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Lidia's Commonsense Italian CookingLidia’s Commonsense Italian Cooking
Lidia Matticchio Bastianich and Tanya Bastianich Manuali
Inspired by the meals she experienced at her grandmother’s table, the infinitely sensible Lidia Bastianich brings us the sort of Italian foods—often soups and salads the use up leftovers or highlight fresh and nourishing produce such as cabbage along with grains and beans. Hardcover, $35.00

Save with JamieSave with Jamie
Jamie Oliver
What Jamie Oliver does better than anything else is convince people that putting freshly cooked food on the table everyday is not beyond them. Following basic information on how to stock, store, and equip your kitchen, he serves up recipes for simple foods with high appeal—burgers, cauliflower and broccoli cheese, roast pork. The added feature this time is advice on how to control food costs. Hardcover, $37.99

Martha Stewart
Now that Meatless Mondays are a "thing" and many of us have accepted the fact that tasty vegetables can and should be the star of the show for most meals, we're seeing a great new selection of vegetable books coming down the line. Martha Stewart is the latest author to embrace vegetarian cooking, with her new book, Meatless. This book is very similar in format to the Everday Food series, also from the kitchen of Martha Stewart Living, which means it's great for putting excellent home-made meals on the table every night of the week. Softcover, 384 pp. $29.95.

Let's Cook Italian
Gennaro Contaldo
Gennaro Contaldo gained quite a bit of public attention following several appearances alongside Jamie Oliver on his various television shows. With his own, Two Greedy Italians now playing on BBC, Gennaro is building up a fan base all his own. In Let's Cook Italian, he takes a family approach, creating dishes that everyone will love. If you're a fan of Jamie Oliver and looking to expand your Italian repetoir, you'll likely find many recipes from Gennaro's kitchen that you're bound to love. Hardcover, 240 pp. $45.00.

Lidia's Favorite RecipesLidia's Favorite Recipes
Lidia Matticchio Bastianich & Tanya Bastianich Manuali
In her new book, Lidia has collected her favourite recipes, ones that she turns to time and time again and ones her fans rave and write to her about. These recipes are simple Italian classics, great for entertaining or everyday. Delectable photos accompany most recipes and Lidia's reassuring voice provides all the direction necessary for creating a wonderful Italian family meal at home. Hardcover, 220 pp. $27.95.

Cooking Italian with the Cake BossCooking Italian with the Cake Boss
Buddy Valastro
There is more to Buddy Valastro than butter cream Valastro's home kitchen revolves around the traditional dishes of the Italian-American culinary tradition. Eggplant parmesan, roasted leg of lamb, and basics such as hearty tomato sauce and homemade stock. Colour photos. Hardcover, 364 pp. $32.00.

Everyday Food Light

Martha Stewart Living
Cook what you want to eat without all the fat! This book features delicious, healthful recipes, all under 500 calories. Organised seasonally so you can take advantage of the freshest ingredients, this book shows you how to quickly prepare your favourite dishes in a way that's light but nonetheless tempting. Softcover, 384 pp. $27.99.

Jamie's 15 Minute MealsJamie's 15 Minute Meals

Jamie Oliver
This book is filled with super-quick, tasty, nutritious food that you can eat every day of the week. These recipes are methodical, clever, sociable and fun, with beautiful ingredients that will slap you round the face with big flavors! Hardcover, 287 pp. $55.00.


Nigella Lawson
Nigellissima takes inspiration from Italian cooking to bring the spirit of Italy into the kitchen and onto the plate, pronto. At the heart of Italian cookery lies a celebration of food that is fresh, tasty and pretentious; Nigella Lawson reflects this in recipes that are simple and speedy, elevating everyday eating into no-fuss feasts. Hardcover, 273 pp. $55.95.

Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Cookery CourseGordon Ramsay's Ultimate Cookery Course

Gordon Ramsay
This book is about giving home cooks the desire, confidence and inspiration to hit the stoves and get cooking, with over 120 modern, simple and accessible recipes. The ultimate reference bible, it's a lifetime's worth of expertise from one of the world's finest chefs distsilled into a beautiful book. Hardcover, 320 pp.

Fast FlavoursCanadianFast Flavours

Michael Smith
Once again Michael Smith continues to impress with his wonderfully delicious new book Fast Flavours. Taking flavour inspirations from around the world and shrinking the cook time down to 70 minutes and way under. Try the Pork Chops with Tarragon Marmalade (15 minutes), or Pasta with Tomato Mussel Broth (25 minutes). Michael Smith also includes an incredible cocktail section! Softcover, 273 pp. $32.00.

Martha's American FoodMartha's American Food

Martha Stewart
In this wide spanning book, Martha Stewart celebrates the rich culinary tradition of a bountiful land. Here, she takes us across America, from plains, to mountains, to desert, showing us both how to cook America's most treasured dishes and giving us their backstory. With gorgeous photography and tight recipes, Martha takes us from sea to shining culinary sea. Hardcover, 431 pp. $46.00.

A Cook's Guide A Cook's Guide

Donna Hay
This book presents the best of Donna Hay magazine's How to cook.. Each section features a classic preparation--roast beef, chicken soup, panna cotta -- then offers variations on the theme. As usual with any Donna Hay publication, the book is beautifully designed and heavily illustrated. Softcover, 133 pp. $29.99.

Weeknights with GiadaWeeknights with Giada

Giada DeLaurentiis
Giada is at it again with new and exciting dishes and food adventures sure to please the whole family. Don't have enough time to cook when you get home? Think again. Giada provides easy, quick and delicious recipes to make your night delightful. Hardcover, 239 pp. $35.00.

Jeffrey Saad's Global KitchenJeffrey Saad's Global Kitchen

Jeffrrey Saad
A star of the Cooking Channel, Jeffrey Saad brings a sampler of the world's most popular cuisines to the home kitchen. Tapas, sumac-flavored salmon, and whole tandoori chicken with mustard seed roasted potatoes are just a sample of his taste treats. Color photos. Softcover, 237 pp. $26.00.

Two Greedy Italians Two Greedy Italians
Gennaro Contaldo & Antonio Caluccio
I am a big fan of Gennaro, who has never failed to please. He has teamed up with the BBC and Italian food legend Commendatore Antonio Carlucci to create a memorable show and a fantastic book full of personality. No more of the "same old stuff," Two Greedy Italians is full of mouthwatering recipes, funny stories and interesting tid bits. With them, dinner will never be boring. Hardcover, 208 pp.

Pitchin' InCanadianPitchin' In

Lynn Crawford
Mac 'N' Cheese with Wild Boar, Texas inspired Chocolate Pecan Tart, Cloud-Berry Chutney... Lynn Crawford, you are a goddess. From the hit series Pitchin' In comes innovative chef Lynn Crawford's latest publication, titled after the show, in which she travels North America to discover the pure flavours of the land we live in. Chefs and cooks alike will find Pitchin' In to be a humorous and elegant book with a phenomenal collection of recipes and flavours. Hardcover, 273 pp. $37.00.

Jamie's Great BritainJamie's Great Britain
Jamie Oliver
As a Jamie Oliver fan, I must say that this collection of recipes is as diverse and interesting as it is tasty, and once again, he brings us an impressive array of British and British-inspired foods. Beautiful photography, humorous stories and drool worthy meals, Jamie's Great Britain definitely gives you Over 130 Reasons to Love [Their] Food! Hardcover, 207 pp. $59.95.

Cooking Without BordersCooking Without Borders

Anita Lo
Recognized for her flair when combining the flavors of East and West, Top Chef Masters Alum Anita Low's latest cookbook continues to disprove the doubters of fusion cuisine. Delicate plays on classic combinations see small flourishes of exotic ingredients playing familiar roles. Hardcoer, 237 pp. $40.00.

Christmas with GordonChristmas with Gordon

Gordon Ramsay
Who doesn't love Gordon Ramsay? This culinary bad boy now provides the world with his version of a perfect holiday season, with heart and soul warming recipes and a bit of celebration on the side. Hardcover, 144 pp. $32.95.

Easy MealsEasy Meals

Rachel Allen
Rachel Allen's Easy Meals which you will reach for time and again for its reliable versions of weekday comfort foods: pastas, stir-fries, quick sautes. To add a little excitement to the workday dinners she also offers some popular desserts with a twist such as her caramel rice pudding. Color photos. Hardcover, 352 pp. $39.99.

Jamie Oliver's Food EscapesJamie Oliver's Food Escapes

Jamie Oliver
This is a fun book that everyone should experience. Everytime you turn the page, you are welcomed by mouth-watering meals to prepare along with a story around every turn as Jamie Oliver travels around the world. With this book you are able to experience different culture and try their recipes out yourself. Hardcover, 359 pp. $37.99.

Sizzling Skillets and other One-Pot WondersSizzling Skillets and other One-Pot Wonders

Emeril Lagasse
Best known for his New Orleans vibe, Emeril Lagasse leaves city limits behind to explore the flavors that come from in different countries around the world. Discover mussels in a green curry broth, kimchi fried rice, and Portuguese pork and clams. Color photos. Softcover, 288 pp. $27.99.

Dinner Chez MoiCanadianDinner Chez Moi

Laura Calder
Food Network celebrity chef Laura Calder's latest book drifts away from a strictly French repertoire and focuses on the hospitality of hosting others at mealtime. While the concept may be a bit of a change, Laura's writing style and prose remain as endearing and entertaining as ever. Fans of her first two books who are a bit skeptical about this change in theme should fear not, as Calder still manages to incorporate some classic French technique into recipes. $39.99.

In My Mother's Kitchen CanadianIn My Mother's Kitchen

Trish Magwood
James Beard Winner Trish Magwood's long awaited return to cookbook writing brings a tale of her past through large, overflowing platters of family-style food. Every recipe is accompanied by a short anecdote about it's place in Trish's history. Some recipes even include the name of the family member that first created the dish. As usual, recipes are simple to put together and absolutely delicious. With her latest book, Trish Magwood welcomes you into her memories, complete with fork and spoon. Hardcover, 254 pp. $39.99.

Mark McEwan
Following up on his first book, Great Food at Home, Mark McEwan goes to Italy for his next installment based upon his new restaurant Fabbrica. Complete with recipes for gnocchis, risotti and the classic Bistecca Fiorentina, McEwan pays great respect to the storied dishes of Italian lore while still reinventing the cuisine enough to make everything seem fresh again. Hardcover, 299 pp. $39.00.

Everyday Exotic: The CookbookEveryday Exotic: The Cookbook
Roger Mooking
A great entertaining cookbook! Everyday Exotic is a well laid out book with very eye catching pages that make you want to keep reading. This book gives the great oppertunity of learning about different food around the world and how they are prepared. More than 50 exeptional ingredients are featured in the cookbook such as coconut, chipotle, cajun and mnay more. Softcover, 184 pp. $29.95. Watch the CBS TV video.

Bobby Flay's Bar Americain CookbookBobby Flay's Bar Americain Cookbook
Bobby Flay
One of America's iconic chefs reinvents classic culinary Americana to refresh the old favorites and experience something new. Flay transplants and transposes favorite recipes from his New York restaurant and invites home cooks to try out his dishes for friends and family. Hardcover, 259 pp. $37.95.

Girl in the KitchenGirl in the Kitchen
Stephanie Izzard
Top Chef winner Stephanie Izard's Chicago restaurant The Girl and the Goat has experienced exceptional success and popularity for it's innovative food and enticing atmosphere. Her cookbook, Girl in the Kitchen shares her signature recipes and philosophies with the home cook. Hardcover, 255 pp. $33.95.

Chef Michael Smith’s Kitchen Canadian
Chef Michael Smith's Kitchen

Michael Smith
Food television personality Michael Smith returns to the cookbook scene with his latest book. Extolling the virtues of simple, clean food, Smith presents recipes versatile and interesting enough to be considered weekday night fare as well as entertaining friends and family. Softcover, 264 pp. $32.00.

Good Eats 3Good Eats 3
Alton Brown
Think of Alton Brown as Harold McGee with a sense of humor or perhaps just the Gen Y Harold McGee. Good Eats 3 is the companion to episodes 165-249 of the popular Food Network series. For those unfamiliar with the show, each section features a topic, "knowledge concentrate" and an application. For example, Puff the Magic Mallow is, of course, about marshmallows. the knowledge pod includes info about where the name came from, about thickening, and about how sugar concentration is controlled in confectionary, The application is a recipe for homemade marshmallows. Color photos. Hardcover, 430 pp. $42.50.

Fast, Fresh, SimpleFast, Fresh, Simple
Donna Hay
Donna Hay accomplishes the impossible by combining a minimum of ingredients with simple techniques while still creating a sophisticated end product. Her comments about specific dishes build a bridge between author and reader. Color photos. Softcover, 206 pp. $34.99.


Guy Fieri Food Guy Fieri Food
Guy Fieri
Always slightly out of control but never boring Fieri has carved out a niche for himself; would anyone have eaten at diners & drive ins until Fieri guided us through? This is a much bigger book than earlier ones and is chock full of recipes. Hardcover, 408 pp. $29.99. Limited edition signed copies available $29.99.

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Gordon's Great Escape Southeast AsiaGordon's Great Escape Southeast Asia
Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay's latest addition to the Great Escape series takes readers on a delectable ride through Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia. A whirlwind tour of new, sparkling and bright flavors that's sure to inspire and inform. Based upon Ramsay's television show of the same name, recipes are provided for classics such as Massaman curry and green mango salad. Full color photography is prevalent throughout the book. Hardcover, 271 pp. $34.99.

Martha Stewart's Pies and TartsMartha Stewart's Pies and Tarts
Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart's latest addition to her growing repertoire of cookbooks features her vast collection of pies and tarts. Including both sweet and savory creations, Martha provides classic recipes as well as iterations for the more ambitious. Softcover, 352 pp. $27.99.

My Father's DaughterMy Father's Daughter

Gwyneth Paltrow
Is there anything Gwyneth Paltrow can't do? Apparently being an Oscar-winning actress wasn't enough; Paltrow's first cookbook celebrates the quick, simple recipes that she prepares for family and friends. Excellent color photography accompanies nearly every recipe. Hardocver, 271 pp. $33.00.

Cooking With The Master ChefCooking With The Master Chef
Michel Roux
Michel Roux Jr. is the owner of Le Gavroche and also the host of BBC's MasterChef: The Professionals. Here he channels his Michelin Star talent into simple, home-achievable dishes. Savor French classic dishes like Rabbit Rillettes while Chef Roux guides you through a personal tour of his home kitchen. Hardcover, $32.99.

Jamie's 30 Minute MealsJamie's 30 Minute Meals

Jamie Oliver
Move over J.K. Rowling, Jamie Oliver is moving in! Jamie's 30 Minute Meals is selling at the same rate as a Harry Potter book. To produce these menus consisting of a main course, side veg plus a salad or fruity dessert, you really have to follow Jamie's insturctions to the T and work right smartly! The book is amply illustrated to help you along. Hardcover, $52.95.

Bal's Quick & Healthy Indian

Bal Arneson
Host of the Spice Goddess cooking show, and author of the best selling Everyday Indian cookbook. This is Arneson's second book and she tackles that oft said phrase, "Indian food takes too long to prepare." Quick, healthy and Indian three of our most popular topics. Softcover, 196 pp. $29.95.

Ramsay's Best MenusRamsay's Best Menus

Gordon Ramsay
The book accompaniment to Gordon Ramsay's newest show Ramsay's Best Restaurant serves as an excellent tool for the home cook to have. 52 menus are provided, each menu is broken into 3 dishes that can be mixed and matched with other dishes from other menus resulting in a virtually endless array of combinations for any given weeknight. Ramsay's trademark simplified restaurant-quality dishes are presented with beautiful pictures, and the pastry recipes included serve as a prevalent reminder that Gordon himself began as a pastry chef. Binder, 83 pp. $47.95.


Nigella Lawson
Nigella Lawson claims Kitchen was the book she always intended to write but one to which she had to work up. The result is a cookbook that combines common sense advice with comfort food dishes. Throughout, Nigella acts as a culinary best friend offering support in everything from choosing equipment to deciding whether a dish can be made ahead and frozen. To save both money and space in your kitchen drawers, pay special attention to Nigella’s gadget hall of shame! Hardcover, $55.00.

Great Food at Home Mark McEwan Toronto Chef Mark McEwan's premiere foray into the world of cookbooks guides people through casual recipes derived from the kitchens of North 44, Bymark and One. The wildly successful restauranteur contriubutes such trademark recipes as the Bymark Burger and his Lobster Poutine. Readers can expect a range of difficulties from simple and quick-to-put together all the way to dishes transcribed directly from one of McEwan's kitchens. Hardcover,	271	pp. $39.00. CanadianGreat Food at Home
Mark McEwan
Toronto Chef Mark McEwan's premiere foray into the world of cookbooks guides people through casual recipes derived from the kitchens of North 44, Bymark and One. The wildly successful restauranteur contriubutes such trademark recipes as the Bymark Burger and his Lobster Poutine. Readers can expect a range of difficulties from simple and quick-to-put together all the way to dishes transcribed directly from one of McEwan's kitchens. Hardcover, 271 pp. $39.00.

French Food My WayCanadianFrench Food My Way
Marc Thuet
Alsation-transplant and Toronto chef Marc Thuet demonstrates a new appreciation for delicious, seasonal French food. The book is divided by season to highlight the differences between year long harvests. The Winter section contains heavier, richer fare for warming up on a cold day, while the Summer menu provides light, citrus flavors for relaxing outdoors in the warm weather. Slightly more complex than a casual cookbook, Thuet uses his fair share of truffles, foie gras and caviar, though readers dedicated enough to include such luxury are sure to be in for a treat. A challenge to the casual cook, but an achievable challenge nonetheless. Hardcover, 243 pp. $39.99.

Tyler Florence Family MealTyler Florence Family Meal

Tyler Florence
Tyler Florence provides delicious recipes for home cooking and classic American dishes. Repertoire ranges from breakfast all the way to dinner as the book is presented in a themed-menu format. Difficulty ranges from beginner to intermediate, though Florence keeps the reading easy and simple to follow. Includes recipes from the Food Network show Tyler's Ultimate. Hardcover, 301 pp. $40.00.

Good Eats 2: The Middle Years Good Eats 2: The Middle Years

Alton Brown
TV's Alton Brown is back with the 2nd iteration of his Good Eats series of books. A sure-fire hit for anyone who watches his show, and even those who are just looking for an easy-to-follow book about general American cookery. Brown's signature Monty Python-meets-Julia Child disposition transfers beautifully onto paper as his recipes are sure to leave you hungry and humored. Hardcover, 432 pp. $45.00.

Entertaining At HomeEntertaining At Home

Rachel Allen
As the nature and appreciation of food increases in society, so too must dinner party menus. Shrimp cocktail and mini spring rolls just don't cut it anymore in the growing food-savvy world we live in. Rachel Allen's latest book is geared towards updating your dinner party repertoire to a more lively and sprite disposition. Classic beans on toast is re-imagined with Tuscan seasonings for a lighter and more flavorful appetizer, while Beef Wellington is given an inspirational jump-start with a newer, more elegant presentation. Have fun updating your get-together repertoire and enjoy new dishes with friends and family. Hardcover, 351 pp. $43.95.

5 Ingredient Fix
Claire Robinson
Claire Robinson's highly anticipated companion book to her Food Network show 5 Ingredient Fix has arrived! Included are classic recipes from her television show as well as original pieces of delectable and simple cuisine. Perfect for those looking for easy and elegant cookery, Claire's book lends itself beautifully to entertaining friends. Hardcover, 240 pp. $33.99.

Jamie Does Spain, Italy, Sweden, France, Morocco, Greece Jamie Does Spain, Italy, Sweden, France, Morocco, Greece

Jamie Oliver
One might not think of finding Morocco and Sweden in the same cookbook but trust Jamie Oliver to mix the Mediterranean with Northern European cuisine. This is the one book where you will find pickled herring, carpaccio, lamb tagine, kefta, patatas bravas, and beetroot gravadlax all between the same covers. The accompanying photographs record finished dishes, the people, and the landscape of the various countries. Hardcover, import, 360 pp. $55.95.

So EasySo Easy

Ellie Krieger
Ellie Krieger, author of The Food You Crave, offers this book full of recipes which don't compromise on flavour in order to be quick and healthy. Breakfasts such as vanilla spice oatmeal, dinners like pork piccata with spinach and garlic mashed potatoes, and even desserts like pumpkin rice pudding and apple brown betty are all healthy, nutritious, and still tasty. Each recipe features a nutritional breakdown as well as information about what nutrients it is a source of. Colour photos. Hardcover, 272 pp. $35.95.

Giada at HomeGiada at Home

Giada De Laurentiis
Traditional Italian recipes meet California freshness in the meals Food Network star Giada De Laurentiis makes for her own family. Pea pesto crotini, vegetable fritto misto with lemon mayonnaise, and shaved melon salad with mint sugar are typical of her bright and intensely flavored recipes. Her lemon hazelnut tiramisu makes a refreshing departure from the same old. Colour photos. Hardcover, 239 pp. $35.00.

Rick Stein's Far Eastern OdysseyRick Stein's Far Eastern Odyssey
Rick Stein
British television star Rick Stein trolls the Far East for authentic dishes. He serves up 150 recipes from Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Bali, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. Color photos of both landscapes and finished dishes enhance recipes that range from Thai mussaman beef curry to crispy mussel pancakes with bean sprouts, and Shawkat's fish steamed with mustard masala. Hardcover, 319 pp. $59.95.

Market Kitchen CookbookMarket Kitchen Cookbook

Rachel Allen et al.
Well a collection of recipes from some of our favourite UK cookbook writers certainly piqued our curiousity and we were not disappointed. Based on the popular Brit TV cooking show Market Kitchen. This is not ground breaking stuff but when done by cooks who know their ingredients and cooking techniques it makes for a worthy combination. Hardcover, 192 pp. $37.95.

The Oprah Magazine Cookbook

O Magazine
Full of delicious comfort food and home cooking recipes from throughout the series of O Magazines, this cookbook covers all the bases; appetisers like crostini with wild mushrooms and mozerella, meat mains such as grilled lamb with salsa verde, and coconut lane cake for dessert. Many recipes are contributed by the chefs who have been featured in O, and well known names such as Marcus Samuelsson and Maya Angelou write about what food and eating mean to them. Lots of colour photos. Hardcover, 304 pp. $31.95.

Gordon Ramsay's Great EscapeGordon Ramsay's Great Escape

Gordon Ramsay
The British love affair with Indian cooking has long been underway; today dishes like tikka masala and balti curries are as popular and well loved as the more traditional roast beef. In his Great Escape, Gordon Ramsay travels across India tasting dishes and compiling recipes. As well as the usual meat, fish, and vegetarian meals, there are breads, chutneys, accompaniments, snacks and street type food. The usually neglected sweets get a good chapter here too; coconut burfi and rosewater kulfi are typical offerings. There is also a very useful glossary of ingredients and lots of colour pitcures. Hardcover, 272 pp. $34.95.

Gordon Ramsay's World KitchenGordon Ramsay's World Kitchen

Gordon Ramsay
The latest offering from Gordon is full of recipes from his tv show The F Word, with each chapter covering a different area of world cuisine. The recipes from each are a blend of classic (Thai green curry) and simply reflective of the cooking style of that particular area (guinea fowl braised in cider with caramelised apples, inspired by Normandy). Full colour pictures to accompany each recipe. Hardcover, 256 pp. $43.95.


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