worth discovering. Hardcover, 176 pp. $45.95. UK Import.

The Splendid Table’s How to Eat Supper The Splendid Table’s How to Eat Supper

Lynne Rossetto Kasper and Sally Swift
The companion book to the National Public Radio show presented by Lynne Rossetto Kasper and Sally Swift is a gem from beginning to end. Full of quotable quotes from figures historical and contemporary, advice from show guests including Paul Bertolli, Thomas Keller, and Peter Mayle, and their own tartly amusing observations, the book is a pleasure to read. The recipes offer the sort of flexibility everyone needs in their repertoire of weeknight dishes things that can be expanded, reheated, that will tempt after a hard day at work. With larger type and colourful photos, it is also a book with visual appeal. Hardcover, 338 pp. $40.00.

The Food Snob's DictionaryThe Food Snob's Dictionary: An Essential Lexicon of Gastronomical Knowledge
David Kamp
Hot on the heels of his successful United States of Arugula ($21.00), comes this serious tongue in cheek, yes, its both, informative little book on the latest buzz terms as well as seminal names eg Fernand Point. Softcover, 112 pp, $14.95.

The Last Chinese Chef The Last Chinese Chef
Nicole Mones
The author of Lost in Translation blends friendship, love, and food into a voyage of self-discovery. Drawn to China in a quest to unravel a paternity claim against her late husband combined with an assignment to write about a rising culinary star, heroine Maggie McElroy immersion in a different culture brings her a new understanding of self. Hardcover, 278 pp. $32.95.

Definitely Not Martha Stewart Definitely Not Martha Stewart
Janice Wells
This tale of starting over in the age of the domestic diva is both poignant and hilarious. For all the women who do not have Martha’s financial resources with which to begin anew, for anyone who has talked to her coffee filter, for anyone who has contemplated laying a hardwood floor before aging the wood, this book is for you. Hardcover, 192 pp. $27.95.

In Bad Taste? The Adventures and Science Behind Food Delicacies In Bad Taste? The Adventures and Science Behind Food Delicacies
Dr. Massimo Francesco Marcone
A fascinating read that is part food science and part foodie travel odyssey, Dr. Marcone recounts his research in a personable and entertaining manner. Contacted by the Discovery Channel to look into the 'legend' of Kopi Luwak coffee (the beans of which are collected from civet feces in Indonesia) and impelled by curiousity to look ever deeper into many of the world's food delicacies his findings are interesting for anyone interested in food science or just amused by the many strange edibles consumed by food lovers everywhere. Hardcover, 198 pp. $29.95.

EaterEater’s Digest
Lorraine Bodger
Jam-packed with lists (8 woods for grilling, foreign foods Americans love) quizzes and short essays on all manner of food topics, this book will provide hours of joy for any foodie. Perhaps not so arcane as Schott’s Food & Drink Miscellany ($23.95), it is equaling charming in its own way. Hardcover, 320 pp, $25.95.

Read It and Eat	Read It and Eat
Sarah Gardner
If you have always wanted to found a book club but had no idea how to begin, this is the book for you. Gardner picks the books (complete with synopsis and all publishing information), suggests questions for discussion, a subject-appropriate menu and recipes. All you have to do is choose your fellow members. Hardcover, 300 pp, $28.00.

Opera & Wine Wine in Opera Opera & Wine - Wine in Opera
Valentino Monticello
Combining the best of all worlds - art, wine, opera - London-based sommelier and consultant Valentino Monticello illustrated his book on the intersection of wine and opera with opera-scene collages created from wine labels. Hardcover, 263 pp, $150.00.

The Family Dinner The Family Dinner
Linda Sunshine and Mary Tiegreen
A glimpse into the rituals and family dinners. Poignant and often hilarious black and white photos and remembrances from popular writers. Hardcover, 112 pp. $25.95.

The Compendium of Nosh
Jack McLean
Crossing eras and geographical areas, Jack McLean wittily defines the words, both whimsical and conventional, that give shape to modern cuisine. Beginning with "a la" and ending with zythum, the dictionary-style format allows the reader to dip in and out of the book at will. Softcover, 422 pp, $18.95.


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