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Vegan books have recently been moved to their own section.

See also: Vegetarian

Garlic: The Mighty BulbGarlic: The Mighty Bulb
Natasha Edwards
Grow, cultivate, store and cook with your own garlic. It's easy! Author Natasha Edwards, gives a history of garlic and great tips on cultivating and using the garlic, from the scapes to the cloves, for a perfectly flavourful meal. Fit with delicious recipes and colourful photographs and illustrations, this book is quite the addition to any food library. Softcover, 159 pp. $24.95.

The Art of Cooking with VegetablesThe Art of Cooking with Vegetables

Alain Passard
Alain Passard's Michelin-starred Paris restaurant, L'Arpege, offers no red meat. Instead, Passard is dedicated to cooking the vegetables from his organic farm.His compositions are remarkable for their brilliant colour combinations and unusual flavour juxtapositions. In this collection, red beetroot with lavender and crushed blackberries or globe artichokes with bay leaves and lime are two recipes which demonstrate both his simplicity and creativity. Hardcover, 100 pp. $34.50.

The Fresh & Green Table
Susie Middleton
Develop a healthier, more wholesome diet with The Fresh & Green Table. From Main-Dish Salads to Gratins, Tians & Galettes, learn the basics of cooking with vegetables and turn your lifestyle into a more fresh and green thing of beauty. Softcover, 223 pp. $27.95.

Heirloom Fruits & VegetablesHeirloom Fruits & Vegetables

Toby Musgrave
Such a thing of beauty is this, the charming historical and cultural journey through our wonderful selection of heirloom produce. Gaze your eyes upon the beautiful photography and learn about how the fruit in your bowl came to be, and when to best enjoy them. Hardcover, 224 pp. $52.50.

The Book of KaleThe Book of Kale

Sharon Hanna
People know they should be eating nutrition-rich kale but do not quite know what to do with it. Hesitate no more! The Book of Kale has 80 recipes that show just how delicious and versatile kale can be. Kale chips, smoothies, salads, tarts, muffins, soups, side dishes, there is something for everyone. For anyone with a vegetable garden, the author shares information on growing your own. As a crop, it is as good for the environment as it is for your body, Color photos. Softcover, 192 pp. $26.95.

, revised
James Peterson
A veteran cooking school instructor, James Peterson always anticipates which questions most puzzle the general public then provides lucid answers. He supports the cook from identifying,to selecting, storing, and then preparing with the methods most suited to the produce at hand. Whether you gather heirloom vegetables from farmers' markets or buy at your local grocery, James Peterson can help you become a superb vegetable cook. Hardcover, 391 pp. $40.00.

The Great Book of RhubarbThe Great Book of Rhubarb

Elaine Lemm
Tiny it may be, but The Great Book of Rhubarb is packed with information on growing and using the harbinger of spring. The recipes highlight the vegetable's great versatility with everything from spicy pork with rhubarb, to rhubarb and sorrel crisp, and rhubarb schnapps. Colour photos. Hardcover, 95 pp. $16.95.


Dorie Janzen Longacre
The 25th Anniversary Edition of this classic kitchen staple has enough information and guidance for you to understand and even intuit ingredients and recipes. Learn to be sustainable and sensible with your food with More-With-Less! Binder, 328 pp.

The Heirloom Life GardenerThe Heirloom Life Gardener

Jere & Emilee Gettle
Can we just say off the top these authors look way too young to bemarried and parents let alone be authors? Cofounders of the Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company serve up a mix up seed collecting methods,general gardening directions, and a guide to the 50 most reliable heirloom vegetable varieties from the more than 3000 they offer. Color photos. Hardcover, 227 pp. $34.99.

Vegetables from an Italian GardenVegetables from an Italian Garden

Phaidon Books
The latest addtion to the gorgeous line of cookbooks from Phaidon. Fresh cooking, lots of lists to keep you in the right season and subtly influenced Italian cooking. Even obscure ingredients get a turn in the limelight. Hardcover, 432 pp. $45.00.

The Book of FunghiThe Book of Funghi

Peter Roberts
With so many different varieties of mushrooms out there, it's difficult to figure out which ones are safe to eat. The Book of Funghi contains profiles of 600 species worldwide, including properties as well as life-size photographs for accurate gauging. With foraging becoming a popular medium of obtaining product, this book provides a huge amount of information to both enhance your final product and also avoid the risk of food borne illness. Hardcover, 655 pp. $55.00.


Mary Prior
Everything you will ever need to know about rhubarb can be found in this cheerful, pocket-size study. The history of the sometimes-fruit, sometimes-vegetable's origins as a remedy and a then food, is punctuated by plenty of historical and modern rhubarb recipes. From raditional puddings to more adventerous rhubarb and fish combos, this book has it covered. Softcover, 144 pp. $16.95.

River Cottage Handbook no. 1River Cottage Handbook No. 1
John Wright
This is the first volume of this terrific little series from the folks at River Cottage. Fearnley-Whittingstall has set about inspiring those around him to share their expertise on subjects. Foraging for mushrooms never sounded so appealing! Lots of descriptive information about each mushroom. Hardcoer, 256 pp. $29.95.

River Cottage Handbook No. 4 River Cottage Handbook No. 4
Veg Patch
Mark Diacono
A welcome additon in this series from River Cottage, in helping the gardener/cook plant their own crops. How to grow, how to harvest, how to eat are well layed out for each vegetable, along with additonal info for varieties and controling pests. Hardcoer, 272 pp. $25.00.

More Vegetables, Please!More Vegetables, Please!

Elson M. Haas
If you find it impossible to fill you and your family's vegetable requirements, this could be just the book for you. Elson Haas, a medical practitioner and author of several books concerned with nutrition, and Patty James, a chef and nutritionist, have devised this book full of ideas and recipes which will help you and yours get your 5 a day. The book is not strictly vegetarian, there are meat, fish, and poultry recipes also, but recipes are predominantly veggie based. Some line drawings. Softcover, 227 pp. $26.50.

Grow and Cook Grow and Cook

Brian Tucker
This is an excellent book for those wanting to grow and prepare their own fruits and vegetables from seed to plate. Tucker explains simple techniques and rules for the home vegetable gardener – sound advice from someone who has been growing his own vegetables from a time when it was an essential part of post-war austerity. Paper, 192 pp. $8.95.

The Produce BibleThe Produce Bible

Leanne Kitchen
This is a lovely book full of delightful recipes that feature the best fruits, vegetables, herbs, and nuts available. Each entry includes information about seasonality, buying and storing, and often the history or other interesting tidbits about the ingredient. But it is the recipes that really shine. Comforting with french, italian, and mediterranean influences this is a treat for anyone struggling to up their daily intake of produce. Colour photos. Softcover, 447 pp. $35.95.

A Canon of Vegetables

Raymond Sokolov
Common vegetables and legumes like broccoli, spinach, and lentils, along with less familiar items like taro, molokheya (an Egyptian leafy green plant) and chayote are presented in their most classic incarnations. These recipes from around the world will add to any cook’s repertoire. Sokolov presents a short but interesting history of each vegetable with basic buying and preparation info. Hardcover, 248 pp. $32.95.

Vegetable HarvestVegetable Harvest

Patricia Wells
Inspired by her provencal potager, Patricia Wells has written a worthy successor to Georgeanne Brennan’s much-missed Potager (out of print). Although many of the recipes - everything from appetizers to stews with fish and meat, grain and bean dishes,even desserts, sound rich, most are healthy and have the nutritional breakdown to prove it. Illustrated with colour photos, this book has only one weakness - the print is small. Hardcover, 324 pp. $43.95.

The Best Vegetable RecipesThe Best Vegetable Recipes
Cook's Illustrated
From artichokes to zucchini, the trusty editors at Cook’s Illustrated have tested, retested, and re-retested classic vegetable recipes to come up with the best version whether simple baked potatoes or caramelized onion with dark rum. But the most compelling reason to dig into this book is the information: from vegetable varieties to best equipment for different tasks to choosing vinegars, every aspect has been thought out. Colour photos and line drawings. Softcover, 342 pp. $24.95.

Serving Up the Harvest Serving Up the Harvest
Andrea Chesman
Whether you buy organic produce at the farmer’s gate or bagged carrots and beans at the supermarket, Andrea Chesman has ideas to jazz up the way you serve vegetables. Organized by season, the 175 recipes include everything from asparagus to winter squash. Dishes include pasta ribbons with peppers, miso-glazed sweet potatoes, and sweet & spicy Brussels sprouts with pork. Gardening, cooking, and general vegetable tips, hints, and lore accompany the recipes. No photos. Softcover, 501 pp. $21.95.

Vegetables from The Culinary Institute of AmericaVegetables from The Culinary Institute of America
Soups, appetizers, salads, entrees, sides, sauces and relishes, this book offers 170 enticing ways to get all the servings of vegetables we should be consuming. The vegetables 101 section in the introduction has handy charts with the vegetable families, their members and how best to use them. Another chart  lists specific vegetables, best storage methods and times. Beautiful photos illustrating both finished dishes and preparation methods. Hardcover, 293 pp. $50.00.

Field Guide to ProduceField Guide to Produce
Aliza Green
The excellent Field Guide series (Herbs & Spices, Meat, Seafood) have now released a produce version, and like the others it is sure to become indispensible. If you can't tell a zucchini from a cucumber, or if you are good with the familiar but want to try some of the exotic fruits and vegetables appearing more frequently in your supermarket this will help. With descriptions, pictures, cooking suggestions, and storage advice you will become a produce expert in no time at all. Colour plates. Softcover, 312 pp. $17.95.

Vegetable SoupsVegetable Soups
Deborah Madison
Wonderful soups of every kind for vegetarians, but no meat eater will feel something is left out with these creations. Divided by type (bean soups, broths, soups with grains) as well as season there is something here to satisfy every taste and occasion. Try Herb and Garlic Broth when you have a cold, Quinoa, Corn, and Spinach Chowder for something different, and White Gazpacho of almonds and melon, in the sweaty height of summer. Colour photos. Softcover, 230 pp. $25.95.

Rhubarb More than Just Pies Rhubarb: More than Just Pies

Sandi Vitt and Michael Hickman
Except for asparagus, nothing else says "Spring!" so much as rhubarb. This little book has just about every way to use rhubarb: beverages, condiments, preserves and desserts, desserts, desserts. Softcover, 144 pp, $14.95.

The Tomato Festival CookbookThe Tomato Festival Cookbook

Lawrence Davis-Madison
Between these two covers you will find everything you need to know to grow tomatoes plus 150 ways, both wonderful and weird, of consuming your bumper crop. Tired of tomato-topped pizza? Try green tomato chocolate cake instead. Illustrated. Paper, 310 pp, $18.95.

Vegetables From The Sea Vegetables From The Sea
Jill Gusman
A much-needed book on everyday cooking with sea greens. Seventy-five beautifully photographed recipes, plus an indispensable full-colour guide to sea greens, including how to purchase, store, rehydrate, and cook them. Hardcover, 131 pp. $42.95.

Anne Egan
Creative, flavourful recipes featuring the underappreciated green soy bean. Hardcover, $29.95. 134 pp.


Great PotatoesGreat Potatoes
Kathleen Sloan-Mcintosh
Who doesn't like potatoes? A culinary icon the potato is presented here in seasonal, classic, international, well-dressed, and exotic recipes. 212 pp. $25.00. Recipe:
Oven-Roasted Potatoes & Parsnips with Curry.

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