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Stephane Reynaud
From this best-selling French author comes a celebration of all things grilled, seared and baked. More than 150 irresistible recipes including tender cutlets, succulent roasts and ribs, minted grilled vegetables and decadent baked Camembert. Hardcover, 254 pp. $42.95.

Rao's on the GrillRao's on the Grill

Frank Pellegrino
The 115 year old goes outdoors and 21st century in this collection of grilling recipes. Suitable for either simple charcoal grills or the most sophisticated of gas barbecues, these dishes are based on fresh ingredients with just a few extra ingredients to bring out the best in them. Volor photos. Hardcover, 158 pp. $40.00.

Rob Rainford's Born to GrillCanadianRob Rainford's Born to Grill

Rob Rainford
A graduate of Toronto's George Brown College and a Food Network star, Rob Rainford brings international pizzazz and his Rainford Method --recipe deconstruction to its simplest form--to the backyard barbeque. Follow his menus for the easiest home entertaining ever. Softcover, 268 pp. $29.95.

Beerlicious Volume 1	CanadianBeerlicious Volume 1
Ted Reader
Canada's King of the'Cue brings together his passions for beer and barbecuing in defining the art of "grillin' and chillin'. To enhance the over-the-top flavor of Ted's barbecue creations, he has enlisted the help of Roger Mittag to provide pairing and tasting notes. Color photos. Softcover, 308 pp. $29.99.

Grilling Vegan StyleGrilling Vegan Style

John Schlimm
Vegans need not miss out on summer barbecues when there are so many ways to make meatless burgers--not to mention delicious marinades for tempeh, tofu, and seitan. Many of the vegetable sides and the marinades would be welcome at a meat-heavy barbecue. There are also several vodka, rum, and tequila based thrist quenchers. Color photos. Softcover, 240 pp. $23.00.

Brother Jimmy's BBQBrother Jimmy's BBQ
Josh Lebowitz
With authentic, southern recipes it's no wonder that Brother Jimmy's remains the favourite restaurants of UNC graduates now living in New York City. With over 100 recipes direct from the restaurant, this cookbook brings the flavour of the south even further north to our Toronto kitchens, just in time to move our cooking from the backyard to the patio. Softcover, 256 pp. $27.95.

Grill This, Not ThatGrill This, Not That
David Zinczenko & Matt Goulding
Grilled foods at even the most comfortable fast-casual chain are laden with calories. In "Grill This, Not That", unhealthy fast-casual recipes are replaced with healthier, bbq ready alternatives that don't sacrifice flavour at the expense of guilt-free eating. Softcover, 362 pp. $21.99.

Slow Fire: The Beginner's Guide to Barbecue	Slow Fire: The Beginner's Guide to Barbecue
Ray Lampire
Barbecue, real barbecue, is an intimidating thing. Luckily, there's Ray Lampe to teach us beginners how to cook slow and low with indirect heat and a lot of smoke. And there are few things as great as real barbecue. Hardcover, 176 pp. $25.95.

Cook Wild: Year Round Cooking on an Open Fire Cook Wild: Year Round Cooking on an Open Fire
Susanne Fischer-Rizzi
Camping is a great experience, but not usually a great culinary experience. In Cook Wild, Susanne Fischer-Rizzi changes all that. This is the best book on open air cooking to come out in a long while. Fischer-Rizzi gives us recipes, techniques, and even some foraging advice, in order to make the food we cook in front of the tent as good as the food we cook in our home kitchens. Softcover, 200 pp. $28.50.

The Art of Wood Fired CookingThe Art of Wood Fired Cooking
Andrea Mugnaini
Mugniani founded the first school dedicated to wood fired cooking, and shares in this book her methods for properly firing a pizza oven. Includes recipes for pizzas, breads, seafood, pastas and more. Colour photos. Softcover, 192 pp. $22.95.

The Gardener and the Grill The Gardener and the Grill
Karen Adler & Judith Fertig
The serious griller, the woman, or man, who truly understands the nature of the grill knows that the grill is about more than cooking lage slabs of meat. She knows that the grill is about celebrating summer, and summer is best celebrated through the season's beautiful produce. With simple recipes and a deft touch, Karen Adler and Judith Fertig use the heat of the grill to create some of the season's most interesting vegetarian dishes in their book The Gardner and the Grill. A must for both vegetarians and carnivores looking to expand their grilling repertoire. Softcover, 224 pp. $23.00.

The Barbecue CollectionCanadianThe Barbecue Collection
Canadian Living Test Kitchen
Book after book, subject after subject, the amazing recipe developers at the Canadian Living Test Kitchen perform the difficult feat of creating dishes which are as doable in Thunder Bay as they are in Toronto or Montreal or Vancouver. Using flavors from international cuisines from Armenia to Thailand, these dishes bring a fresh interpretation to barbecuing. Color photos. Softcover, 552 pp. $32.95.

Charred & ScruffedCharred & Scruffed

Adam Perry Lang
This is how the pros do it. Adam Perry Lang has deconstructed, reconstructed, and redefined the process of cooking food over an open fire. Absolutely thorough in his cooking, Perry Lang shows us both how to grill the perfect steak and even how to make charcoal salt to add extra grilled flavour to our food. With the barbeque being the culinary heart of the Canadian summer, Perry Lang's book will prove indispensible for this upcoming, and every subsequent, barbeque season. Softcover, 255 pp. $29.95.

Wicked Good BarbecueWicked Good Barbecue

Andy Husbands
Find out how to be an award winning grill-master with Wicked Good Barbecue. Make the perfect ribs, brisket and porchetta and impress your friends this summer! Delectable and easy to follow, this book gives plenty of tips a and tricks to make your grill time a bit easier. Softcover, 224 pp. $23.99.

Smoking Foods: The Complete Idiot's GuideCanadianSmoking Foods: The Complete Idiot's Guide
Ted Reader
This tantalizing book is sure to please your palate and your sense of smell. This book's main point is that you can smoke anything! From arborio rice to venison and eggplant, get creative with your smoker and learn the proper techniques and tricks in order to get the most you can from your meals. With great anecdotes and easy to follow recipes, you will be smokin' in no time! Softcover, 241 pp. $20.00.

Big Bob Gibson's BBQ BookBig Bob Gibson's BBQ Book

Chris Lilly
Based out of Decatur, Alabama, the Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q Competition Cooking Team has won 10 World BBQ Championships among other awards. Besides regional Southern barbecue specialties, rubs, marinades, and barbecuing tips make up the body of the book. There is also an introduction to the man whose name begat a barbecuing dynasty. Color photos. Softcover, 255 pp. $29.99.

The Southwestern GrillThe Southwestern Grill

Michael McLaughlin
Are you hungry for some southwestern home cooking? Let food writer and Silver Palate co-author Michael McLaughlin introduce you to a variety of authentic and delicious dishes. From adobo, to tostadas, let your grill do the talking and bring bold flavours to your backyard party! Softcover, 336 pp.

Weber's SmokeWeber's Smoke

Jamie Purviance
Along with mouthwatering recipes for smoke cooking meats, poultry, and seafood, the author offers notes on essential equipment, intructions for using either charcoal or gas grills, and multi purpose rubs. To round out hot-off-the grill meals, there is a section of sides. Color photos. Softcover, 191 pp. $23.95.

25 Techniques for Gas Grilling25 Techniques for Gas Grilling
A. Cort Sinnes
There are few things more Canadian than gas grilling in summer and there are few greater masters of the grill than A. Cort Sinnes. In this book, Sinnes gives basic techniques for gas grilling that are useful for both beginners and experts alike. In other words, Sinnes makes us better grillers which, in turn, makes us better Canadians. Coil-bound, 128 pp. $15.95.

Grilling Chicken and VeggiesGrilling Chicken and Veggies

The maximum ultimate guide to grilling chicken and vegetables. With full tips, tricks and techniques, you can't go wrong with this great grill cookbook. 175 pp. $16.95.


Grilling Surf and TurfGrilling Surf and Turf
Want to know how to grill surf and turf? This book provides great insight into the world of grilling, from delicate fish, to tougher cuts of beef. 175 pp. $16.95.


Holy SmokeHoly Smoke

John Shelton Reed
Detailing the history and lore of barbecue as well as recipes, "Holy Smoke" offers great insight to the cuisine and culture of North Carolina. Hardcover, 316 pp. $32.00.

Canada Grills!CanadianCanada Grills!

Perfect your grilling technique, or nuture your budding passion for flame with Canada Grills! Who says cold weather is a damper on char-broiled perfection? Pick up delicious recipes to try at your next backyard party! Softcover, 303 pp. $26.95.

Grilling with SalmingGrilling with Salming

Borje Salming
Most will know Borje Salming as the hard-nosed defenseman who manned the blueline for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Surprisingly, the Hall of Fame Swede also has quite the reputation as a master of the grill. Incorporating his Swedish roots into an American tradition, Salming creates innovative and delicious recipes for the barbecue king in the family. A sure-fire hit for Father's Day! Softcover, 136 pp. $24.99.

South American chef Francis Mallmann strives to uncover the mysteries of Argentine grilling to a public who are quite used to the sticky, smoky, fall-off-the-bone meat that is American BBQ. Argentine grilling is gaining a lot of traction with those who find saucy ribs to be too rich and filling. Stressing fresh herbs, citrus and light, complimentary flavors, discover why the world has developed a fever for this incredibly flavoursome method of cooking.Seven Fires: Grilling the Argentine Way
Francis Mallmann
South American chef Francis Mallmann strives to uncover the mysteries of Argentine grilling to a public who are quite used to the sticky, smoky, fall-off-the-bone meat that is American BBQ. Argentine grilling is gaining a lot of traction with those who find saucy ribs to be too rich and filling. Stressing fresh herbs, citrus and light, complimentary flavors, discover why the world has developed a fever for this incredibly flavoursome method of cooking. Hardcover, 278 pp. $43.95.

My GrillMy Grill
Pete Evans
Chef Evans goes outdoors for a waltz with the barbie in his latest book. Learn to take full advantage of such a primal style of cuisine. Roast whole fish or infuse stews and braises with the rich smokiness of the outdoor grill. Recipes range from simple to more elegant, presenting an increasing challenge level as one becomes more familiar with the nuances of open flame. Hardcover, 255 pp. $34.95.

Weber's Time to GrillWeber's Time to Grill

Jamie Purviance
Warm weather is somewhat of a luxury amongst these parts; take full advantage of our short time in the sun with this cookbook created by the legendary grill-makers at Weber. Simple recipes are sure to expand your grilling awareness in ways you probably didn't think possible. Full color photography accompanies every recipe and numerous charts and mini-guides are included to help you take full advantage of your grill. Softcover, 304pp, $29.95.

The Japanese GrillThe Japanese Grill
Tadashi Ono
There's a reason every food culture on the planet has some iteration of meat-on-a-stick. In Japan, it's called yakitori, and it caps off every businessman's day with it's savory, charred varieties of meat. Now you can bring the experience home and try this delicious version of barbecue. Skewer chicken "oysters" (Don't know what a chicken oyster is? Well now you have a reason to buy this book!) or heart, brush with one of the glaze recipes provided and experience the after work crash without the plane ticket to Japan. Softcover, 184 pp. $28.95.

Latin GrillingLatin Grilling
Lourdes Castro
Barbecue isn't just an American thing anymore; Latin America's grilling culture has grown fast, and sometimes people want a change from the sweet, sticky-fingered fare of the American South. Featuring recipes lighter on saucing and more about light herbs and complimentary flavors, Castro strives to educate about the virtues of this style of grilling. Softcover, 191 pp. $25.00.

Secrets of the Patagonian BarbecueSecrets of the Patagonian Barbecue

Roberto Marin
Written bilingually in both English and Spanish, indulge your inner carnivore within the beautiful photographs on each page. Recipes are simple, and made to feature the meat. Excellent as a gift for a griller or barbecue afficionado. Coil-bound, 96 pp. $24.95.

Big Green Egg CookbookBig Green Egg Cookbook

For all those who swear by their green egg, here's the book for you, a feast of recipes to keep you and your green in perfect harmony! Hardcover, 320 pp. $61.50.

Napoleon's Everyday Gourmet BurgersCanadianNapoleon's Everyday Gourmet Burgers
Ted Reader
The newest addition to the Napoleon Grilling family of cookbooks is on game with Ted Reader's mouthwatering buger recipes. A compendium of everything burger, Ted walks you through - from choosing your proteins, binders and seasonings, to grilling. Traditional beef, poultry and pork burgers are of course included, but also more adventurous recipes for duck, seafood burgers (lobster and avocado, yum!), multiple veggie burger recipes and even dessert burgers (cupcake burger?). Softcover, 317 pp. $27.95.

Burger Parties Burger Parties
James McNair
This long anticipated new release from James McNair is a delicious range of exactly what the title tells you. With so many different meats to chose from and toppings only limited by your imagination, this books gives themes to those thoughts with menu ideas as well as sides and desserts. Softcover, 170 pp. $24.99.

Latin GrillLatin Grill

Rafael Palomino & Arlen Gargagliano
From grilled pineapple mojitos to yellow tomatoes stuffed with grilled wild mushrooms and parmesan cheese, fresh produce and simplicity are the key words to Latin grilling. With all those fruits and vegetables, and a good selectgion of grilled seafood, this is a good grilling book for the health conscious. Colour photos. Softcover, 159 pp. $23.95.

Wood-Fired CookingWood-Fired Cooking

Mary Karlin
From the first lady of wood-fired foodstuffs come a wonderful book that pushes the boundaries of what one usually considers grilling fare. The usual meat dishes have their place, but professional instructor Mary Karlin includes many less usual items including soups, desserts and even how to smoke your own sea salt. Colour photos. Hardcover, 200 pp. $34.00.

Napoleon's Everyday Gourmet Plank Grilling
CanadianNapoleon Everyday Gourmet Plank Grilling

Ted Reader
A veteran of plank grilling, King of the Q, Ted Reader has teamed up with Barrie, Ontario-based Napoleon barbecues to demonstrate the full range of this technique.Who else would have thought of planked mac and cheese, plank-smoked chocolate brownies, or 2-foot planked pizza. In this full-service book, Ted offers not only planking techniques but drinks recipes to keep you and your guests amused while the food is absorbing all that wonderful wood flavour! Colour photos. Hardcover, 295 pp. $40.00.

Emeril at the Grill Emeril at the Grill

Emeril Lagasse
One of our favourite southern chefs and TV personalities, Emeril Lagasse, brings his cooking to your backyards. This is not your typical burger and steak grilling book. He covers everything from pizzas to burgers to side dishes. It?s enough to get your barbeque up and running. Softcover, 248 pp. $32.99.

300 Big & Bold Barbecue & Grilling Recipes 300 Big & Bold Barbecue & Grilling Recipes

Karen Adler and Judith Fertig
The first part of this book covers general techniques for mastering barbecue from choice of equipment to specialty techniques, Organized by main ingredient pork, fish,poultry, vegetables…, the 300 recipes will entice beginners and the grill master alike. Colour photos. Softcover, 416 pp. $27.95.

Napoleon’s Everyday Gourmet Grilling CanadianNapoleon’s Everyday Gourmet Grilling

Ted Reader
Yes, Bubba. Sure enough, Billy Bob, there is barbecuing way north of the Mason-Dixon line. High profile barbecue king Ted Reader from Paris, Ontario teams up with top barbecue manufacturer, Napoleon, from Barrie, Ontario to serve up 125 imaginative recipes ranging from rubs to grilled chocolate banana burritos. There’s even a retro grilled ham and cheese sandwich using –gasp!- processed cheese. Colour photos. Hardcover, 296 pp, $40.00.

Italian Grill
Italian Grill
Mario Batali
As those old Dominion store commercials said, ”It’s mainly because of the meat.” While the antipasti and vegetable side dishes here do appear delicious, it is the huge hunks of well-seasoned meat that are irresistible. Whether it is spit-roasted prime rib, pork shoulder, veal chops, or leg of lamb, it looks like something you would want to try. Other than the seasoning, the recipes have few ingredients, and require little preparation. Colour photos with most of the recipes. Hardcover, 246 pp. $31.95.

Road Grill with Matt Dunigan CanadianRoad Grill with Matt Dunigan
Chris Knight
The companion to the Food Network Canada show of the same name features zippy recipes blended with the answers to burning(so to speak) questions such as whether to use gas or charcoal, which tools to buy, where to get your meat. Besides updated standards for all our favorite meats there are great vegetable sides, condiments, rubs, marinades, and even desserts. Show host Matt Dunigan is a former star quarterback in the Canadian Football League. Tantalizing colour photos. Softcover, 260 pp, $29.95.

Dr. BBQ's Big-Time Barbecue Road TripDr. BBQ's Big-Time Barbecue Road Trip

Ray Lampe
We all know someone who loves to barbecue, standing out at the grill in all kinds of weather to perfect their pulled pork or shrimp skewers or beef burgers. These people are nothing compared to those uniquely American specimens of BBQ fervor who spend every summer traveling the country, participating in festivals and contests, and eating their way through every BBQ joint they come across. This is their guidebook. For us civilians it gives a glimpse into their world and recipes for some of their most cherished discoveries. Black & white photos. Softcover, 253 pp. $21.00.

Barbecue Bible
Barbecue Bible
Steven Raichlen
Now in a 10th anniversary edition this is still the barbecue book. A 500-recipe celebration to sizzle and smoke, you get lots of mileage for your dollar with this book. Bold international flavours, including sauces, relishes, rubs and marinades. $25.95.

Weber's Charcoal GrillingWeber's Charcoal Grilling

Janie Purviance
Gas grills need not apply in this ode to charcoal grilling from barbecue uber-maker Weber. The basics of getting your fire going and all the fun you can have with the hot coals is covered with useful photographs and detailed instructions, as are the basics of buying and preparing food for the grill. The recipes are inventive but not difficult, and even include great dessert ideas like grilled apricots with pound cake. Colour photos. Softcover, 256 pp. $21.95.

Food Made Fast Grilling Food Made Fast Grilling 
Steak tacos with guacamole, classic grilled whole chicken, and pork chops with peaches are a few of the dishes you will want to try from the selection of quick-after-work grilling recipes. One of the books from Williams-Sonoma’s Food Made Fast series, it has tips for successful quick cooking in general plus grill-specific advice. Colour photos. Hardcover, 111 pp. $23.95.

Cooking Light GrillingCooking Light Grilling

Cooking Light magazine
Barbecue has traditionally been seen as rather unhealthy meal, what with all the burgers and steaks. Leave it to Cooking Light magazine to assemble great dishes for the grill, without skimping on the meat. Along with chicken, pork, and beef recipes their are excellent ideas for fish and even some vegetable suggestions. Other titles in this series include Salad and Dessert. Colour photos. Hardcover, 144 pp. $21.95.

Extreme BarbecueExtreme Barbecue: Smokin' Rigs and Real Good Recipes

Dan Huntley
This is not just another barbeque book. It is an ode to those strange creatures who spend their summers criss-crossing the continent dragging home-made grills, constructed out of whatever they can get their hands on, to barbecue contests and festivals all over the country. Most of the recipes here serve a crowd, but should you have one to feed you can be guaranteed they will be satisfied. This is a fascinating look (and taste) at people who really take barbeque seriously. Colour photos. Softcover, 299 pp. $24.95.

King of the Q's Blue Plate BBQCanadianKing of the Q's Blue Plate BBQ

Ted Reader
Ted Reader, Canada's King of the Q, has always been a little outrageous, but these recipes go above and beyond everything he has done in the past. If you ever wonder what the fuss is about barbecued food you need to get this and make a few of the recipes. Just a few we feel compelled to mention are Teddy's Grilled Cheese Beef Burger with Ludicrous Beer Butter Basting Sauce, Quail in Jager Bomb Sauce, Limoncello Swordfish with Herbed Butter Baste, and Vanilla Coke Rocky Road Cake. Colour photos. Softcover, 271 pp. $34.95.

100 Best Grilling Recipes100 Best Grilling Recipes
Kathleen Sloan-McIntosh
A slim barbecue book packed with recipes from around the world, this is perfect for those who want to experiment on the grill but need some guidance. With step-by-step instructions and useful hints anyone can make Korean Bulgogi, Peruvian Anticuchos, and Indian Chicken Tikka. Cottage-dwellers beware though, some of the ingredients may be hard to come by in the wilderness. Colour plates. Softcover, 189 pp. $19.95.

Modern GrillingModern Grilling
Vermont Castings
Like other barbecue manufacturers, Vermont Castings has put out a grilling book but you certainly don't need to possess that brand of grill to enjoy these recipes. Full of great ideas for red meat, poultry, and game (including Alligator!) there are also lots of sauces, rubs, and marinades to try with a helpful chart on combining flavours without following a strict recipe. There is also a section on sandwiches and pizzas, as well as some fantastic-looking desserts. Colour photos. Softcover, 288 pp. $29.95.

More Grilled To PerfectionCanadianMore Grilled To Perfection
Chris Knight
A second helping of Chef Robert Rainford’s barbecue dishes from the License to Grill show seen on the Food Network. Recipes included sophisticated party fare like Port Marinated Smoked Chicken, everyday family fare like Lamb Kabobs, and recipes for the truly adventurous like Smoked Rotisserie Pig With Root Beer Barbecue Sauce. Colour photos. Softcover, 233 pp, $29.95.

Grilled to PerfectionCanadianGrilled to Perfection
Chris Knight & Tyler J. Smith
This is the cookbook companion to the Food Network show Licence to Grill with Rob Rainford, so if you like the show you will certainly like this. If you can't remember all the hints and tips talked about on the show they are written out for you, and the recipes have detailed, step-by-step instructions so you won't make any wrong turns before your food reaches the table. Colour photos. Softcover, 230 pp. $29.95.

Mediterranean Grilling Mediterranean Grilling
Diane Kochilas
Grilling and Mediterranean food just seem to go together, perhaps because they are both so invocative of heat and sunshine. Here the two are combined seamlessly in tasty dishes like Breaded Mozzarella and Cherry Tomato Brochettes, Grilled Pork Chops Stuffed with Feta and Olives, Ouzo-Marinated Grilled Scallops with Spinach and Orange, and Greek Lemony Marinated Grilled Split Chicken. Colour photos. Hardcover, 187 pp. $37.95.

Championship BBQ Secrets for Real Smoked FoodChampionship BBQ Secrets for Real Smoked Food
Karen Putman
Putman loves to cook her food next to the fire, slow, low and flavoured with wood smoke as opposed to the hot, fast grilling over direct heat for hamburgers, or a steak. A succulent change of pace. Softcover, 368 pp, $27.95.

CIA GrillingCIA Grilling
Culinary Institute of America
From the acclaimed chef training school comes this latest missive on grilling for us home cooks. Sections on vegetables, sides & sandwiches, breakfast and dessert round out a colourful book on a favourite year round pastime. Hardcover, 229 pp, $42.00.

Burgers Burgers
Paul Gayler
Paul Gayler pushes the burger way beyond ground meat to include everything from cod burgers to pumpkin couscous in a pita. Equally inspired is the selection of accompaniments including chickpea fries and beetroot and horseradish tzatziki. Colour photos. Hardcover, 143 pp, $26.95.

CanadianTed Reader On Fire in the Kitchen
Ted Reader
Our king of the Q goes indoors and architectural, jazzing up comfort food and taking it to new heights. Who but Ted would come up with bean soup with spam croutons? Try pan-braised Swiss chard for greens with the bite of lime and crunch of cashew. Colour photos. Paper, 244 pp, $29.00.

Australian Women’s Weekly Great BarbecueAustralian Women’s Weekly Great Barbecue
Food editor Deborah Quick
It may be a stereotype but Aussies and their barbecues do go together. Burgers, kebabs and sausage dressed in international seasonings lead the way. Colour photo with every recipe. Paper, 247 pp, $34.95.

Chicken on the GrillChicken on the Grill
Cheryl & Bill Jamison
The experts on traditional American barbecue (Sublime Smoke, Smoke & Spice,$23.95, $24.95) serve up succulent chicken recipes, bone in or out, and all the best sides from guacamole to sautéed corn with chipotle cream. Colour photos. Hardcover, 150 pp, $38.95.

Fish Grilled & Smoked Fish Grilled & Smoked
John Manikowski
Rum-smoked tuna and Patagonian Wellington (sea bass with asparagus and romesco sauce) are probably not the first dishes to spring to mind when thinking of Field and Stream. Its contributor John Manikowski is full of sophisticated ways to grill and smoke fish both indoors and out. No photos. Paper, 260 pp, $24.95.

Steven Raichlen
425 fiery recipes from across America, from Peppered Filet Mignons With Mushroom Bourbon Sauce in Nebraska to Green-Lightning Shrimp in Nevada. It has lots of recipes for seafood and vegetables, too. Softcover, 774 pp. $24.95.

Hot, Sticky and On FireCanadianHot, Sticky and On Fire
Ted Reader
From the King of the Q, Ted Reader, comes this finger-licking, saucy, tasty book. Please try Cherry Whisky Smoked Baby Back Ribs (page 122) to tempt any grill aficionado's tastebuds. Softcover. $29.00.

Let the Flames Begin
Let the Flames Begin
Chris Schlesinger and John Willoughby
Fifteen years of work in one book, including a list of tools for optimum grilling to tips to make tough steaks more tender. Fun and easy to read. Hardcover. $44.00.


How to GrillHow to Grill
Steven Raichlen
Steve Raichlen's latest book is a compendium of barbecue techniques with step-by-step photos to help anyone learn how to grill. Featuring easy-to-make recipes, this cookbook will turn anyone into a bbq master. $23.95. Recipe: Rosemary-Grilled Scallops.

Sticky FingersCanadianSticky Fingers and Tenderloins
Ted Reader
Fire up the barbecue and throw on a few steaks and a rack o'ribs. Whether from fish, fowl or animal, Ted Reader has found some of the best steak and rib recipes on the continent. Colour. Softcover, 240 pages. $29.00. Recipe: The Boneless Rib.

Weber's Art of the Grill
Jamie Purviance
From the Airstream of the barbeque world, food that looks barely distinguishable from what you would cook inside the house. Hardcover, lots of colour photographs. $52.50.

Sticks & Stones CookbookCanadianSticks and Stones Cookbook
Ted Reader & Kathleen Sloan
There are some people who deserve all good things and the affable Ted Reader is one of these. While sticks and stones may break some people's bones for Reader and Sloan they are a way to cook. The planked salmon and shrimps on vine skewers we have sampled were to die for. And the aroma of a cedar plank and chardonnay skewers was far superior to liquid fuel-soaked biquets. Hard cover, colour photos. $24.95.

All Fired Up
Margaret Howard
A year round grilling and BBQ cookbook. Grill everything from soup to nuts! Includes table top grilling. Colour illustrations. $24.95.

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