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Allergy-Free and Easy CookingAllergy-Free and Easy Cooking
Cybele Pascal
Allergy-free cooking without feeling like you're missing out on all the good stuff! Cybelle Pascal has taken a compforting approach to allergy-free cooking so you don't have to give up your favourites, like Chili Mac, Shepherd's Pie, and Beef Stroganoff with Buttery Noodles. Generous amounts of spices create deep and flavourfull dishes. Subsituitions for dairy, eggs, gluten, wheat and other common allergens are used throughout the book to replace familiar tastes. Softcover, 176 pp. $26.00.

Learning to Bake Allergen-FreeLearning to Bake Allergen-Free
Collette Martin
A crash course for busy parents on baking without wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs, soy or nuts.Those on restricted diets will find a variety of recipes once thought out of reach now within their grasp. Certain replacements are swaped in to help recipes come together such as using egg replacer, flaxseed gel, and hemp milk. Helpful tips are plentiful and there to provide novice bakers with all the encouragement needed to get started. Softcover, 274 pp. $23.95.

Artisanal Gluten-Free CupcakesArtisanal Gluten-Free Cupcakes
Kelli Bronski
All you need to start making your own artisanal gluten-free cupcakes is to mix up your own artisanal gluten-free flour blend. The blend is straight-forward and the Bronski's provide detailed information on the how's and why's to putting it together. After that, the book provides 50 scrumptious-looking cupcake creations, all from scratch. Helpful tips abound for making dairy-free, egg-free, and refined sugar-free versions too. Softcover, $19.95.

Unbelievably Gluten-Free!Unbelievably Gluten-Free!

Anne Byrn
Anne Byrn has created a book full of dinner dishes you never thought you'd be able to eat again - all the comfort foods you crave for the whole family to enjoy together. This book has recipes for breakfast and brunch, snacks, soups, stews, bread, main dishes and desserts. Softcover, 374 pp. $21.95.

The Gluten-Free TableThe Gluten-Free Table

Jilly & Jessie Lagasse
Jilly & Jessie Lagasse, daughters of Emeril Lagasse, grew up with a father known for his rich Creole-style cooking. Years later, they were diagnosed with gluten intolerance and were not able to enjoy the dishes they grew up loving. After years of experimentation, inventiveness and perseverance, these sisters discovered that they did not have to give up what they loved! This book offers over a hundred delicious gluten-free recipes. Hardcover, 230 pp. $28.99.

Small Plates & Sweet TreatsSmall Plates & Sweet Treats

Aran Goyoaga
The creator of the award-winning blog Canelle et Vanille shares her fabulous original gluten-free recipes for savory dishes and sweet treats. Hardcover, 296 pp. $32.99.

The Guilt-Free GourmetThe Guilt-Free Gourmet

Jordan & Jessica Bourke
Brother and sister team, Jordan and Jessica Bourke are experts in nutrition though to look through Guilt-Free Gourmet, you can see they're passion for food extends beyond health. This beautifully produced book (amazing photgraphs and artfull layout) has new and old favourites but balances out what would normally be carloie-laden with ingridients like butterbeans in the sausage 'n' mash and making a seemingly decedant lasagna, gluten-free. Hardcover, 140 pp. $28.95.

The Tastes of AyurvedaThe Tastes of Ayurveda

Amrita Sondhi
Cleanse your body with the Ayurvedic Diet. Use those spices and herbs to purify your blood, regulate your metabolism and boost your collagen to maintain skin elasticity. Written by the author of The Modern Ayurvedic Cookbook, Amrita Sondhi has once again put together a delightful and useful cookbook full of recipes to please all. Softcover, 405 pp. $25.95.

Gluten-Free 101Gluten-Free 101

Perrin Davis
In today's world there seems to be gluten in everything! It's in many brands of vanilla extract, some shredded types of provolone and in some store bought pestos. Gluten-Free 101 gives plenty of wonderful suggestions to different brand choices that are gluten-free, safe and delicious, along with perfectly useful tips and kitchen tricks for both the beginner gluten-free cook, not to mention the wonderful and inventive recipes gracing each page. Softcover, 172 pp. $22.95.

The Gluten-Free CookbookThe Gluten-Free Cookbook

Fiona Hunter
Prepare to be dazzled and amazed by the phenomenal Gluten-Free Cookbook. Learn all there is to know about gluten-free flours and grains, how to keep a gluten safe household and how to make a variety of wonderful dishes and desserts that you never thought was possible. The Gluten-Free Cookbook starts you out with basic info, tips and staple recipes followed by great breakfast recipes, snacks, mains and beautiful desserts. Hardcover, 352 pp. $28.00.

Great Gluten-Free Vegan EatsGreat Gluten-Free Vegan Eats
Allyson Kramer
Great Gluten-Free Vegan Eats is a "game changer" for vegans who follow a gluten-free diet. No longer do they need to choose between their health needs and their dietary preferences. Indeed, dishes like rosemary, leek, & potato pie and baked corn pudding are enough to make even bread-loving carnivores like myself hungry. Softcover, 220 pp. $23.99.

Easy-to-Swallow Easy-to-Chew CookbookEasy-to-Swallow Easy-to-Chew Cookbook

Donna L. Weihofen
If you have difficulty chewing and swallowing, nutritionist and University of Wisconsin lecturer Donna L. Weihofen provides a wonderful array of easy to chew recipes, with a variety of flavours and textures. Don't limit yourself, enjoy your meals without difficulty and without sacrificing wonderful tastes. Softcover, 250 pp. $19.99.

The Dash Diet CookbookThe Dash Diet Cookbook

Mariza Snyder
The Dash Diet: Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension promises help with three dietary issues: weight loss; the prevention of diabetes; lowering of blood pressure. Packed with information, this small book also features recipes for popular dishes such as fish tacos, spice-rubbed salmon, cilantro and lime brown rice, and tempting fruit-based desserts. Hardcover, 280 pp. $16.95.

Canada's Diabete Meals for Good Health Canada's Diabetes Meals for Good Health

Karen Graham
From the test kitchens of Dietitian and Diabetes Educator Karen Graham comes the all improved and completely delicious second edition of Canada's Diabetes Meals for Good Health. Graham takes her know how and her passion to the table with this fully comprehensive new edition of a staple cookbook for the whole family. Softcover, 320 pp. $29.95.

The Gluten-Free Vegan The Gluten-Free Vegan
Susan O'Brien
For gluten sensitive and intolerant vegans, cooking healthy and delicious meals can be difficult and time consuming. Susan O'Brien aims to make these days a thing of the past and, in The Gluten Free Vegan, she does just that. Offering up 150 easy, fast, and flavourful recipes, O'Brien turns what once was a chore into a delight! Softcover, 192 pp. $20.50.

The Dairy-Free and Gluten-Free KitchenThe Dairy-Free and Gluten-Free Kitchen

Denise Jardine
Boy do some of these recipes seem absolutely fantastic! The Dairy-free and Gluten-Free Kitchen contains the secrets to complete satisfaction what with their Peppered Pork Tenderloin in Mustard Cream Sauce and their take on Classic French Toast. Softcover, 201 pp. $22.99.

The Intolerant Gourmet: Glorious Food Without Gluten & LactoseThe Intolerant Gourmet: Glorious Food Without Gluten & Lactose

Barbara Kafka
This great cookbook provides descriptive recipies of savory foods that are welcomed to people who are either gluten or lactose intolerant. The food in the cookbook ranges from perfectly poached eggs for breakfast to tender pork chops for dinner. It is a very helpful book and is very easy to follow. No images. Hardcover, 239 pp. $34.95.

Where Do I Start? Your Essential Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, and sugar-Free Food Allergy Cookbook

Victoria Yeh
It's a bit of mouthful title, but this way you know what it's about. This is a self-published book from a local Toronto author and whilst it doesn't have the glamour of production it does prove a great resource for those with dietary restrictions. Softcover, 180 pp. $24.95.

250 Gluten-Free Favorites250 Gluten-Free Favorites
Donna Washburn
Choose from 250 fantastic gluten free recipes when it comes to your dinner tonight! Readers with multiple allergies will appreciate the inclusion of dairy-free, egg-free and white sugar-free options within some recipes. Softcover, 413 pp. $27.95.

Great Gluten-Free BakingGreat Gluten-Free Baking

Louise Blair
Louise Blair provides 80 excellent recipes for wonderful sweets on a gluten-free diet. Just because flour is off limits, doesn't mean cakes are a lost cause; numerous recipes include chocolate cake and light and airy cupcakes. Put out of your mind previous encounters with hard, dry gluten-free baked goods and indulge in confections that are truly tantalizing and delectable. Softcover, 144 pp. $17.99.

The Divvies Bakery Cookbook The Divvies Bakery Cookbook

Lori Sandler
Food allergies can drive sane cooks, especially bakers, to distraction. This book covers no nuts, no dairy, no eggs. Recipes are also good for vegans. Hardcover, 156 pp. $31.00.

The Diabetic Pastry ChefThe Diabetic Pastry Chef

Stacey Harris
Stacey Harris demonstrates that there are many different approaches to satisfying the diabetic sweet tooth. Some recipes are low fat/low carb, some are high fat/low carb, while still others use exchanges. Unlike many diabetic dessert books some of the recipes have real butter and real sugar rather than Splenda and shortening or "butter spreads". That said, some do call for branded products that will be hard to find in Canada. Hardcover, 272 pp. $32.95.

The Gluten-Free Cookbook for KidsThe Gluten-Free Cookbook for Kids

Adriana Rabinovitch
A gluten free diet can be especially hard for children, when all of their friends can eat pizza and cake and they're resrticted to gluten free foods. Aware of this fact Adriana Rabinovich decided to create recipes for child friendly food which are also gluten free. Dishes such as fish fingers, macaroni and cheese, tomato soup, and chocolate chip cookies are all bound to delight kids and can still be enjoyed by those on a special diet. No photos. 224 pp. $25.95.

You Don't Have to be Diabetic to Love this CookbookYou Don't Have to be Diabetic to Love this Cookbook

Tom Valenti
Better known for his New York restaurants Ouest and The West Branch, but don't overlook his abilities as a cookbook author. We loved his first two books (Soups, Stews and other One Pot Meals; Welcome to My Kitchen). The title does get the point across, this is a terrific book for those who are not diabetic. Diabetic does not mean you have to be resigned to boring meals and Valenti should know being a diabetic himself the last 14 years. Softcover, 248 pp. $26.95.

Choice Menus for One or TwoChoice Menus for One or Two
Marjorie Hollands & Margaret Howard
A great resource of recipes and menu ideas for the whole family not just those with diabetes. The handy flip pages allow mixing and matching with ease to create a plethora of choices. Howard and Hollands have long been the go to Canadian authors on this topic. Coil-bound, 207 pp. $26.95.

Sharing Sweet SecretsSharing Sweet Secrets: Gluten & Wheat Free
Pamela Moriarty
Here are gluten-free desserts that look tempting even to those who do not have a gluten problem. Even better, many of these desserts, particularly the fruit-based dishes, do not require hard-to-find ingredients. Other recipes call for commercial gluten-free flour, rice flour. Softcover, 168 pp, $19.95.

The Complete Book of Diabetic CookingThe Complete Book of Diabetic Cooking
Bridget Jones
Featuring expert nutritional information - including the glycemic index, this book gives Type I and Type II diabetics the support they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The recipes demonstrate how to eat widely while keeping blood sugars at an even level. Spicy chick[ea and aubergine stew, griddled loin of lamb with barley risotto, and mango and lime fool are typical recipes. Colour photos. Hardcover, 256 pp. $36.99.

Allergy-Free CookbookAllergy-Free Cookbook

Alice Sherwood
This is for all those suffering with multiple food sensitivies, and especially those cooking for children with allergies. Family friendly, easy, and often quick there are recipes here that are, at a minimum, either egg, dairy, nut, or gluten-free. In fact, most of the recipes don't have any of these common trigger foods with just a suggested substitute or two. Colour photos. Hardcover, 224 pp. $30.00.

The Gluten-Free Vegetarian KitchenThe Gluten-Free Vegetarian Kitchen
Donna Klein
With the number of food allergies on the rise more people are choosing to eliminate common triggers, like gluten, from their diet. Vegetarians are no exception. This is a welcome book given that so many equate vegetarianism with eating lots of wheat in the form of bread and pasta. Full of tasty but never diffcult recipes, many of which will suit vegans, this is a great choice for vegetarians in general looking for some new ideas to try. Nutritional information is available for each dish, but sadly, no photos. Softcover, 212 pp. $23.50.

The Hepatitis C CookbookThe Hepatitis C Cookbook

Heather Jeanne
Using her restaurant background and experience in caring for a Hepatitis C patient, Heather Jeanne provides simple but tasty solutions for people coping with dietary restrictions and a compromised immune system. Built on organic ingredients, the dishes range from turkey chili, no-fry oven chicken, and cream of tomato soup to bread pudding and berry cheesecake. No photos. Softcover, 152 pp. $21.95.

Complete Gluten-Free CookbookComplete Gluten-Free Cookbook
Donna Washburn
A terrific gluten free recipe collection with wonderful breads (both for a machine and hand-made), great desserts (Shirley's Old Fashioned Donuts will make your mouth water), and easy mains. A guide to the gluten-free pantry (and also mostly lactose-free too) is helpful for anyone new to this unique and often challenging dietary restriction. Many of the recipes also have egg-free variations as well. Colour plates. Softcover, 317 pp. $27.95.

Low Salt FavouritesLow Salt Favourites

Bobbie Mostyn
If your doctor has sentenced you to a low-salt diet and your starting to panic you can relax - there are plenty of great tasting recipes that cut the sodium but not the flavour. This book has 300 of them, plus plenty of hints, tips, and advice on eliminating salt from your diet and staying satisfied. There is a nutritional breakdown for each recipe, and the salt and fat amounts in each ingredient. Softcover, 288 pp. $26.95.

The Eating Well Diabetes Cookbook The Eating Well Diabetes Cookbook

Joyce Hendley
Trust Eating Well magazine to put out such a useful diabetic cookbook. There are plenty of delicious dishes with easy to follow recipes, the dietary advice is straightforward, and there are even helpful menu suggestions. Of course, each recipe specifies the diabetic exchanges per serving along with other nutritional information. A great choice for the recently diagnosed, families with diabetics, and those just worried about controlling their blood sugar. Hardcover, 336 pp. $42.00.

The Gluten-Free CookbookThe Gluten-Free Cookbook
Few gluten-free cookbooks have photos, so if you have to have some visual content then you will certainly like this. The recipes are for everyday favourites like fishcakes, pizza, and banana bread. If you just recently eliminated gluten from your diet or occasionally cook for a gluten-free friend of family member this is a good choice, as you won't really notice there is no flour - many of the recipes are for things that don't contain gluten anyway. Colour photos. Hardcover, 124 pp. $14.95.

The Everday Diabetes Cookbook
Stella Bowling
A new diabetic cookbook published in cooperation with the Canadian Diabetes Association, this a great choice for everyday, family cooking but it also has a helpful section on holiday cooking. Of course, each recipe has a complete nutritional breakdown and the food choice values. Softcover, 176 pp. $24.95.

All New Complete Step-by-Step Diabetic Cookbook
Simple, familiar family favourites compiled for diabetics complete with nutritional information and food exchanges. There are also helpful tips on eating at restaurants as a diabetic and other menu planning hints. Binder, 368 pp. $26.95.

501 Delicious Diabetic Recipes

Easy recipes for everyday or entertaining for the family suitable for diabetics. Each dish includes nutritional info and food exchanges. Also includes a handy chart on sugar substitutes you can use to alter existing recipes you might have. Binder, 480 pp. $26.95.

No Wheat……No Problem! CanadianNo Wheat……No Problem!
Dr. Corrie Ann Matrie
Macaroni and cheese, strawberry-rhubarb pie and brownies are among the celiac-safe comfort foods featured here. Covered spiral nound, 172 pp, $24.95.

Eureka! Cookbook Eureka! Cookbook
Caroline Harkins, Sunshine Ackerman & Steven Ackerman, photographer
Using mainly rice flours and ground nuts, Caroline Harkins Caroline Harkins has adapted local and international dishes from butter tarts to Madrasi dahl for those who must avoid wheat and gluten. Colour photos. Softcover, 172 pp, $18.95.

Hypertension Cookbook Hypertension Cookbook
American Medical Association
Though low in fat and salt, these recipes, based on the DASH diet(dietary approaches to stop hypertension), have no hint of deprivation about them. Pointers on lowering salt and fat consumption, choosing ingredients, and making lifestyle changes make this a manual on healthy living as well as a cookbook. Colour photos. Softcover, 143 pp, $26.95.

Best of Choice MenusBest of Choice Menus
Marjorie Hollands and Margaret Howard
For the first time in large print, a selection of recipes from Canada’s most reliable diabetes books. Diabetic or not, dieters will find the menus for 75, 150, and 300 calorie snacks a useful guide. No photos. Paper, 248 pp, $26.99.

Company's Coming Diabetic DinnersCanadianCompany's Coming Diabetic Dinners
Jean Pare
Each of these quick family favourites offers both a full nutritional breakdown and the diabetic "choices." Those diabetics who dislike sugar substitutes will want to try Pare's low-sugar desserts – perhaps chilled oatmeal bars or date and orange loaf. Colour photos Paper, 159 pp, $19.99.

Super Sweet Treats For DiabeticsSuper Sweet Treats For Diabetics
Mary Jane Finsand & Karen Cadwell, PhD., RN
You can still indulge if you're diabetic with these sweetly satisfying and tasty recipes! Softcover, 255 pp. $15.95.


The Lactose-Free Family CookbookCanadianThe Lactose-Free Family Cookbook
Jan Main
Main has retooled 150 great recipes that rely on dairy products, and the alternatives are just as simple and delicious as the original recipes, while still providing calcium that can be lost without butter, milk or cheese. Colour photos. Please try the Orange Pancakes on page 76. Softcover, 218 pp. $19.95.

The Gluten-Free Gourmet Makes DessertThe Gluten-Free Gourmet Makes Dessert
Bette Hagman
This great book offers gluten-free dessert recipes, many of which call for food substitutes generally available in health food stores. For those of you not fortunate to have a specialized store nearby, the author has created simpler recipes that only utilize common baking ingredients. What to bake: the Gingered Rhubarb Tart on page 239. Softcover, 348 pp. $24.00.

Quick Cooking For DiabetesCanadianQuick Cooking For Diabetes
Reader's Digest Canada
Another great resource for those looking to create tasty, healthy meals to control their diabetes. Softcover, 144 pp. $29.95.

The Canadian Type 2 Diabetes Sourcebook
CanadianThe Canadian Type 2 Diabetes Sourcebook
M. Sara Rosenthal
This is the only Canadian book on Type 2 Diabetes, and is full of concise information about the disease and resources in your community. It allows you to make lifestyle changes that will keep you healthy. 366 pages. $29.99.

Everyday Wheat-Free & Gluten Free Cookbook
Michelle Berriedale-Johnson
There are many baked goods using rice and chickpea flour. Main courses include a recipe for wheat-free homemade pasta. $22.95.

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