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Where Chefs Eat Where Chefs Eat
Various authors
Wonderfully packaged, with its trendy teal cover and graphic type treatment this is a guide you'll want to own in hardcover. It's an international guide to chefs' favourite restaurants - a facsinating take - some unconvential picks make up their picks, and range from formal dining to uber casual. Hardcover, 663 pp. $19.95.

101 Classic Cookbooks 501 Classic Recipes101 Classic Cookbooks 501 Classic Recipes
Edited by Marvin J. Taylor
Culled from the Fales Library at New York University, the 101 cookbooks represented in this book afford a romp through the authors, the everyday food, the seachanges, the dedsign of culinary life in the 20th century. Certainly not all the great cookbooks are here but 101 Classic Cookbook 501 Classic Recipes gives a representative picture of food and cookbooks in the last century. The authors include Fannie Farmer and Thomas Keller, James Beard and Rick Bayless, Alice B. Toklas and Julie Child.... Likewise the recipes represent a true melting pot of flavours from cod stuffed with oysters to Swiss steak. Photos of the covers and inside design illustrate how cookbooks evolved over the course of 100 years. Hardcover, 688 pp. $50.00.

Pure VanillaPure Vanilla

Shauna Sever
With a complete history of vanilla from orchid to extract, Pure Vanilla provides origins and tasting notes for all of today's varieties - plus 80 recipes and dozens of photographs. Also included are recipes for Homemade Vanilla Extract, Vanilla Sugar, and Vanilla-Infused Liquors. Hardcover, 159 pp. $24.95.

What Einstein Kept Under His HatWhat Einstein Kept Under His Hat

Robert L. Wolke
The follow up to What Einstein Told His Cook continues to unravel the scientific mysteries off the seemingly easy tasks of shopping for, cooking, and eating food. Combining wit and wisdom, Robertl. Wolke, a professor emeritus of chemistry, explains what the Maillard reaction, egg grading, unbleached flour, and other commonplace kitchen occurences and ingredients make to our daily meals. Softcover, 464 pp. $17.00.

Starting a Food Truck BusinessStarting a Food Truck Business

Alan Philips
Ever dreamed of opening up a food truck? What an exciting and fulfilling life it could be, but how do you do it? Starting a Food Truck Business - The Complete Idiot's Guide is the perfect tool. Know how to plan, finance, prepare and maintain your food truck. With a little work and a lot of love, your dream is now within reach. Softcover, 280 pp. $21.00.

The Kitchen as LaboratoryThe Kitchen as Laboratory

Cesar Vega, Job Ubbink & Erik Van der Linden
Let Vega, Ubbink and Van der Linden, three culinary industry professionals, take you on a journey towards demystifying the science of food. Well researched and masterfully written, The Kitchen as Laboratory brings science and chemistry down to a comprehensive level. Praised by chefs and readers alike, this book will offer a new look, and multiple essays, on the science and chemistry of food. Hardcover, 312 pp. $34.50.

Cooking For GeeksCooking For Geeks

Jeff Potter
Cooking For Geeks explains some of the finer, more scientific aspects of cooking. Detailing popular, yet sometimes misunderstood techniques like sous-vide, transglutaminase and hydrocolloid spherification, Potter separates myth from truth while simplifying methods for the everyday person to understand. Those who enjoyed Harold McGee's On Food and Cooking should take a look at Cooking for Geeks. Softcover, 412 pp. $37.95.

The Keys to Good CookingKeys to Good Cooking

Harold McGee
To have Keys to Good Cooking on your counter-top is to have access to decades upon decades of culinary experience at your disposal. Never again will you wonder why your cake didn't rise, or why your scones are able to double as hockey pucks. McGee prevents you from making the same mistake twice, and in this economy, isn't it a good idea to only have to start over once? Think of anything that could possibly go wrong in a kitchen, and odds are high that you'll find it whilst perusing the diverse index at the back of the book. Hardcover, 554 pages, $42.00.

Ruhlman's TwentyRuhlman's Twenty
Michael Ruhlman
Acclaimed cookbook author Michael Ruhlman delivers his next book as a follow-up and companion to his previous "Ratio". Ruhlman dedicates his book to 20 techniques and principles that he deems invaluable to cuisine. Ranging from simple concepts like the importance of salt, to the many ways in which butter makes food delicious, Ruhlman's simple and personable writing style provide the perfect teaching companion for the eager cook. $45.00.

Ideas in FoodIdeas in Food
Aki Kamozawa
Derived from the hugely popular "Ideas in Food" online blog, Kamozawa and Talbot have compiled an extremely well-rounded and complete reference guide to cooking. Split down the middle, with recipes for the more casual cook and a section on hydrocolloids, liquid nitrogen and transglutaminase (see: Molecular Gastronomy), one would find themselves more than willing to purchase only a single section for the full retail price; getting both is absolutely a bonus. Fans of the online blog will feel right at home with the book as the writing style has been seamlessly translated onto paper. Sure to be a hit with professionals and casual cooks. An absolute pleasure to have on cookbook shelves everywhere. Hardcover, 320 pp. $28.95.


Mark Bitterman
Mark Bitterman fights back against the recent tribulations that salt is bad and the growing trend of low-sodium diets. Salted is a guide to the hundreds of varieties of salt found in the world and the specific effects each type has on your food. Recipes are included that showcase and utilize salt in fabulous ways that go much further than the shaker on your dinner table. He makes bacon and eggs on a heated block of Red Himalayan Salt and offers a terrific recipe on salt-baking. An intriguing read, I guarantee you will not think of salt in the same way after you put this book down. Hardcover, 312 pp. $40.00.

The Flavor ThesaurusThe Flavour Thesaurus

Niki Segnit
It's no secret that every cook aspires to one day be able to forgo recipes in favor of self-envisioned culinary creations. It's true that it takes time and experience to gather enough know-how and confidence to achieve that level of expertise, but Niki Segnit's Flavor Thesaurus is sure to accelerate your growth as a creative and original cook in your own kitchen. Food pairings are highlighted and then described in greater detail so that in essence the book is not just telling you what ingredients go together well; it is slowly teaching you so that eventually the information is second nature and creating your own recipes and improvising is that much easier. Hardcover, 399 pp. $33.50.

12,167 Kitchen and Cooking SecretsCanadian12,167 Kitchen and Cooking Secrets

Susan Sampson
From Susan Sampson, food editor and writer at the Toronto Star, comes this book chock full of hints and tips for the home cook. The range of topics covered take in everything from tools (how to oil a wood cutting board, 17 uses for an ice cube tray) pantry basics, (information and recipes), cooking techniques (how to make a roux), and food safety (what to do during a power failure). There is a section on advice to ignore, which is also very helpful, and with 12, 167 tips in total, this makes a great addition to the reference section of the cook's bookshelf. Softcover, 704 pp. $27.95.

100 Words for Foodies100 Words for Foodies

American Heritage Dictionaries
A collection of foodie words and terms, along with explanations of exactly what they mean - from ingredients such as orzo (a pasta which is shaped like a grain of rice) to dishes such as junket (a dessert made from flavoured milk and rennet). There are also word histories and recipes to accompany many entries. No pictures. Softcover, 86 pp. $7.95.

The Deluxe Food Lover’s Companion The Deluxe Food Lover’s Companion
Sharon Tyler Herbst and Ron Herbst
The popular handbook for all things culinary is now glitzed up for gift-giving with hardcover and gold-tipped pages. In addition to the usual alphabetical listings, there are 40 glossaries for specific topicseg appetizers, apples, cocktails, potatoes, chiles. There are also “fast facts” scattered throughout with tips and extra information. Of course, there are also the excellent appendices at the back with weighs and measures conversion, English/American term translation, temperature guides and more. Limited illustrations Hardcover, 794 pp. $35.99.

Not strictly a cookbook but chock full of helpful hints and tips for home, office, decorating, entertaining, and even stocking your pantry. There are some recipes, kitchen techniques, a table of substitutions, and ingenious alternative uses for everyday items in your home (such as the McGiver worthy pie-plate from aluminum foil and a paper clip). Lots of clever, and thrifty, tips and ideas. Real Simple: Solutions
Real Simple Magazine
Not strictly a cookbook but chock full of helpful hints and tips for home, office, decorating, entertaining, and even stocking your pantry. There are some recipes, kitchen techniques, a table of substitutions, and ingenious alternative uses for everyday items in your home (such as the McGiver worthy pie-plate from aluminum foil and a paper clip). Lots of clever, and thrifty, tips and ideas. Softcover, $24.95.

How to Slice an OnionHow to Slice an Onion
Bunny Crumpacker
This is a charming book full of helpful kitchen tips, interesting facts about food history, cooking techniques de-mystified for the beginner cook, and lots of recipes besides. Crumpacker's book makes cooking accessible and interesting, and very inviting and straightforward for the beginner. This book isn't flashy (there are no pictures save for some black and white illustrations) but it is honest and useful, and isn't that so much better? Hardcover, 303 pp. $32.99.

Starting & Running Your Own Small Farm BusinessStarting & Running Your Own Small Farm Business

Sarah Beth Aubrey
From developing a business plan to searching for financial assistance to product pricing, here is a blueprint for would-be farmers. As this is an American publication, the financial assistance section will not be so useful for Canadians. However the less specific advice is still worthwhile. Black and white photos. Softcover, 175 pp. $26.95.

Japanese Kitchen KnivesJapanese Kitchen Knives

Hiromitsu Nozaki
For those who have not had the pleasure in using a Japanese knife you are missing a treat. This book covers the three main traditional knives , the usuba, the deba, and yanagiba. Using everyday vegetables and rainbow trout the book illustrates usage and technique using full colour photos. Hardcover, 160 pp. $40.95.

Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants, Second edition
Bradford Angier, revision by David Foster
Although this edition was published last year it is a classic that is noteworthy when more and more people are searching out natures bounty. Full colour drawings of all the plants. Softcover, 282 pp. $31.95.

The Forager Handbook The Forager Handbook

Miles Irving
This is a UK book but much of the information is applicable here and the discussion on the basics of foraging is invaluable. Could we see a North American version? We hope so. Hardcover, 406 pp. $65.00.

Texture Pro

Heiko Antoniewicz
This starter set for molecular gastronomy is something one can do at home. It includes 10 texturizers as well as an accompanying book, which is excellent for its simplicity and visual step by step photos. The book has 50 recipes and the Raspberry Gum with Mint Pesto is on our list to try! Introductory price of $75.00.

The Kitchen Linens BookThe Kitchen Linens Book

EllynAnne Geisel
A cache of household linens found in her mother-in-law’s apartment moved EllynAnne Geisel to tell the story of the almost-lost world of monogrammed damask, Madeira and cutwork linens, of embroidered dresser scarves and tea towels and the women who used them. The book includes a vintage Butterick transfer pattern so you can make your own heirloom linens. Heavily illustrated. Hardcover, 142 pp. $24.50.

The Apron Book The Apron Book
EllynAnne Geisel
Did your mother wear an apron? Odds are, that if she did, Geisel has written about the particular cut and style in this book. Learn everything you didn’t realize you wanted to know about aprons from EllynAnne Geisel and find numerous patterns and methods for creating your very own. Book includes a vintage transfer pattern for a Basic Bib apron.Hardcover, 139 pp. $19.95.

Wild Food Wild Food

Ray Mears
Though not a cookbook this is inspiring for cooks as it traces our hunter/gatherer/foraging history almost as a lost art. Chapters on Foraging, Hunting, Fungi and how the past relates to present is engaging and very readable. Hardcover, 352 pp. $45.95.

Flavor Bible Flavor Bible

Page & Dornenburg
This dynamic duo writes some of the best reference books around. Whether a professional or home cook, you need their books on your book shelf. Remember Becoming a Chef ($32.95), Culinary Artistry ($32.95) and What to Drink With What you Eat ($46.00). This latest tome brings it all together under the banner of flavour and they don't disappoint. Hardcover, 380 pp. $38.00.

Science of Good Food
Joachim & Schloss
Don't quite understand all this molecular gastronomy stuff but too afraid to ask? Check out the entry in this extremely useful reference book and all will become clear without having grade 12 sciences. 1,600 entries to keep you informed and up to speed on the why's and how's of cooking.
Softcover, 624 pp, $37.95.

Things Cooks Love

Marie Simmons
Veteran cookbook author Marie Simmons teams up with the great purveyor of culinary equipment to create a book that highlights cook’s tools. From sauté pans to more obscure pieces such as the chitarra, the guitar-like wire-strung frame used to make rustic pastas, each entry offers tips for use, how to care for it, and possible alternatives. Of course there are recipes for each. Colour photos. Softcover, 342 pp. $39.00.

Williams-Sonoma Tools & TechniquesWilliams-Sonoma Tools & Techniques
Foreword by Thomas Keller
It all boils down to what to buy and how to use it.The first section of this heavily illustrated book offers a guide to the best equipment as perceived by Williams-Sonoma. The second section shows how to deploy all that fine equipment to best advantage. Colour photos. Hardcover, 350 pp, $34.95.

1001 Foods To Die For1001 Foods To Die For

Corby Kummer
This book does it all - it is a reference for all of your favourite international culinary creations, including facsinating details about the history of the dish, tips on buying the ingredients and tips on the very best preparations. Oh, and the glossy photos are beautiful and inspiring too. Whether you need to know how to prepare Crab Cakes, Gumbo, Tabbouleh, or Tom Yum soup, this book has it. Hardcover, 960 pp. $45.00.

The Basics: The Foundations of Modern CookingThe Basics: The Foundations of Modern Cooking
Filip Verheyden
This is a perfect little book for teaching you how to master core techniques, such as cooking techniques (roasting, grilling, how to confit) cutting techniques (how to brunoise and julienne) how to make various stocks, soups and sauces, how to bake bread, pastries, even how to make potato foam (?!)... you name it, it's in here. Each technique is accompanied by a beautiful photo and the book itself has elegant gilded pages. Hardcover, 320 pp. $31.95.

The New Food Lover’s Companion  The New Food Lover’s Companion 

Fourth Edition bySharon Tyler Herbst and Ron Herbst
Once again, the Companion starts with abalone and ends with zwieback. There are approximately 700 new entries covering ethnic and exotic ingredients and techniques. Among the useful features are the conversion charts covering British terminology, pan sizes, and microwave. A must for both beginners and seasoned cooks. Sharon Tyler Herbst who began writing the Food Lover’s Companion in 1988 died in early 2007. Softcover, 829 pp. $16.99.


The Best Kitchen Quick TipsThe Best Kitchen Quick Tips
Editors of Cook’s Illustrated
From almond paste on the first page to zucchini on the final page, these 534 tips, illustrated by line drawings, will improve your performance in the kitchen. Softcover, 402 pp, $27.95.


What's a Cook to Do?What's a Cook to Do?
James Peterson
A consummate culinary teacher, James Peterson has the answers to almost 500 questions from how to shuck oysters to how to tell if egg whites are sufficiently aerated. What sets this chunky little book apart from other how-to books is its colour step-by-step photos. James Peterson is also the author of  Sauces and Splendid Soup, each $53.99 Hardcover, 422 pp. $18.95.


The Food EncyclopediaCanadianThe Food Encyclopedia
Jacques Rolland & Carol Sherman
From biographies of authors & inventors to kitchen utensils to fruits & vegetables as well as foreign language cooking terms, this is a useful reference book for the shelf. Not too dry and serious that you wont find it fun to dip into and read. Hardcover, 701 pp $49.95.

Spice: Flavors of the Eastern MediterraneanThe Oxford Companion to Food
Second Edition
Alan Davidson, Tom Paine editor
The late Alan Davidson worked 20 years on the original magnum opus (1999). This updated second edition has over 72 new entries written by writers Harold McGee and Rachel Laudan. A serious book on food and food history. Hardcover, 907 pp. $75.00.

The Cook's CompanionThe Cook's Companion
Whether your taste is for fois gras or fry ups, this tasty compilation of the wise, the weird and the faintly absurd will soon have you asking for more. This cute little book is an essential ingredient in any kitchen and is boiling over with foodie facts, fiction, science, history and trivia. 160 pp. $19.95.

How to Break an Egg
Editors, Contributors, and Readers of Fine Cooking
Fine Cooking has gathered 1,453 kitchen tips, food fixes, emergency substitutions and handy techniques from a wide range of collected wisdom. There is enough information in these pages even for the sceptic who feels they know all the tricks. A great reference manual. Also included are 42 techniques, illustrated step by step in full colour. Hardcover, 394 pp, $26.95.

On Food & CookingOn Food & Cooking: The Science & Lore of the Kitchen
Harold McGee
A fascinating book that explains how and why cooking works, with historical and literary anecdotes and mind-boggling photos of food taken through an electron microscope. A true classic for foodies and armchair scientists alike. Hardcover, 684 pages. $58.00.

Culinary ArtistryCulinary Artistry
Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page
A classic since its publication in 1996. The authors interviewed 30 top American chefs - Gray Kunz, Rich Bayless, the Jean-Louis Palladin, and Alice Waters among them - to discover the sources of their inspiration. For us mere mortals the food matches section is invaluable. Softcover, 426 pp, $43.95.

The Kitchen HandThe Kitchen Hand
Anthony Telford
Published in Australia, this pocket compendium, while not as comprehensive as The New Food Lover's Companion ($21.00), offers a more personal interpretation of various food terms and procedures. Softcover, $16.95.


Alton Brown’s Gear For Your KitchenAlton Brown's Gear For Your Kitchen
Alton Brown
The popular host of Good Eats and James Beard Foundation award-winning author brings us his latest offering – a well-constructed guide to essential kitchen gear. Instead of listing the expensive, cutting edge tools most favour, Brown provides with a selection of tools he actually uses, with explanations of why and how he uses them (often in a very MacGyver-like fashion). Hardcover, 255pp., $43.95.

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Répertoire de La CuisineRépertoire de La Cuisine
Louis Saulnier
A reference for classic French culinary terms. A slim volume often found in the tool boxes of chefs and culinary students alike. $18.95.

Resource Guide for Food WritersResource Guide for Food Writers
Gary Allen





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